7 Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards (2022 Reviews)

There are so many types of wakesurf boards on the market right now it can be hard to determine the quality of the brand and the craftsmanship. Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon a carefully researched and thoughtfully organized list of the best beginner wakesurf boards reviewed in 2023. Hours of research into comparing reviews on the top 7 boards have lead to three categories to consider out of all the beginner boards on the market:

  • Pricey Boards-These are at the top of the price range and have the specs to prove it.
  • Budget Friendly Boards-These are simpler, more accessible boards. But still fantastic finds.
  • Hybrid Boards-Don’t get too hung up on skim style or surf style. Loosen up and consider the hybrid boards in this category. As a beginner you owe it to yourself to take a look!

As a beginner to wakesurfing you have tons of questions. You may know the three different styles of wakesurfing. But can you tell the difference between boards made for skim style vs surf style? What are the best board styles, anyway? Do I want a board that offers surf, skim, and hybrid? Maybe you’re not even sure yet what your surf style is or what fin setup you want. What’s the price range to get the best boards? Which board is going to give me the best ride for my money? What are the advanced riders riding? How can I excel and build up my experience on the best possible board? The boards in this list will focus on three of the most important aspects of being a beginner wakesurfer:

  1. Building Confidence
  2. Advancing Skills
  3. Finding your Style and Board to Match

All your questions are about to be answered–and then some! You want a variety of options and a board that will serve you from beginner to expert trick status along your wakesurf journey. Which board has the best tail shape to support the tricks you want to do? Whatever you’re looking for, settle in. Because it’s all here. Surf’s up. Let’s do this!

Buyers Guide — What to Look for in a Beginner Wakesurf Board

If you already know your desired level of spending and, for that matter, your level of wake boarding skills–then treat yourself to one of these boards! After all, this in an investment in building your skills, having fun, and making lasting memories. Or maybe you want to make sure you buy the best possible board. You don’t want to just cut through a wake at warp speed. You want to fly over it knowing you are at the best possible advantage because you invested in your dream wake board. If money is no object when you’re staring down the barrel of long, hot summer on the lake then look no further than these awesome beginner wake boards that land a little higher on the price scale.

1. Hyperlite Wakesurf Board – Like no Other.

We’ll start with the best wakesurf board on the market. This is an option at the top of the price range. Hyperlite released The Bucket Chucker for the consumer that’s looking for the classic surf style board to ride every wake like an ocean wave.

Bring the ocean waves to the lake next summer with a classic ride you won’t forget. This board is for you if you are looking for one of the best wakesurf boards to give you the feel of surfing an ocean wave–when you’re actually behind a boat.

Many more experienced rider will tell you that tail shape is crucial. And in this case, the wide, round tail shape will take you to the next level as you choose between single fin setup or use up to 4 interchangeable fins to find your best ride atop the rounded base feature.

Whether you want to gain speed, rip, or carve–this board can do it all and then some! This board will take you from novice to experienced ripper and beyond without every having to shop around for something better that comes along.

Let the first board you buy be the last board you buy with this little baby! Beginner and intermediate riders will find the style and stability to be welcoming.

The quad fin setup and is one of the best surf style boards riders will find on the market. The Bucket Chucker is incredibly popular among experienced boarders but it can also be a great starting point. And, who knows. You may love it so much you never even need to try another board.

First Impression: Game-Changer! Intense Water Throwing on Turns. Ride Wakes in the Most Extreme Way Possible.

SPECIALTY: Ripping wakes and “chucking buckets” of water in every possible direction.


  • Maneuverable–turns easily and reacts quickly to change.
  • One-of-a-kind design for each board. No 2 are exactly alike!
  • Attention-grabbing


  • Not as responsive as some other boards. But it will give you the surf style ride.

2. Doomswell Neo Wakesurf Board – Pricey Option.

This board comes ready to boost your speed.

It’s a great option for people who want a customizable quad fin setup. It offers excellent stability from its square tail for whatever skim style you want to flaunt that day. Among hybrid boards, this one stands out.

Intermediate and advanced riders will appreciate the tail design of this skim style board as well as its full concave base that sets off the blended rail. This base feature is crucial to the sleek moves of this particular board.

And the slightly increased rocker line lends to its speed and agility as it cuts and slices through each and every wake. And beginner surfers will learn that adjusting the fin setup allows the participant to adjust the ride and spin, cut, and carve.

First Impression: Best Board for Advancing in Agility and Tricks.

SPECIALTY: This board boosts on command and supports fast rail to rail surfing.


  • Wide tail allows for smooth landing
  • Changes direction quickly
  • Very responsive


  • Very tight turning radius
  • May take beginners time to learn how fast the turns are.

3. Hyperlite Broadcast Board – Builds Momentum.

2021 Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board

Here we have arguably the best beginner board. It features the brand’s newly released rocker line for exceptional reaction time when compared with other boards.

The tail shape is called swallow tail, and among beginner boards it offers a competitive ride to stand up against any other comparable boards. The rail design lends to a smoother ride because you will find the full rail gives you the stability you want when starting out.

The swallow tail shape and the dual concave base contour give it an aggressive look and it’s no surprise it is one of the best selling wakesurf boards on the market.

If you want to learn to wakesurf and find your surf style, look no further. The board design allows for maximum grab from the eva traction pad and one of the best features is its ability to provide speed and power to wakesurfers anywhere on the skill spectrum.

Adjust your fin setups to find your perfect ride for your skill level. Surfers who are just taking up wake surfing and ones who have tried a dozen other boards will all agree. This is one sick board!

For most consumers, budget is the main concern when they begin their research to purchase a new product.

Learning to wakesurf takes practice and determination. And comparing prices and reviews is directly at the beginning of that adventure. In this case, whatever level you wake board at, any board you buy will need to suit your desired wakesurf goals and fit within your monetary constraints. That is especially true if you have a family and multiple people of varying ages will be suing the board.

You should buy a board that will fit your family’s needs and is still affordable.

Maybe you are an experienced rider who wants speed and the ability to do tricks and complex jumps but you also want to teach your elementary-aged children to get up on the board for the first time. And for that matter, your teens are just now learning some awesome tricks.

Below are some options for those wanting to save money without sacrificing fun for everyone who will use the board.

First Impression: Fast and Responsive for any Skill Level. Accomodating for Beginners.

SPECIALTY: Beginners and intermediate can maintain their momentum. Advanced riders can gain speed to catch air for tricks.


  • Speed–size and shape lends itself to slicing through waves.
  • Can be used by people multiple any sizes


  • Slow for heavier people. That being said, if you want a board that is versatile for size, it will work best for people under 180. The weight restrictions exist to give your the best possible ride.

4. Ronix Marsh Wakesurfer – First of its Kind.


Surfers on a budget will appreciate the soft exterior of the Marsh Mellow’s board design. It has a hard rail and its surface area allows for lighter riders maxing out at about 175.

It is touted as having the most advanced eps core to date. While it’s not exclusively for beginners, a beginner intermediate rider will find wake surfing on this bad boy increases their stability and catapults them from beginners to the next level.

This board won’t be as stable as one with a full rail because it is made for riders who want to do more tricks than anything else. If this is your first board, you won’t know the difference, so it will actually benefit you to learn on a board this complex.

Take every wake to the limit and use that hard rail to its full potential. Wakesurfing on this board will set you up for some memorable shredding anytime! And we get the feeling it won’t be quite as mellow of a ride as the name suggests.

First Impression: Speed + Stability in a Single Board

SPECIALTY: Gripping into turns and stability on the edge of the wake.


  • Beautiful design. This board has eye-catching design that is unparalleled in other brands.
  • Lightweight


  • Combo of size and hard rail make it an adjustment for the rider to grow accustomed to.

5. CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board – Super Affordable

CWB Ride Wakesurf Board w/ Surf Rope 2016 | evo

Consider this your introduction to wake boarding. Check out this beginner intermediate board for the wakesurfer with a strict budget.

In fact, it is possibly the most consumer-friendly wakesurf board out there. If you’re looking for the best beginner wakesurf board, you will appreciate this particular surf style board with a length and width that allows beginners to stay up thanks to the added stability.

Add confidence to your resume along with longer time spent up and fewer nose dives into the water as you try your hand as a wakesurfer. Better balance is achieved on this wakesurf board by the full eva pad and the multiple options of fin setups. Three removable tail fins let surfers customize their ride to their own desired riding style.

Before you set out to wakesurf like the pros, consider which style suits your level of athleticism. A hybrid board can be a great option for those who still want to hone their skill level, for those who want to do a mix of skim style and surf style wakesurfing, and for those who aren’t sure yet which type of board is best for them.

If you have experience surfing the ocean on a traditional surf board and you want to experience something similar while being pulled behind a boat, you will find a lot of similarities between riding an ocean wave and riding a wake. Consider purchasing a hybrid board to satisfy your need for the thrill of riding waves with your curiosity of riding skim style.

First Impressions: Easiest Board to Learn On, Most Affordable

SPECIALTY: Ultimate beginners board. Extra grip and stability on edge of wave means more confidence for those new to wakesurfing.


  • Length allows for optimal speed
  • Stability for beginners
  • Confidence builder


  • Intense speed
  • Takes more control to learn tricks

6. Phase Five Wakesurf Board – Any Age, Any Skill Set. Bring it.

Phase Five XB Wake Skimboard – Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards

This hybrid board can hold up to 250 pounds and is a skim style board. Its size and consistent thickness of the compression molded core makes it one of the best wakesurf boards for beginners among the hybrid style boards.

The main reason it stands out is for its minimalist style and ability to respond in medium time within the wake. This is due in part to its swallow tail and its narrow nose. And don’t be fooled. Just because it’s the perfect wakesurfing board for beginners and intermediate riders, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t accommodate advanced riders as well!

Unlimited fin setup options are included with this board for the wakesurf novice or expert to customize their ride to their liking. A customized ride for every rider is just how we like it!

First Impression: Most accommodating shape.

SPECIALTY: Stays in Wave, Lots of Push.


  • Stability–easily learn to stand up with the size and shape of this board.
  • Crowd-pleaser
  • Accommodates children to adults


  • Does not accommodate heavier riders. But that just means it’s a faster board in general.

7. Driftsun Wakesurf Board – Best All-Around Value

Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board

Of all the hybrid style boards, this is the best board style for beginners to wakesurfing. It’s super lightweight and offers a smooth ride for people getting up on a board for the first time. Even kids can get their first wakesurf experience on this board! As riders improve, they can adjust from single fin to double or triple fin to get the ride they want over time.

If you’re not sure what board styles you need, this board offers both surf and skim. If you prefer the skim style boards or you’re only accustomed to the surf style boards, then this wakesurf board may be the one for you.

It is built to grow with the rider. So it can support children, teens, and adults of all skill sets. This board is perfect for families.

First Impression: Easiest Board to Learn On.

SPECIALTY: Easy to learn on. Maneuverability, Explosiveness, Speed.


  • Attractive design
  • Very fast–this design cuts through the water at warp speed!
  • Easy to learn on–stability comes from wide deck.


  • Can be hard to control for first-timers. That just means there is more opportunity to build you skill.

What is the Best Beginner Wakesurf Board? Final Thoughts

In the end, your perfect beginner wakesurf board is the one you swear by to get first-timers shredding. But if you want to buy now and base your purchase off of hours of research and comparison, the Driftsun Fifty-50 is your best beginner board. It’s a hybrid, so you can find the style that’s right for you. And it is far from being the most expensive board you’ll find on the market. Don’t feel like you have to try a surf-style and a ski-style before you can buy. Go with the Driftsun fifty-50 and you wont be disappointed.

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Honestly, it’s not easy to even find a con to this board. It’s speedy, which can be a con if you don’t have a handle on how to control something this fierce. But it’s up to you to decide if that’s actually a con. Our money is on you loving this board for its design, fast ride, and pretty price tag.


  • Features: 225 lb weight capacity, diamond cut eva traction pad, futures f4 quad fin setup.
  • Benefits: Assurance that the board will keep you afloat, reliable traction so you won’t slip off, great speed and control.
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  • Features: Skim & Surf style characteristics, layered glass construction.
  • Benefits: Versatility and durability all in one package.
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  • Features: 63” length, 275 lb weight capacity.
  • Benefits: An easy ride that will hold the heaviest guys at a reasonable price.
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