7 Best Drop Hitches for Lifted Trucks (Easily Adjustable) – 2021

Whenever you lifted your truck, chances are that you knew getting a drop hitch would be in the near future. The best drop hitches for lifted trucks come in a variety of different construction, sizes, and main features. When the day comes to throw your boat on a trailer to hit the lake for a summer day, having a drop hitch is going to be necessary for your lifted truck. Once you have the hitch, there’s no stopping you from taking whatever you want, wherever you want. 

The products that we have included on this list are the best items for your towing needs. Whatever you are looking for in a drop hitch, we have it on this list. Put on of these on your trailer hitch receiver and get on the road. There are massive towing capcities available, so no matter how big your toys are, the best drop hitch is going to have your back. Strap in and don’t get left behind, here are the best drop hitches for trucks in 2020. 

Our Top 3 Choices

  • Features: Channel-style shank that flips to provide up to a 6-inch drop or a 5 ¼ inch rise, built-in anti-rattle deters vibrations.
  • Benefits: Tow just about anything because of its high towing capacity and adjustability.
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  • Features: 8,000 pound GTW on the 2 inch ball, 12,000 GTW on the 2 5/16 inch ball.
  • Benefits: Makes getting a new drop hitch must easier on the wallet without sacrificing strength and security.
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  • Features: Tri-ball mount with measurements of 1-⅞ inches x 2 inches x 2-5/16 inches.
  • Benefits: Easily switch between different ball mount sizes and heights to easily tow any trailer without owning multiple ball mounts.
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The CURT 45900 is the best pick for all of the drop hitches for lifted trucks because it is the jack of all trades when it comes to attaching to your trailer. It has a high weight capacity as well as a wide range of adjustability in the drop or rise position. It isn’t going to rattle around behind the vehicle and shake the trailer back and forth. This best adjustable drop hitch for lifted truck takes care of you, your truck, and your trailer to get you to your destination. 

Best Drop Hitches for Lifted Trucks of 2021

1. CURT Trailer Hitch Ball Mount – Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the CURT 45900 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount, because it does just about everything. It will take care of your needs no matter how high your truck is lifted, and does so with a rather reasonable price tag. Like most others on the list, CURT features a 2 inch and a 2-5/16 inch ball mount that will fit most trailers out there. This gives you a 14,000 pound towing weight capacity on the larger ball and 10,000 pounds of towing weight capacity on the smaller. 

The channel style shank allows you to get a drop of up to 6 inches or a 5-¼ inch rise when flipped. This combined with the towing weight should allow you to tow just about anything you can imagine. This drop hitch also features everything you need to protect it and your trailer. 

One of the best features of this drop hitch is the anti-rattle technology that helps stop rattling, chucking, or any vibrations at the hitch receiver. This is fantastic when wanting to help protect your trailer and your drop hitch. On top of the anti-rattle technology is the great weatherproofing that CURT has put on this drop hitch. A durable carbide black powder finish coats the ball mount and the dual ball attachment features a corrosion resistant zinc plating. 


Channel-style shank that flips to provide up to a 6-inch drop or a 5 ¼ inch rise, built-in anti-rattle deters vibrations, high strength steel with 2-inch hitch balls for a 10,000 pound weight capacity and 2 5/16 inch hitch balls with a 14,000 pound weight capacity. 


  • Anti-rattle technology for protection
  • 14,000 pound maximum towing weight capacity on larger ball
  • Affordable price
  • Highly weather resistant


  • The wide design makes it more difficult to lock

2. MaxxHaul Dual Ball Mount – Most Affordable

Anyone that spent too much money on lifting their truck and now needs an affordable, but still high quality drop hitch needs to look at the MaxxHaul 70380 drop hitch. The two different ball sizes, 2 inches and 2-5/16 inches, can tow up to 8,000 and 12,000 pounds respectively on lifted trucks. This is still incredibly respectable when talking about the price this drop hitch brings with it to tow your trailer. 

The adjustability of this drop hitch makes it a great choice for lifted trucks. The drop hitch ranges from a maximum 7-½ inch rise and a maximum drop of 6-½ inches. This should be enough for most lifted trucks, but possibly not all for those that have really gone for real height. 

The black powder coating helps provide weather resistance in the drop hitch design. The dual pin design adds security to the system, but has reportedly often made a lot of noise behind the trucks. This can be unsettling when towing a huge trailer, but is only a minor complaint. For the price, it’s easily the best budget drop hitch for lifted trucks out there. 


8,000 pound GTW on the 2 inch ball, 12,000 weight capacity on the 2 5/16 inch ball, maximum rise of 7 ½ inches, maximum drop of 6 ½ inches, dual pin design for stability


  • Affordable price point
  • Wide range in lift and drop maximums
  • 12,000 maximum towing capacity
  • Weather resistant


  • Tends to rattle around and make noise behind trucks

3. B&W Tow & Stow – Best Tri-Ball Mount Drop Hitch

For those that have a 2 inch receiver hitch and want the option to tow trailers of various sizes, the B & W Tow & Stow Magnum Receiver is the best drop hitch for it. If you are frequently switching between different trailer heights and hitch ball sizes, the B&W Tow & Stow is the drop hitch that will make it all easy. Your small jon boat will hook up just as easily as the RV trailer for the entire family. 

Another great feature of this drop hitch is its ability to stow itself. When you have taken your trailer off, this drop hitch swings easily underneath the receiver hitch to reduce the chances of smashing your shin when walking behind your trucks. While it may seem like an unneccesary feature, it means you don’t have to go through the trouble of installing and removing the drop hitch every time you want to tow a trailer. 

This is one of the best premium drop hitches due to its high versatility. That does mean that it comes with a bit higher price tag, but is worth it when you’re doing a lot of towing with any lifted trucks. Be aware that when you have the drop hitch in its stow position, it will reduce your ground clearance. It won’t be any different than while towing, but can be easily forgotten if you don’t have a trailer on. 


Tri-ball mount with measurements of 1-⅞ inches x 2 inches x 2-5/16 inches, 5 inch drop from shank to ball, takes place of multiple ball mounts


  • High amount of versatility with tri-ball design
  • Stows away easily when not attached to a trailer
  • No need for multiple ball mounts


  • Reduces ground clearance when stowed
  • Not necessary if you are not towing various trailers often

4. BulletProof 2-Ball Drop Hitch

When there’s heavy duty towing to be done and you want no chance of anything going wrong with an adjustable ball mount, the BulletProof Adjustable 2 Ball Drop Hitch is it. This is a drop hitch made to stand up to the rigors of heavy duty construction and to haul trailers filled with massive loads. For those wanting their lifted trucks to maintain a good look to it, which let’s admit is all of us, this also has a sleek and attractive design. 

Five different height adjustments will connect easily to a 2 inch receiver hitch and give you the 6 inch drop or rise that you need on any lifted truck. The entire drop hitch, ball mount and all, is coated in heavy duty black textured powder coat to keep this on your truck, looking good, for years to come no matter the weather. 

BulletProof Hitches is proud of the product they put out and back it with a limited lifetime warranty. They only use the best materials and boast the fact that everything they use and do is American based and made. 


Comes in 6 inch or 4 inch drop sizes, heat treated anti-corrosion ⅝ inch pins, 2 inch and 2-5/16 inch heavy duty steel hitch balls, 5 different height adjustments, maximum tongue weight of 2,000 pounds, GTW of 14,000 pounds, limited lifetime warranty


  • Fully weather resistant
  • High towing capacity of 14,000 pounds
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Looks good on the back of your truck


  • If you don’t need it, it’s more money than you need to spend

5. Trimax Razor Hitch-Dual Ball

This drop hitch is going to be the one for even the highest of all the lifted trucks out there. The Trimaz TRZ12AL Razor Aluminum Adjust Hitch Dual Ball can give you up to 12 inches of drop or rise. That’s sure to take care of those lifted trucks that you need a small ladder to get into. The drop hitch can be set to any one of those twelve inches as it adjusts at one inch increments for all sizes of trucks. 

While the aluminum is lighterweight it can still give up to 10,000 pounds of gross towing weight, and 1,500 pounds of tongue weight. This is incredibly impressive for something that weighs half that of its heavy duty steel competitors. The aluminum will let you install and adjust it on your own, easily. 

The slop on this drop hitch is its biggest drawback. There’s a lot of rattling around that happens behind your truck when using this drop hitch. The pins are super easy to use and add to everything that makes this one of the best drop hitches for lifted trucks this year. 


10,000 pounds GTW, 1,500 pounds tongue weight, Aluminum construction, adjusts at one inch increments for a 12 inch maximum drop or rise


  • Huge rise and drop capacity of 12 inches
  • Aluminum lightweight construction
  • Fits bigger lifted trucks


  • Rattles around a lot when connected to trucks

6. GEN Y Mega-Duty Drop Hitch

So confident that the GEN Y hitch put a lifetime guarantee on their drop hitch. When talking numbers, this drop hitch tops the list for each category there is. The towing capacity of this drop hitch is a massive 16,000 pounds and can give you up to 10 inches of rise and drop for the taller lifted trucks out there. The tongue alone can withstand 2,000 pounds of pressure, so if you are a huge boater, it is a perfect option. 

This GEN Y hitch is one of the most popular drop hitches out there today, and we can see why. GEN Y is compatible with a 2 inch receiver hitch for ball mounts and you can use it for simpler things like bike racks or motorcycle carriers. Its versatility and adjustability sets it apart from other drop hitches that you can choose from. 

The only downside that we can see is the high price tag of this product. It is a lot of material to tow a massive amount of weight. This demands that you pay more, to get more. If you’re always hauling trailers with huge weights, then this is going to be worth that cost. 


Heavy duty sandblasted steel, maximum towing capacity of 16,000 pounds, maximum rise or drop of 10 inches, lifetime guarantee


  • Huge towing capacity and tongue weight
  • Highly adjustable and versatile product
  • Sandblasted and an added powder coat finish for weather resistance


  • High on the price scale

7. Fastway Self-Locking 3-Ball Drop Hitch

The Fastway Self-Locking 3 Ball Drop Hitch brings security and peace of mind to the drop hitch game. This is another heavy duty drop hitch that is perfect for you when you want to haul multiple different sized trailers and make sure they’re safe while you are away. 

The locking mechanism isn’t just for security, it makes adjusting the drop hitch incredibly convenient as well. Both the hitching pin and the adjustment pin are integrated into the design of the drop hitch itself. You must unlock them to adjust it, but there’s no chance of losing a pin with clumsy hands. 

Yes, you can always buy a hitch lock separately, but then you have multiple keys and pieces to keep track of, on top of the additional price. If you are really looking for security, then this is the best bet and worth the money. It can haul up to 10,000 pounds with a 1,000 pound tongue weight, so it won’t be hauling too many massive loads, but it will keep them safe.


Locking hitch pin and adjustment pin built in to system, aluminum construction is lightweight for easy installation, 1,000 pound tongue weight, 10,000 pound towing capacity


  • High focus on security
  • Locking pins make it convenient
  • Aluminum construction is lightweight


  • Losing the keys makes it impossible to use
  • May be worth it to buy a hitch lock and a cheaper drop hitch

Buyer’s Guide

Before jumping in and adding these all to your Amazon cart, it’s worth taking the time to figure out which drop hitch is really going to be the best for you and your pickup truck. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at all of these numbers, measurements, materials, and trying to decide what is going to fit your lifted truck best. 

So let’s look at some of the different things that will play a role in deciding which drop hitch will give you what you need and the towing capacity you want on your lifted truck. 


When you drive heavyweight trailers around in all kinds of weather, one of the most important things you want out of a drop hitch is its durability and weather resistance. With a great weatherproofing system, you can rest easy knowing that your trailer won’t ever come flying off just because your drop hitch has rusted out and no longer can carry a huge weight. 

There are a few different ways that companies make their drop hitches stand up against the worst of the weather. The most popular is using a black powder coat finish that keeps the weather away from the metal entirely. This layer will block water, ice, salt, and mud from reaching the steel and rusting it out. 

Chrome hitches are else incredibly popular because of the beauty of the chrome balls. These will stay strong when put in the face of tough conditions, and also stay shiny. Many people seek out the chrome balls on the top vehicle brands for their trailer hitch receivers that give a good appearance to their truck at a tall height. Aluminum also stays rather shiny if maintained and is naturally rust-resistant. 

All of these different options are great to keep the best drop hitch safe on the back of your lifted trucks. You lifted your trucks to be able to handle anything, so your drop hitches should be able to too. 

Height of Your Truck

All of our drop hitches have different drop and rise capacities. Depending on how high you have raised your truck, you may need a larger size than others. Unfortunately, not all of these drop hitches on the list are going to fit every lifted truck out there. Some of us get too ambitious with how high we want to raise our trucks, and then need a huge drop hitch. An adjustable hitch is going to help with this problem and get the ball mount where you need it.

Measure your truck’s height from the ground to the bottom of the receiver tube and figure out the drop you will need before purchasing. This is going to ensure that you can successfully connect to the trailer to the ball mount without needing to go back and lower your truck. 

Towing Weight Capacity

If you are towing a wood splitter or a small trailer of leaves, you may find a lower towing capacity to be sufficient if you never want to haul anything bigger than that. A lot of drop hitches can handle up to 12 or 14 thousand pounds so you can bring your jetboat to the lake and have a great weekend with the family or safely hook up your RV and get away for a week by yourself. 

The tongue weight is going to make sure that you down overload on downward pressure. This tongue weight is going to be important to know when loading your trailer. Attaching a heavy duty system with a ball mount to your trailer hitch receiver tube but not knowing the maximum tongue weight can be catastrophic. Check the required tongue weight for the trailer you want to tow before putting anything in to your trailer hitch receivers.

Make sure you will have the towing capacity and tongue weight that you are going to require on the road with your towing needs along with the height of your pickup. Nothing would be worse than overloading tongue weight of the best drop hitch and dropping a trailer while driving. As always, it’s better to overcompensate for tongue weight and carry a tiny trailer with a huge trailer hitch. 


With drop hitches you essentially have two different options of materials that you will be looking at. Most hitches use a steel construction, but others will use aircraft grade aluminum that will hold strong but be about half the weight. 

Steel is going to be heavy and more difficult to install or adjust on your own. The other side of that is that steel hitches will, on average, come along with a much higher towing weight capacity. 

Aluminum hitches still can haul around 10 to 12 thousand pounds, depending on the trailer hitch receivers. This is still mighty impressive and will serve a load of purposes and haul most trailers you want to hook on to your truck. 

Price and Value

Spending a lot on the best drop hitch is going to be difficult and feel hurtful on your wallet. The good news is, there are still some hitches out there that offer a much lower price point and don’t sacrifice the strength and quality. 

Figure out your budget first thing. If you spent too much lifting your truck, you may need to stick with a lower price drop hitch until you can afford one of the more premium styles. They all work really well and the price shouldn’t push you away, at least not if it’s on this list. And if you and you’re friends might be planning to go for fishing trip, our post about truck bed rod holders will surely be helpful for you. Also, if you’re going on a ride with your bikes, you might surely want to know how your bikes would easily fit on on the rack. You can visit here to know how.

Final Thoughts

Lifted trucks can be great for off roaders and serve a lot of great purposes, making it worth lifting them. There are always some drawbacks to the great things we do, however. This time it’s the sheer fact that you must purchase a drop hitch in order to still tow your trailer. You just set your truck higher up in the air, while no one is lifting their trailers. And if you want to store more necessities in your car, having hitch cargo carrier boxes installed in your vehicle might be needed. Learn more on our recent post!

The good news is, the best drop hitch for lifted trucks is on this list. Every truck has its matching best drop hitch that is the best drop hitch for trucks of its kind. Plugging the right thing in to your trailer receiver hitch in the drop or rise position will make towing your trailer with a lifted truck as easy as it was before. Make sure to look around, get to know the product, and do your trailer and truck right with the best drop hitch there is. 

  • Features: Channel-style shank that flips to provide up to a 6-inch drop or a 5 ¼ inch rise, built-in anti-rattle deters vibrations.
  • Benefits: Tow just about anything because of its high towing capacity and adjustability.
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  • Features: 8,000 pound GTW on the 2 inch ball, 12,000 GTW on the 2 5/16 inch ball.
  • Benefits: Makes getting a new drop hitch must easier on the wallet without sacrificing strength and security.
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  • Features: Tri-ball mount with measurements of 1-⅞ inches x 2 inches x 2-5/16 inches.
  • Benefits: Easily switch between different ball mount sizes and heights to easily tow any trailer without owning multiple ball mounts.
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