Best Drop-In Bedliner (The Unbeaten Bedliner) + 6 honorable mentions

When you use your truck, and you really use your truck, the truck bed is going to be the most likely to take the biggest beating. After a little while of tossing heavy cargo into the truck bed, it is going to start showing a lot of abuse which can be detrimental to the life span of the truck. Bottom line, in order to take the best care of your truck and avoid getting a truck bed that has rusted out, a the best drop in bed iner is going to be necessary. 

The best drop in truck bedliner is going to give you ample protection for when you are tossing heavy cargo in the back. You’ll never have to worry about a small dent turning to a larger hole from rust that could result from not having a drop in bedliner. These drop in truck bed liners are designed to take a lot of abuse and protect the truck bed from both the elements, and from you. It’s time to start hauling heavy loads without destroying the machine you bought in order to do so. To get to the bottom line, get yourself one of the best drop in bedliner for your truck, and take care of everything out in the rough country.

Our Top 3 Choices


  • Features: Anti-skid surface to keep heavy cargo in place, ¾ inch cushioned floor.
  • Benefits: Rest easy knowing that you and your cargo will be taken great care of with a comfortable pad that doesn’t let anything move around.
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  • Features: Deep UV protected finish, rib design to guard against dents and scrapes.
  • Benefits: Keep your truck bed completely protected from all of the elements, and from you.
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  • Features: .375 inch rubber compound construction, anti-skid to prevent shifting of cargo.
  • Benefits: Protecting your truck bed is simple and affordable with this mat, keep water, chemicals, and tears away while keeping your cargo in place.
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The BedRub Full BRQ15SCK is the king of all truck bed liners or a truck bed mat. We have chosen this as the best truck bed liner or truck bed matfor its remarkably long list of features and sheer lack of cons. It makes sure that you and your cargo are comfortable on the ride while not worrying about any spills or stains that will ruin the attractive finish it sports. This liner gives the extra protection you need to your truck bed and even more. Your gear just could not be treated any better. 

Best Drop in Truck Bed Liners of 2023

1. BedRug Full BRQ15SCK – Our Top Pick

The BedRug Full BRQ15SCK is the absolute top of the line, premium choice when looking for the best drop in bedliner. It’s really difficult to find any downsides of this truck bed liner when looking at all the incredible features it adds to your vehicle. This is going to be the best choice for an F-150, and in the end, might have you wanting to buy an F-150 just to get the bed liner. A BedRug bed mat is going to make you just want to be the cargo.

The first on this truck bed liner’s long list of desirable attributes is the sheer comfort that it provides for both you and your cargo. The ¾ inch cushioned floor makes sure that your knees stay pain free and happy while you load everything into the truck bed, as well as giving extra protection to whatever you put in the bed. On top of this is the anti-skid surface that helps to keep all of that comfortably-held cargo in place. 

If that isn’t enough, the entire truck bed liner is completely waterproof and resistant to any chemical spills or stains that come along with hard work. It’s incredibly easy to clean by simply wiping it down with water or using a brush. With everything this model has going, if you are currently driving an F-150, it is going to be the best fit and most luxurious of all the options on our list. 


Anti-skid surface to keep heavy cargo in place, ¾ inch cushioned floor, completely waterproof, chemical and stain resistant, easy to clean material


  • Incredible comfort for both you and the cargo
  • Anti-skid keeps gear locked in place
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain for a long life
  • Perfect fit for an F-150


  • Here, you pay a lot to get a lot

2. Duraliner (0050532ZX) Truck Bed Liner – Best Custom Fit

The Duraliner 0050532ZX goes as far as to include molded in cup holders. This is a truck bed liner for those serious about taking care of their truck and are planning on doing some truly difficult, heavy, and dirty work with their pickup truck. This lines the bed of your pickup to a T and will fit like a glove grabbing on to every nook and cranny there is. This allows for a premium fit and stability of the truck bed liner itself. 

This custom fit allows for perfect drainage, allowing water to find its way out of the truck bed with no chance of getting a start on developing rust. The hard plastic material that Duraliner has used for their construction is completely UV resistant, meaning there’s no chance that the sun is going to tamper with this liner at all. It will stand true and fight against the harshest elements in order to defend your pickup bed. 

The rib design does a fantastic job of guarding your truck bed against dents and scrapes from sharp materials, but it does tend to come at a high cost. This is another truck bed liner where you get what you pay for. If you are on a tight budget, you may need to move down the list a bit. Remember though, every penny spent on this truck bed liner is going to be an investment to protect the life of your truck bed and therefore increase the resale value down the road. 


Deep UV protected finish, rib design to guard against dents and scrapes, custom fit drains water out of bed, resistant to oil and most other chemicals, skid-resistant


  • Hard plastic material is completely UV resistant
  • Water and other chemicals slide right off
  • Molded fit makes it a great choice for stability and ultimate protection
  • Skid resistant material


  • High price tag

3. Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat – Best on a Budget

Bed mats that are affordable but are still a rugged liner can be difficult to find. The Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat is the perfect truck bed mat for those looking to stick to a certain budget, but still get a quality product that will give your truck bed the best protection. The extra-thick rubber bed mat compound provides top-of-the-line protection for your truck bed. This material makes the truck bed mat naturally resistant to UV rays, chemical spills, tears, and is fully waterproof. 

The rubber cleats on the bottom of the Dee Zee Heavyweight bed mats help to keep the bed mat in place, rather than sliding around in the truck bed. It doesn’t have the side supports of the truck bed walls in order to help secure it, so these really come in handy. Users have all said that these truck bed mats are incredibly grippy and hold all of their cargo perfectly in place. 

It may not end up lasting as long as one of the others on this list, as users have also reported some quality control issues with Dee Zee heavyweight bed mats. Although this is a problem that needs to be taken into consideration, you can buy two of these bed mats for your pickup truck and spend less than the price of one of the higher end pickup truck bed liners on this list. The best truck bed mat for you all comes down to how long you want to use it and what kind of thing you are using it for.


.375 inch rubber compound construction, anti-skid to prevent shifting of cargo, highly compressed rubber to stand up against all damage, rubber stays strong when exposed to extreme temperatures


  • Compressed rubber compound is waterproof, tear and chemical resistant
  • Rubber cleats on bottom of mat hold great grip
  • Protects bottom of truck bed well


  • Doesn’t cover the entire inside of the truck bed
  • Quality control of Dee Zee is reportedly lacking
  • Lower quality means shorter lifespan

4. BedRug Full BRQ15SBK

The BedRug Full BRQ15SBK is another showy display put out by BedRug drop in liners, just attempting to show the world who is the best bet to protect your truck bed in the truck bed liner industry. This model does not end up disappointing in any of the arenas that its counterparts have performed well in as well. So just to recap, we can go over the BedRug’s premium qualities once again in case you missed anything. 

This BedRug bed mat model of pickup truck bed liner features the same ¾ inch cushioned material that is easy on the knees and easy on the cargo you choose to load your truck with. The same easily cleaned, waterproof, chemical and stain resistant, material comes in this model as well. It is made to withstand the heaviest cargo you can load your pickup truck with, and will never show the amount of abuse that it’s truly been through. This is a drop in bed liner that will make truck owners stoked to have made the purchase of this rugged liner.

The only complaint that we can really find with this model is that it isn’t that easy to install. It requires a lot of very specific measuring and application when drop in liners are meant to just drop right in. Truck bed mats do the exact same thing. If you are installing this on your own for the first time, we recommend bringing a screen with you and following a video as well as reading the manual thoroughly in order to get the best out of one of the best truck bed liners there is. 


Rugged construction to withstand heavy cargo, ¾ inch cushioned floor, waterproof, stain and chemical resistant, cleaned easily with just water, anti-skid surface keeps cargo in place


  • Cushioned mat is incredibly easy on the knees and gear
  • Waterproof, chemical and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive
  • Can be difficult to install

5. Westin Automotive 50-6475

The Westin Automotive 50-6475 is heat molded to fit specific vehicles perfectly. When you are looking for another affordable, yet highly durable truck bed liner, this is another great option. It is sure to fit your vehicle like a glove, and will last a long time, as backed by the three year limited warranty from the manufacturer. 

The heavyweight, 100% recycled rubber mat makes this a top pick for giving bed armor for heavy duty carrying in rough country and is sure to stand up to the brutal test of hard working pick up truck owners. It is one of the most simple options that exist out there, which is partially why it’s so affordable as well. Westin Automotive didn’t put any fluff on this mat. It does exactly what it was designed to do, and nothing more. 

The non-slip ribbed surface is great to lock it in place in the truck bed, and help to lock your cargo in place on top of it. On top of it all, it’s easy to install. The installation of this liner is as easy as dropping it straight into the bed of your truck. It could very well be that the hardest part of installing this liner is the cleaning out of your truck bed you’ll need to do before dropping it in. It is afterall, a drop in truck bedliner. 


⅜ inch thick heat molded material specifically cut to fit each vehicle, 100% recycled heavyweight rubber material, non-slip surface, 3-year warranty


  • Simplistic design
  • Heavy duty rubber to stand up to anything
  • Easy to install
  • Three year warranty


  • Doesn’t fully line the truck bed

6. Penda Bed Liner

Heavier duty truck owners can rejoice, as the truck bed liner for your F-250 or F-350 is here. The Penda 63006SRX Bed Liner is built for both durability and good looks. Its sleek design does exactly what it was designed to do, as well as draw the eye of the crowds as you drive on by. If you want something that is going to be right in the middle of aesthetics and function, the Penda is it. 

The top feature of this bed liner is that it has anti-slip protection on both the exterior and interior surfaces. This makes sure that the bed liner stays locked in place in the bed, no matter what kind of trials you are running it through. When a truck that can carry such a large payload is hauling at its maximum, you want to make sure everything is in place with zero risk of moving around. 

This is the definition of a drop in installation. All you need to do is hold it over your truck bed and drop it in. The game doesn’t get any more simple than that. There’s no fastening required due to the additional grip provided on the bottom of the liner. One drawback is that it lacks a hole for your trailer light plug to make its way through. Additionally, on installation you will notice that it doesn’t lie perfectly flat, but will start to settle over time and form to the truck bed. 


Skid-resistant bottom to prevent damage from the truck bed liner itself, perfect fit for mounting a truck cap, tonneau cover, or side rails, molded-in board holders help to provide additional separation of cargo and stability


  • Perfect blend of aesthetics and function
  • Grip on both sides of the liner so everything stays in place
  • Easy to install, true drop in truck bed liner
  • Custom fit for every truck


  • You need to cut a hole for the trailer lights yourself
  • Doesn’t lie flat at installation

7. Husky Liners – 16008 Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Husky Liners boasts that their truck bed liners are tough enough to take a beating but soft enough to protect the gear inside it. They also like to say that most truck bed liners “smell like rubber tires and solvent” but theirs smells like “a hint of nothing with a splash of delightful”. While they may make a small joke here and there, the product you end up with is no joke whatsoever. 

DuraGrip HD anti-skid surface keeps everything locked in place inside of the truck bed and makes sure all of your cargo is taken care of. While taking care of everything on top of the bed, Air Dry Nibs line the bottom of the mat in order to provide the proper ventilation needed to stop water from collecting underneath the mat and causing permanent damage. 

The simple design of the mat allows you to do easy drop-in installation and to make your life as easy as possible. The Husky Liner Heavy Duty Mat gives you everything that your pickup needs without making you pay much or work too hard to get it. 


Tough to protect the bed, soft to protect the cargo, DuraGrip HD Anti-skid surface, Air Dry Nibs slightly raise the mat in order to allow for ventilation of moisture, no chemical or rubber scent


  • Super simple installation
  • Well ventilated below the mat 
  • Tough material that is soft on gear
  • No smell material


  • Prone to sun damage
  • Thin construction isn’t most durable

Buyer’s Guide

I am all too familiar with the stressful process of deciding what pickup truck you are buying, and then finding the right one. It isn’t something that can be decided by throwing a dart or spinning a wheel, it has a lot of impact on your life. Buying a truck bed liner isn’t nearly as big of a purchase, but it has a big impact on the life of your truck. Because of that, we want to help you along in the process of getting the best truck bed liner for your pickup to give you the best protection of your gear and truck. 


While truck bed liners are made to do the same thing, different brands have taken on different ways of protecting your pickup truck. Different materials offer a various range of different features that can make deciding which to get even harder. The bottom line is, you want is a rugged liner that is the right one for you. A drop in truck bed mat is easy to come by, but the right one is not.

To start with, there is the more common hard plastic that is molded to drop straight in to the truck bed and fit perfectly. It is the original bed mat that is one of the cheapest drop in bedliners out there. This is a good choice when you are wanting something super simple, and usually relatively cheap. It will stand up to the sun and other weather really well, but isn’t going to be the most resistant to cracks and tears. 

The BedRug mat is much closer to what you would carpet a house with, because your cargo deserves a nice ride as much as you do. This material is super simple to clean and gives padding that protects both the gear and your knees when crawling around in the bed of the truck. 

Another option is a rubber bed liner. A rubber mat is more flexible, less likely to crack, naturally UV resistant, and will even absorb a lot of noise that cargo can make. A rubber bed is much more flexible and as a result is easier on your gear and better for bed protection than a hard plastic material would be. 

A final option is spray on bed liner. This is a pickup truck bed liner than you apply yourself with a spray gun over the entire bed. This can be a good option for a rugged liner and using a spray gun can be fun, but spray on bed liners are not nearly as versatile as drop in bed liners. Truck bed mats are removable, where spray on liners are permanent installations and you’ll have to cover with a drop in liner if you want to get rid of the spray on liner. Spray on liners can be messy and if you don’t have experience with a spray gun, the spray on liner will end up all over your vehicle when it should be high quality.

Bottom line is, if you want something that stands up to UV rays and makes for an easy installation process while providing the best cargo protection for your vehicle, rubber bed liners are going to have your back.

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A lot of truck bed liners are made for specific vehicles and trucks. They mold them to a perfect fit in the factory before shipping it out to your vehicle. Some liners are a lot easier to make fit into any truck. These tend to require a lot more in the process of installation but are still pretty simple. 

Amazon now uses a great feature to help you make sure that each product will fit your truck. Don’t bypass this extra option. It can be easy to be stubborn and claim you know the size of your truck bed, but if the liner doesn’t fit your vehicle, that’s on you. 


The different materials that truck bed liners are made from give a lot of different textures and different truck bed protection because of them. A drop in liner is defined by its texture in your vehicle. The texture on the surface of the drop in bed liner is going to work to get a grip on your stuff and hold it in place even when headed on bumpier roads where cargo would normally bounce around. 

Some high quality bed liners even feature anti-slip or anti-skid grip on the bottom of the liner in order to help keep it in place in the bed of the truck. This is great, as sometimes things aren’t a perfect fit and there’s some wiggle room for the liner to move around. A high quality heavyweight bed mat with grippy texture helps reduce the chances of that which will increase the protection of your stuff that a slippery heavyweight bed mat would not keep in place.

A spray on bed liner is going to give you a much different, and more permanent, texture. Spray on liners are easy, and can be effective to protect your truck bed, but drop in bed liners bring about a much more versatile option.


Some of the high quality liners on this list hit some pretty high price points. Some are incredibly affordable and still high quality. Deciding between the two can be difficult, but price is often a pretty important factor when considering buying something more expensive. 

Get a good budget in mind before going into this decision. If you really have a strict budget, there’s the perfect bed liner for that. If you are ready to spend a bit more, that option is out there too. Just keep in mind, you get what you pay for. 

Amount of Truck Bed Protection

Whether you are carrying firewood, or if you are just carrying groceries, the amount of truck bed protection you need may change. For heavy loads, thicker truck bed liners that act as bed armor may end up being necessary. The durability will go up and will help make you comfortable with tossing cinder blocks in without a second thought. If the pickup truck is used for lighter purposes, you may not have to worry as much about a huge amount of protection. 

Final Thoughts

You’ve already gone through the process of buying the right pickup truck, and we all know that it can be tiring to make those decisions, or just stressful from the cost of it all. Now it’s just important to protect your truck bed. We don’t want to force you into another difficult decision, rather we hope that this has helped make it a whole lot easier. Before you head right off to work, you do want to make sure you get the best truck bed liner for your pickup so everyone, and everything is happy in the work process. Help yourself out and protect everything from the rigors of your life, go grab a truck bed liner today. Also, if you a cyclist who owns a Jeep Wrangler, we have a blog taking about Jeep Wranglers best bike racks you can consider for your vehicle.


  • Features: Anti-skid surface to keep heavy cargo in place, ¾ inch cushioned floor.
  • Benefits: Rest easy knowing that you and your cargo will be taken great care of with a comfortable pad that doesn’t let anything move around.
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  • Features: Deep UV protected finish, rib design to guard against dents and scrapes.
  • Benefits: Keep your truck bed completely protected from all of the elements, and from you.
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  • Features: .375 inch rubber compound construction, anti-skid to prevent shifting of cargo.
  • Benefits: Protecting your truck bed is simple and affordable with this mat, keep water, chemicals, and tears away while keeping your cargo in place.
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