Want To Know The Best Hunting Backpacks In 2018? Then Look No Futher We Got You Covered With Only the Best Of The Best Hunting Backpacks For The Money.

Top Rated Hunting Packs for The Money in 2018 Reviews

Look no further, we’ve done the hard work for you and made a selection of the top hunting backpacks for the money for you to get in 2018. Remember, an educated decision is the best decision, so let’s take a look at what the market has to offer.

3 Best Hunting Backpacks

  • Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack
    - Best choice for bow hunting
    (Our Score 4.8)

    This backpack has a huge space to allow you to pack for several hunting days. It comes with an attachment that allows the positioning of the weapon anywhere where there is easy access.

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  • Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler

    - best option for elk hunting
    (Our Score 5)

    Made with abrasion-resistant KXO-32 fabric that makes it absolutely durable. You get an unconditional warranty from Badlands.

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  • ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit
    - Top budget backpack
    (Our Score 4.8)

    Most of the important elements needed in a backpack can be found here. The best part is the price of this hunting backpack. Overall great product for a great price.

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Top 3 Bow Hunting Backpacks

When selecting the best bowhunting backpack, you want an arsenal that will deliver in space and versatility. Because you do not want to worry about how your stuff is holding up back there but instead you want to focus on what lies ahead of you. Check out this selection of our three best bow hunting backpack.

  • 1. Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack
    The pack with the biggest space

    The Timber Hawk Killshot is made of polyester and includes an attachment for a rifle, tripod, or bow. The versatile and comfortable design includes so many compartments to give you the peace of mind you need. Need some snacks for several days and nights? Not a problem. This bow hunting backpack is definitively worth your while.

The Bad/What I don't like

Such a big amount of spaces to place your gear that comes with a high price. Also, is not really that lightweight. Unless you are confident you have a great amount of endurance, this backpack will start feeling heavy after a while, especially if you are hiking uphill. We don't think it is convenient for you to carry all day. Now, this calls for smart packaging as you will have to pack light clothes and bring only what you need. A portable battery iron is probably not a good idea to pack, for example.

  • Great amount of space.
  • Multiple spots for placing your bow.
  • Plenty of compartments for a more
    effective storage.
  • Straps are very comfortable.
  • It is not too lightweight, so we do not
    recommend it for treestand hunting.

The Good/What I like

The only thing you will not be able to carry in this backpack is the kitchen! Everything else will come over with you in your adventure, so we love the space. Now, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of hunting, this backpack also has your back as you can place your bow in multiple places making sure your backpack is always balance and your weapon is ready for action.

We also appreciate the great amount of space. The lining makes it so durable that you will have a backpack for a very long time.

Product Highlights

This hunting backpack is made of polyester and you can take it anywhere anytime. Its linen is made of an ultra-quiet twill fabric that will last for years. The straps are super comfortable and convenient. They feature Silent Stalk clips that make no noise and contribute to absolute silence when you spot the perfect hunt.

Speaking of straps, these are equipped with small pockets that allow you to store your snack, your GPS, your phone or anything you want to have easy access to. And speaking of easy access, the attachment we talked about above, you can place it pretty much in any position, making your bow super available pretty easily whenever the adventure call for it.

Oh, and did we mention the 2-liter hydration bladder? This one will keep you going and going while keeping you hydrated. The backpack includes a pull-out orange blazer rain cover to protect your backpack and provide you with visibility amidst the falling rain.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5

  • 2. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit
    Top budget Bow-Hunting Pack

    This is our favorite budget bow hunting backpack. It is versatile, with all the pockets you need and in a nice design. Built for endurance, this backpack will not disappoint you and will keep your stuff safely stored and always ready to perform.

The Bad/What I don't like

This is a great backpack for the budget but there you must consider that there are other backpacks with better quality. If you want this backpack to last long, you might not want to overuse it. The stitching holding straps will wear more easily.

We do not like the fact that the inside of the side pockets on each waist strap feel like vinyl plastic and some pockets are made of mesh instead of fabric, which makes them easier to break eventually. But we believe that this is a great option for the money. You are packed with a great backpack that will help you for many years if you use it wisely.

  • A great price.
  • Lots of pockets.
  • The organizational front pocket.
  • Comfortable straps.
  • The build is not as strong as you wished
  • The fabric is rather cheap in some parts
    of the backpack
  • No bladder included.

The Good/What I like

We will definitively go with the price here. It has all the elements that you need for a successful hunting. It has all the bags that you need and more. Your weapon is safely held in the drop-down rifle/bow holder pocket. It also includes a blaze orange rain cover so there is a check on that one.

Product Highlights

This backpack comes with a lot of pockets. It includes a large-sized pocket for you to bring your water bladder. It features a drop-down weapon holder that makes it readily available when action calls. You get the large main pocket, a big front pocket, and an organizational shelf pocket. Both sides of the pack have a quiver holder.

The aluminum frame is light and durable. The straps are padded and comfortable to wear. Its camouflaged design, rigid build, and low price make this your best budget option for a bow hunting backpack.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

  • 3. Badlands Clutch Camouflage Hunting Pack
    Most Comfortable

    Want to have a backpack that feels like an extension of your body? The Badlands Clutch Camouflage Hunting Pack feels exactly that way. It is a very comfortable backpack that comes with all the essentials that you need for bow hunting. We would not place this backpack on the lightweight department but you can go miles with it along with all your stuff in it and you will still not feel the weight on your back. It is science!

The Bad/What I don't like

We wished the Badlands Clutch Camo was a bit lighter. It is actually the heaviest in our list. However, this is not one thing that should keep you from getting it. You get a versatile backpack, durable, and with a lifetime unconditional guarantee.

  • Large storage capacity.
  • Lifetime unconditional warranty.
  • Made with waterproof material.
  • Designed to last forever.
  • It is the heaviest of our bow hunting backpacks.
  • You might need to actually take off the backpack to access your weapon.

The Good/What I like

We absolutely love the warranty on this one. Not only is it highly durable and with a strong build, but once you get this one, you will not need to ever buy another backpack again. Not only is this backpack great for bow hunting but it also works great for hauling deer as the weight is well distributed on you.

Product Highlights

The Badlands Camouflage Hunting Pack claims to be made of the quietest and most waterproof material in the world. The lifetime Badland unconditional warranty seems to back that up. That is right, you have a problem with the backpack, you are backed by the world’s best warranty.

We note that this backpack is pretty ergonomic and build in such a way that most of the weight goes to your hips and not your back. This is why, despite its big weight, you can hardly feel the stress on your back. Inside the backpack we get a built-in meat shelf, spotting scope pocket, lash patches and webbing, rain fly, and a big pocket for you to put your water in.

All the weight goes to the frame which also allows for a comfortable wear. You get nearly 4000 cubic inches of space for all your stuff which allows what you need for long hunting trips.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

Top 3 Backpacks for Elk Hunting

While hunters debate on what the best elk hunting backpack is, we got you a list of what we believe are your best choices. These are all durable, make a comfortable fit, and, of course, they can carry a massive amount of meat. Let’s take a look at them and their features.

  • 1.Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack
    Our Most Durable Selection

    This is a system of three different packs that can all be put together. If we talk about durability and the ability to be adjusted for better comfort to adjust to the weight you are using, then this backpack is your best choice.

The Bad/What I don't like

We actually think that Horn Hunter probably went a bit too far with the straps. They can be cumbersome and time-consuming because they are so many. But then, this is the price you pay for the durability you get. Also, the backpack is already heavy itself and, after a long walk, it can grow very heavy.

  • Compartment for carrying a bow or a rifle.
  • Gun sling on the back prevents hitting trees.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • The number of straps is excessive.
  • It can get heavy.

The Good/What I like

We love the enormous amount of space, which is what we need for elk hunting. The cushion on the straps is pretty good and it fits comfortably on your back.

Product Highlights

The Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack is made of three distinct backpacks. These make it one of the most versatile and comfortable elk hunting backpacks you will ever use. The full curl comes with frame pouches which make it a really comfortable fit. It has an enormous space and with compartments that make your stuff easily accessible.

This backpack system is designed to last and endure the hauling of elk meat. Some users have expressed that they even use it for hauling bear. The comfortable design makes it almost unnoticed on your back, even with your hunt in it.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5

  • 2.Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler
    The most comfortable elk-hunting backpack

    When you think about science and an ergonomic design, you are definitively thinking of the Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack. This backpack not only has a built-in meat shelf for packing out game, it also includes a compartment for holding a bow, rifle, or a gun. This backpack has it all for elk hunting and all that for a great price.

The Bad/What I don't like

We only wished it had more pockets and some organizational compartments would have been nice. But, whatever you place on the Badlands 2200, it will carry it with commitment.

  • Very ergonomic and comfortable.
  • It can carry a rifle, bow, or pistols.
  • Highly durable and abrasion-
    resistant quality.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • It does not have too many pockets.
  • No organizational compartments.

The Good/What I like

We totally like all the cool features in this backpack. We especially love the ergonomic design that passes on the weight to the hips. This one also carries the Badlands warranty, which is the best one ever. They basically don’t care what happened, if it carries that red horn on it, they will fix it on their dime.

Product Highlights

The first feature we want to highlight is the abrasion-resistant KXO-32 fabric it is made of. Not only is it abrasion-resistant but it is durable. The frame is made of T-6 aircraft-grade-aluminum and makes it a pretty strong one. To make it even more comfortable, the backpack is made of ThermoMold Suspension, which makes it virtually fit in every contour of your body.

Hunting features include the ability to carry a rifle, bow, or pistol. It also includes a spotting scope pocket that protects the glass while traveling through rough terrain. The built-in meat shelf is able to support and haul elk quarters and is blaze orange for extra security.

It is geared with an integrated rifle boot and built-in hip belt pistol holders. Speaking of gears, it also has compression straps for you to have many options for gear attachment. You can also put in compatible 2-L hydration systems to keep you going for miles.

Editors Rating 5 out 5

  • 3.Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack
    Top choice in comfort and lightweight

    We consider the Eberlestock Team Elk Pack a great combination of lightweight comfort and great toughness. This is a heavy-duty rugged hunting backpack that still remains comfortable and silent. You get the quality you pay for and more.

The Bad/What I don't like

Perhaps the side pouches are not bigger to accommodate a bigger spotting scope. But then, you do not really need that big of a spotting scope to spot an elk.

  • A flexible design.
  • Stability and comfort.
  • Can be adjusted to fit any body size.
  • The waist belt can be fully removed.
  • Plenty of sockets for cell phones,
    GPS, and others.
  • The side pouches will not be able to hold a much bigger scope.

The Good/What I like

We like the flexible design and the storage capability of the M5. Eberlestock really made an effort in the comfort department as this elk hunting backpack definitively feels light and ergonomically comfortable.

Product Highlights

This elk hunting backpack is contoured to fit your body perfectly. The bottom shelf design also contributes to the comfort behind this hunting backpack. Besides being comfortable, it is quiet, as it should be when you are hunting.

Some of the features found in the M5 are fold-away rifle scabbard, a built-in bow carrier, Intex-II tubular aluminum frame, full-depth spotting scope and hydration pockets, and so much more. The scabbard and bow carrier have zip-and-flip covers so that when you are not carrying a gun or a bow, they serve as closed pockets. As an elk hunter, Eberlestock is committed to making you as happy as can be.

The front-loading and the top-loading accesses make it a great backpack for hauling meat. Also, your gear is easy to access even while you are wearing the backpack. The suspension system offers an adjustable shooters harness with ladder systems that allow you to adjust it for your comfort.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

Buyers Guide

Still having some doubts or the budget is still tight?

The most important thing here is to make an educated decision based on research and reviews. The market is definitively full of offers that promise you the best outcome. Unfortunately, that is not the case all the time. You need a hunting backpack that will last for a really long time.

Here are some important aspects that you need to check on when purchasing your next hunting backpack:

Dimensions usually are listed in inches and in the order of width by length by height. Make sure the one you are about to purchase has the appropriate dimensions for your size and your activity. Do note though, that the most versatile hunting backpacks can be adjusted to virtually every body size.

Storage Capacity
Always makes sure that not only all your gear will fit but also other things you will need in the woods. It is imperative that you bring water and, as an option, bring snacks. Keep in mind the amount of time you will be spending on your hunting trips to determine which capacity is good for you so far.

Bow attachment
This part is very important. If you are at the store, ask the seller to show you where your weapon will be carried. This will help you have an idea id the attachment is optimal, comfortable, and trustworthy.

Since you will be walking miles into your hunt, make sure the weight is not a factor that will make you bend in the middle of it. You will also be packing your hunting backpack with stuff from the hunt on your way back. This means that your backpack will have more weight added to it. Now, you probably want to get yourself a rather lighter backpack that will not wear you out after five minutes of wearing it empty.

Do you have a lifetime warranty for the product? What aspects does it cover? This is an investment you are making so you have to know how is the seller taking in the risks. Learn about the warranty before getting your new backpack. What does it cover and for how long?

Water Bladder
Hydration is important while you travel by the woods. Some backpacks include a built-in water bladder while others include a compartment for you to put the water in.


A great hunting backpack can be a great assistance during the journey. Once again, remember that this is an investment, so always make sure you make the right decision. This is the backpack that will follow you for many years. Make it worth it. Also if your interested into finding cool places to hunt with pack check out the national parks website in order fo you to plane your next hunting backpacking trip.