The Best Family Ski Resorts In The United States

Families that engage in enjoyable actives tend to be happier and do more things together. Those that love the slopes can have a lot of fun. There are many ski resorts that are designed for families. Kids will be able to have fun and there is plenty for the adults to do as well. These are some of the best ski resorts in the country where a family can have fun. Skiing will allow the whole family to get out there and enjoy nature. Skiing is a great physical activity that all members of the family can get involved in. Nothing beats spending time together at a great ski resort.

 Best Family Friendly Ski Resorts In US

There are many ski resorts in the United States but there are some that really stand out. These resorts have additional activities and sports. They have great trails and they also offer snowboarding and indoor activities. Many resorts are now offering ski lessons to help the smaller children become familiar with the slopes.


1. Keystone in Colorado

This is one of the best-known resorts in the country. There is free parking at the hotel and there is even a shuttle that will carry all of the ski equipment from the car to the resort. A person does not have to worry about carrying these heavy items up and down the slopes. This resort has a number of place to eat and many different activities for children. There is a playground where they can make snow forts while the adults ski.

All of the activities are supervised and if the adults choose they can join in on the fun as well. While this state is known for some great ski locations, this is one of the best.


2. Park City Mountain Resort in Utah

This report is around half an hour away from Salt Lake City. There are a number of activities at the report. There are ski lessons for children or those that are not too experienced. There is childcare available for the younger child or little ones that need a break from the slopes. There are snowboarding areas as well.

The trails range from beginner to pro so there is something to match every skill level. There are also ice rinks, zip lines, and sleigh rides. While this resort is known for the great ski slopes there are other activities for the entire family. The family can do some of these activities together and then break off based on their ski level.


3. Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

This is another resort that offers fun for the whole family. The resort has indoor and outdoor activities and there is even a learning area for the little ones to explore. There are private ski lessons and children can learn the basis as well as safety. The rest of the family can have some fun on the ski slopes.


4. Snowshoe Mountain Resort, West Virginia

This resort has courses for every skill and there is even a snow tube park. The Big Top has winter fun for those of all ages. There are a number of games and other activities that are appealing to children as well as the adults. The location is beautiful as well and offers some of the best views in the state. The mountains offer a great show of the town below and this is one of the best destinations to stop and take some memorable pictures.


5. Squaw Valley, California

This ski resort was the home to the Winter Olympics back in the 1960s. The trails are some of the best and there are still pictures from this event. Some of the best skiers in the world have stayed in this area and have been on the slopes. The resort has ski lessons, tubing, and snowmobiles.

There are over 40 different ski lifts which lead to over 250 trails. There is hot chocolate served by the fire at night. There are also indoor hot tubs to warm up after a day of skiing. There are a number of things to do and see. There is a fully functioning kitchen if a person is looking for some home cooked food.


6. Sun Valley, Indiana

This is the place to learn how to ski like a pro. There are a group and individual ski lessons and there are a number of different hotels to stay at. The classes are small so the students can get plenty of attention. There are many different ski trails and a person can find that one that is right for their level. Unlike most ski resorts this area is an affordable place to take the family and there are a number of places to stay. There is a hotel for just about any budget.


7. Diamond Peak, Nevada

This resort has a number of great trails and there is also plenty to keep children busy. There are also activities besides skiing. The Incline Village location has many great outdoor activities. There is daycare offered in the mornings and the evenings so the parent can play on the more challenging trails.

Older children can take ski lessons or they can have some fun on the snowboard. There are also places to go snow tubing, follow a snowshoe trail, ice skate, and play other outdoor games. This club will even fit the child in the properly sized equipment so they can have more fun out on the slopes.


8. Big Sky in Montana

This place offers quiet fun but it is very relaxed and a family can get on the slopes and have some fun. The scenery is breathtaking and is the background for some great pictures. There are activities for everyone in the household as well. This resort does not too crowded so it is great for people that do not like a lot of crowds.

The kids can play at a number of attractions at the resort. There is zip lining, sledding, tours, and other activities to keep the entire family busy.


9. Sugarbush, Vermont

There is something for every ski level here. For those that may not want to ski there are other activities including snow tubing and plenty of areas to explore. There are over 2,500 vertical runs and 100 different trails to explore. This area also has an adventure zone that has toys as well as games for the entire family. There are basketball courts, bouncy houses, and other things to keep the family busy and people coming back.


10. Snow King Mountain Resort in Wyoming

This resort has over 400 acres to explore and there are 30 different ski runs. There are night activities for the family including snow biking and snow tubing. There is a great view on the way down from the top of the resort as well.

There is also the chance to go snowshoeing and to see some wildlife that lives in the area. There are many activities for children as well. They can keep busy for hours at The King playground. There are also things for adults to do as well. There is also the Treetop Adventure and the Cowboy Coaster is very fun. There is even a miniature golf course featured at this resort. There are also plenty of trails to go skiing on.


11. Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania

This is another resort that offers something fun for the entire family. There are 35 different ski trails for every level and there are snow tubing and snowboarding areas as well. If a family wants to take a break from the ski slopes they can visit the Aquatopia. This is a multi-level waterpark that is warm and offers many great water attractions. There are seven different pools and a number of water slides as well. This is great fun, especially when taking a break from the slopes. There is also a glass roof so a person can really enjoy the view of the mountains.


12. Crested Butte in Colorado

This is another resort with a breathtaking view. There are 77 different trails and there is something that the entire family would enjoy. There are also snowmobile rentals and there is zip lining that a person can try right at the resort. There are trails for horseback riding as well. This resort has over 500 acres for skiing and some of the softest snow that a person will find at any resort.


13. Beaver Creek, Colorado

While there are many great ski resorts in Colorado, this area will offer a new thrill, especially for an athletic family. There are snowboarding and skiing areas and some of the courses are sure to get the heart rate going. In addition to skiing, there are snow tubing courses and snowshoeing trails.

For small children, there is a nursery set up to keep them entertained. Teenagers can go to Pizza Party Place and hang out. They can also check out the Anti-Gravity Center where they can learn new tricks and almost fly in the air.


14. Shawnee Peak in Maine

This resort has over 200 acres that are dedicated to skiing. There are 19 trails and there is plenty to see. This resort has one of the best daycare centers around for the smaller children. They can enjoy activities at the Children’s Group Clinic or play Snow Sports. They will get familiar with being out in the snow and learning some basics. After a day on the slopes, a family can take a nice tour of the areas as well. They can stop and look at the sky. One of the best things about this resort is that the sky is so clear the stars can really shine.


15. Deer Valley, Utah

This ski resort is one of the most child-friendly places that a family can go and visit. There are courses where smaller children can ski and snowboard. They are fun but they are still very safe. There are more challenging areas for parents and for older siblings as well. There are many activities to help keep the children active. There is an Adventure Camp that has a number of fun things to do. There is even the Children’s center with some great activities.

If it gets too cold outside the resort has a number of indoor areas with a cup of hot cocoa ready and waiting. The ski tickets at this resort are limited so it is important to get to the resort early. If the ski area is full for the day there is still a lot to see and do. There are some great places to eat and there are many other types of entertainment that can be found right on the resort grounds.

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Going on a ski trip is a lot of fun and it is even more fun when there are activities that involve the entire family. These resorts have ski area for people of every skill level and there is something for everyone to enjoy. There are many amenities at these ski resorts and due to this as well as the outside trails, they are some of the best ski resorts in the United States. The entire family can keep busy and there will be something for everyone to do. There are ski trails, places for snowboarders, and even waterparks to play on indoors after a day on the slopes. There is also horseback riding, zip lines, and some great places to eat. These are activities that the entire family can enjoy and something that a family can do together.

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