7 Best Bow Sights of 2024 Reviews

In sum, while finding the right bow sight may seem like a challenging task, especially setting it up. But once your bow sight is equipped, you’ll be ready to take on whatever type of shooting you enjoy most. There are a few important points to consider before jumping into buying bow sights. In selecting the best bows for different shooting styles on the market today, we considered a range of factors, from durability and weight to the technology used and the adjustments it makes possible. This review will equip you with the knowledge you need to take out the guesswork and make an easy decision on the best bow sights for you.

The HHA Optimizer
  • Combines extreme accuracy with durability
  • Single-pin sight reduces ‘noise’ found in multi-pin sights
  • Fast sighting and wind gage adjustment
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The IQ Bowsights/Pro Hunter RH Black
  • Highly durable
  • Retina lock feature
  • Easily adjustable floating pin for quick adjustment on the fly
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TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight
  • Most advanced tree stand sight on the market today
  • Left/right handed
  • Pendulum locks in place for ground shooting
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Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight
  • Micro-fiber optic sights
  • Optimal for low light conditions
  • Reliable precision with adjustable pins
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TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight
  • TRUGLO brand can be flipped for left-handed use
  • Hybrid design provides astonishingly lightweight and durable design
  • Extra-long bracket for increased sight radius
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Burris Optics Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight
  • Rangefinding technology
  • All-Aluminum bow construction
  • Calibrates to different arrows
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IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight
  • Retina lock technology for instant feedback on torque and anchor point change
  • Micro adjust knobs for easy adjustment
  • Made of a lightweight fiber polymer covered with a silent coat finish
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7 Best Bow Sights of 2024 Reviews

1. The HHA Optimizer – Best Single Pin Bow Sight

As far as single-pin bow sights go, The HHA Optimizer Sight 5519 1 Pin .019 RH is an increasingly popular option for bowhunters and archers alike. It is CNC machined from aluminum for a precise and extremely solid platform with no vibration. Sight adjustment is made simple and sleek with tool-free windage and elevation adjustment allowing for micro-tweaks to the sight for fast targeting. Includes a green sight ring and the mechanical rheostat enables you to adjust the brightness of the pin to accommodate shifting lighting conditions. Overall, this is the best single pin bow sights available. 

Type of Bow Sight: Single-pin bow sight

Technology: A.R.M.O.R. sight pin technology

Light: accepts Blue Burst light attachment

Special Features: Tool-free micro-adjust for windage and elevation


  • Combines extreme accuracy with durability
  • Single-pin sight reduces ‘noise’ found in multi-pin sights
  • Fast sighting and wind gage adjustment


  • Requires readjustment for shots at different range

2. The IQ Bowsights/Pro Hunter RH Black – Best 3 Pin Bow Sight

The IQ Bowsights/Pro Hunter RH Black is one of the best 3 pin bow sights on the market today. The retinal lock feature that acts an added layer of support for more accurate shooting. This feature is what draws most archers and bow hunters to this sight, as it provides you with immediate feedback to quickly adjust your anchor point and torque. Constructed from high-grade aluminum, this bow sight has a longer life than most. The tool-less adjustment for windage and elevation markers, combined with its formidable durability make this one of the best 3 pin bow sights available.

Type of Bow Sight: 3 pin sight

Technology: Inclusive IQ retina lock technology

Light: Accepts IQ universal light

Special Features: Multiple bow and quiver mounting points


  • Highly durable
  • Retina lock feature provides additional feedback
  • Easily adjustable floating pin for quick adjustment on the fly


  • Can take time to set up, but once adjusted easy to use.

3. TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight – Best Pendulum Sight

The TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight for archers and hunters needing to adjust for the angle of the shot. Designed for tree stand hunters, you don’t need to worry about bending into awkward and uncomfortable positions to get your angled shot. This is an especially valuable quality in a sight when needing to acquire targets aiming downward. Although a greater awareness of angle and arrow velocity is needed with pendulum sights, with the TRUGLO’s computerized chip enables automatic compensation for elevations of up to 35 yards.

Type of Bow Sight: Pendulum Sights

Technology: Retina Lock Technology

Light: Includes light for pins

Special Features: Dual Position Mount for a custom fit


  • Most advanced tree stand sight on the market today
  • Usable for both left hand or right hand shooters
  • Can lock pendulum in place for ground shooting


  • Not designed for ground shooting, (but option to lock pendulum in place enables ground shooting with no problem)

4. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight – Best Adjustable Bow Sight

When it comes to options for adjustability, the Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight is hard to beat. With micro-adjustable pins, brightness adjustment to accommodate different lighting conditions, and an easy to use pin adjustment too, this Trophy Ridge packs a punch for a cost-effective bow sight. A great feature is the pin tool can be stored in the sight itself. And .019 horizontal fiber optic pins cover less of your target so you can focus on the shot and less on the pins. And with the rheostat adjustable lighting allows, you can turn the brightness up or down as the conditions shift. Overall, an excellent choice for those looking for all of the options a sight can offer that is extremely affordable to boot!

Type of Bow Sight: Adjustable sight

Technology: second-axis adjustment enables Heightened accuracy for longer distances

Light: Rheostat adjustable lighting

Special Features: Adjustment tool stores on sight


  • Tiny fiber optic sights don’t get in the way
  • Excellent options for light adjustment in low light conditions
  • Reliable precision thanks to micro-adjustable pins


  • Fiber optic Pins might be too bright for low light conditions (but for most hunters and archers this extra visibility is actually a benefit)

5. TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight – Best for Beginners/ Budget Friendly

Whether you’re justing starting out in archery, or starting on the path to becoming a master bow hunter, it’s a good idea to look for the highest quality sight on a cost-effective budget. For beginner archers and bow hunters, the TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight should be at the top of your list. Its Hybrid carbon and aluminum design provide an extremely well-crafted platform that feels much lighter than it looks weighing in at only 6oz. With no vibration, this sight makes for quiet shooting, and the blue LED push button provides superb pin illumination for low light conditions. And many experts archers and hunters are astonished that this bow sight isn’t priced much higher considering the quality gone into its design. 

Type of Bow Sight: Multi-pin sight

Technology: TRUFUSION Hybrid Technology

Light: А bluе LЕD рuѕh buttоn lіght іѕ іnсludеd 

Special Features: Unique aluminum build is incredibly durable and lightweight


  • TRUGLO brand can be flipped for left-handed use
  • Hybrid design provides astonishingly lightweight and durable design
  • Extra-long bracket for increased sight radius


  • Some confusion between standard and micro models: the standard model just requires an easy to use tool to adjust. 

6. Burris Optics Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight-  Best for Deer Hunting

Bow hunting deer demands the hunter to be able to capitalize on brief moments of opportunity, requiring skill, patience, and perseverance. Equally important is dependable gear that consistently delivers the perfect shot in high-stakes circumstances. For bow hunters looking for the best there is, the Burris Optics Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight is easily the best bow sight you can find for deer hunting on the market today. It features the laser rangefinder, your accuracy increases dramatically with the push of button, displaying the exact aiming point and angle at any distance. Rugged, and fully adjustable, the Oracle allows you to transition from state-of-the art technology to a more traditional single pin as a default set up on the fly. With the Oracle, you’ve never been more ready to fill your hunting tag!

Type of Bow Sight: Laser rangefinder

Technology: Built in Range Finder technology for exact distance to aiming point

Light: Adjustable LED display

Special Features: Default single pin fixed at 20yards for transitioning to traditional set up


  • Rangefinding technology provides instant feedback on the exact distance to the target
  • All-Aluminum bow construction for rugged construction
  • Calibrates to different arrows, allowing you to store multiple arrow trajectories


  • The price (but you absolutely get what you pay for here, go big or go home!)

7. IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight- Best Compound Bow Sight

With the experienced hunter or aspiring master archer in mind, the IQ Bowsight micro is the top choice for compound bow archery. The blistering array of features delivers optimal performance for adjusting aiming point and accuracy in range of shooting conditions. Equipped with Retina Lock technology, you’ll be able to shoot more consistent groupies and long distance, as it provides feedback controlling muscle memory. The precision targeting is enhanced by the compact design of the Retina Lock System which surprisingly provides higher sight-aligning sensitivity than larger sights, with improved distance accuracy. The list of admirable features goes on, but it would be hard to not mention the ability to adjust for windage and elevation with the IQ’s tool-free design.  

Type of Bow Sight: Movable 3-5 Pin Bow Sight

Technology: Retina Lock Technology

Light: Accepts Rheostat Sight Light accessory S15000 

Special Features: Dual Position mount: allows you to mount sight depending on your particular shooting style


  • Retina lock technology for instant feedback on torque and anchor point change
  • Micro adjust knobs for easy adjustment
  • Made of a lightweight fiber polymer covered with a silent coat finish


  • Models not designed to flip between left-right handed shooters (but if you’re the only one using there’s no issue there!)

Bow Sight Buyer’s Guide

Intended purpose

First things first, when it comes to the best archery sights for you, it is important to begin with asking yourself how you’ll be using the sight. Will be using the sight for bow hunting? If so, are you hunting whitetail deer or elk?

Different animals move differently, requiring you to be able to quickly adjust your sight range on the fly.

Does your pin sight allow you to quickly adjust to reacquire the target when the moving deer leaps 20 yards away?

It will be important to decide whether you’re more comfortable with a fixed pin bow sight with multiple yardage options to choose from in an instant or a moveable single pin bow sight that reduces clutter from your field of view but requires more time to adjust.

Terrain, elevation, and windage

Another issue is the kind of terrain you mostly navigate when hunting. Are you traversing through forests, open plains, and fields, or perhaps a mix of both?

Do you plan to use a bow sight for hunting from a treestand? Will you be shooting across different elevations, or in windy conditions?

If so, then pendulum bow sights will be your best bet, as they allow you to adjust for elevation. For recreational and competitive archers, similar concerns can come up with archery sights: terrain, elevation, windage, distance to aim point.

Fixed pin bow sights, with multiple pins adjusted for specific yardage, are a tried and right option among bow sights. But the increasingly popular option of single pin sights, with a more stripped-down and less cluttered field of view. For bow hunting and archery alike, a growing number of people find that having both options available in your gear offers the most flexibility.

Adjustable bow sights

In contrast to fixed pinsights, adjustable pin sights allow you to move the pin sight up and down to correspond to the exact yardage distance of your target. This effectively eliminates any need to have multiple fixed pin sights set to specific distances: 20, 30 or 40 yards for example.

A moveable single pin allows you to always have a clean field of vision, with the simplicity of one sight that you can calibrate to different distances when needed. In addition, depending on your needs, too-free adjustment options are available. For example, say a deer 20 yards away begins to walk a few yards away from you just as you begin to draw. When using fixed pin sights, you would need to aim between the two pin sights set at 20 and 30 yards, aiming higher or lower between to adjust.

With a moveable pin sight, you could adjust the pin with a tool, or a tool-free knob, with some archery sights allowing to adjust even at full draw. Features like the ease of adjustability in the Trophy Ridge bow sight (see below) can be incredibly useful in high-stakes hunting situations.

Low light conditions

Another question to ask is what kind of light conditions you will be shooting in. Depending on the time of day, like shooting at dawn, mid-day, dusk or even artificial light conditions at night can have a dramatic impact on your visibility. Many high-quality bow sights come equipped with the option to attach a bow sight light to illuminate your pins for better visibility.

Some bow sights come pre-equipped with a rheostat light enable you to adjust the brightness of a pin sight. Most archery sights come made with the option to accept a bow sight light or rheostat light sold separately. But overall, as many bow sight pins are made from fiber optics– which gathers light naturally, illuminating your pins for maximum visibility without the need for batteries– using a bow sights lights may not be necessary for your circumstances.

Types of bowsight

As mentioned above, the most important decision you might find yourself making is what type of bow sight you should buy. This guide covers all the basic knowledge you’ll need to make an informed decision.

But just to recap, your basic options come down to two main types of bow sight: single pin bow sights and multipin bow sights. From there, you’ll have further options on adjustable pins that allow you to adjust pins to the specific distance you most often shoot at, or like to use as fixed pin for point of reference.

For hunting of course, ease of adjustability on the go may be an attractive option, but fixed pin bow sights have their advantages too: a stable, constant frame of reference for yardage that you can reliably depend on.

Ease of use

It goes without saying that an easy to use bow sight, that ‘just works’ is what we all are looking for. But it’s important to consider what features you want available to you that may require more initial set up. Another factor to consider is whether you can easily flip the bow for left hand use.


In recent years, with CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Machined bow sights coming on the market, the precision, quality and durability of bow sights over the years as steadily improved. CNC machined bow sights also give you the reassurance that when you buy a new version of the same model, you’ll get just the same precision design and quality of bow sight as your previously owned one.

Machined aluminum bow sights offer an incredibly durable option that can withstand the wear and tear of using the sight day after day on the range, or in taking a beating on the field when hunting. New ‘hybrid’ options, combining aluminum, carbon fiber or other high-quality materials, provide the further appeal of being both extremely durable and lightweight, compared to equally durable but more weighty machined aluminum options.


You should also consider the features of bow sights that affect accuracy. For example, what colors are the pins, how bright are they, and do they have a peep sight? A peep sight attaches to your bowstring, providing with a small aperture to look through and line up your sight pins to the desired distance. What also increase accuracy is an archery release, in which we built a guide on the best archery release.

By establishing your anchor point, a peep sight is another thing to consider when buying a bow sight. You should also consider the pin size: the smaller the pin size, the less field of vision it takes up and therefore the more your target is visible to you. In addition, electronic sights are popular with hunting as they provide an extremely accurate rangefinder to give you the exact yardage to an animal. You may also like our guide on the best bow stabilizers.


Your bow sight range depends on how many pins you have. Bow sights with more pins allow you to have smaller increments in yardage between each pin: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, for example, instead of 10, 20, 30.

Bow sights give you options from one to even seven pins, so knowing what ranges, and how many different ranges you’ll be shooting at should definitely be a piece of information you take with you in your buying decision.

One important point to note is that some bow sights are actually designed with shorter ranges in mind. Pendulum bow sights, for example, are designed to be accurate from 0-30 yards, but not beyond that. So be sure to consider your preferred range when deciding on the right bow sight for you.


Today, high quality bow sights are available at a range of prices, from budget friendly to more on the expensive side: from the budget-friendly TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight, to the mid-range Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight, on up to the more expensive Burris Optics Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight.

So when you go into buying a new bow sight, it’s good to have a clear idea on how much your willing to spend. In our view, the best bow sight that balances quality of design with the budget buyer in mind is the TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight. This will be the perfect bow sight for most beginners as well as seasoned hunters and archers that just want something reliable, durable, functional, and easy to use.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Burris Optics Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight, one of the most expensive options on the market right now. But if you are looking for cutting-edge rangefinding technology that dramatically increasing your accuracy in challenging terrain while hunting in the field, then, as they say, ‘go big or go home!’ But for many users, a mid-range budget is the name of the game, and after in depth research into the best bow sights out there, we’ve found several excellent sights for different budgets in mind.

The Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight is a great mid-range option for example. This is because the Trophy Ridge is one of the best bow sights on the market, with many archers surprised at the quality and features of the sight that are normally twice the price compared to similar bow sights.


Should I spend a lot on my bow sight?

Whether you’re a bow huntеrѕ, competitive archer, or enjoy archery as recreation, when it comes to bow sights, archers are all looking for a great combination of quality and cost-effectiveness to find the best bow sight available from budget to mid-to-high range prices. Depending on what your archery or bow hunting demands, you’ll need to decide what features are most important to you to suit your own style of shooting. In this guide, we’ve researched several quality bow sights across a broad price range to suit the budget of novice to expert archers and bow hunters. In this article, we equip you with the knowledge to make the best decision on the bow sights for you to fit any bow users budget without worrying about sacrificing quality. Once you know what your price range is, choosing the perfect bow sight becomes much easier.

What are the different types of bow sights?

Firsts things first, what kind of bow sights are there? Archery ultimately comes down to consistent and accurate shooting. For bow hunters and competitive archers alike, making clean shots on the target is what matters most. Bow sights dramatically increase the accuracy of your shooting. As compound bows allow you to mount a bow sight, bow hunters and archers are experimenting with bow sights now more than ever to find the one that works just right for their needs. Check out our guide on how to shoot a compound bow. Are you competing in the range, or out in the field hunting deer? These situations involve different terrain, elevations, lighting conditions and distance to targets, all factors you’ll need to consider when selecting a bow.

As mentioned above, the best bow sights come in a range of options. First, there is a recent wave of popularity among bow hunters and master archers for single pin bow sights. Just like it sounds, a single pin is mounted on the bow sight and remains locked at specific yardage, whether 20, 30, or 40. A growing number of people enjoy using single pin sights because they reduce the noise, or clutter that multi-pin sights have. This creates or more minimalist and traditional design that’s great if your shooting multiple arrows at the same distance. One of the disadvantages you might consider with a single pin bow sight is that you will need to adjust the pin when shooting at varying distances and elevations. For bow hunting, aiming at a deer that might quickly move 10 or 20 yards away, readjusting the shot might be too time-consuming.

This is where multipin bow sights can come in handy. Overall, multipin bow sights are the most popular choice among bow hunters and archers alike. They allow you to instantly use different pins as you shift distances, and are made for quick and easy adjustments if you want to readjust a pin to a new distance. Some people might find the multiple pins distracting, which in that case, the single pin is an attractive notion. But for most people, the benefit of having multiple pins to quickly shift between without adjusting the sight is an appealing option.

What Are The Best Bow Pin Sights? Conclusion

To recap, the best bow sight for you will depend on what shooting situations you plan on dealing with. Are you hunting across shifting terrain looking to tag a whitetail deer? Then the Burris Optics Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight should be your clear choice. However, if you bow hunting is from a tree stand, the TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight is a much better option to accommodate the downward angle with ease. On the other hand, for competitive and master archers shooting on the range, you have a variety of features to consider. Do you prefer the simple and more traditional feel of a single pin archery sight? Then The HHA Optimizer Sight 5519 1 Pin .019 RH should be at the top of your list. Or does the convenience of being able to shoot accurately and consistently at multiple distances without adjusting the pin? If so, The IQ Bowsights Bowsights/Pro Hunter RH Black with multi-pin set up will be your best bet for a great adjustable sight. In the end, a bow sight will have a dramatic impact on your accuracy with shooting, so finding the right sight will vastly improve your accuracy. Good luck!

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