9 Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

Keeping your hands warm on a cold weather hunt is essential. However, hunting means keeping your trigger finger handy. That’s not a problem because the best shooting gloves for cold weather keep your hands warm and finger free. After several days in the woods, testing several pairs of gloves to stay warm, and getting the opinions of dozens of hunters, we recommend the () as the best pair of cold weather hunting gloves. In the field, it provided great versatility, stayed dry and, most importantly, kept our hands warm!


The Alaska Pro Cold Weather Gloves
  • Excellent versatility in fingers
  • Leather Palms provides good grip
  • Waterproof, windproof, and breathable construction.
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The Savior Heated Gloves
  • Water and wind proof, but breathable.
  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Extra heat keeps hands warm to below zero – great for cold mornings
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Mechanix Wear – MultiCam Original Tactical Gloves
  • Thermal Plastic Rubber velcro wrist straps
  • Versatility for a wide range of uses
  • Synthetic rubber breaks in over time for custom fit.
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9 Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

1. Alaska Pro Cold Weather Gloves – Best Gloves for Bow Hunters

Many bow hunters keep their fingers free from warm weather into cold. When it’s finally cold enough to grab a pair of winter gloves, they want to continue keeping their fingers warm. Bow hunters need more than a trigger finger free and need long lasting warmth without flipping open a mitten.

The Alaska Pro Cold Weather Gloves are waterproof, breathable and feature 60 grams of thinsulate insulation. A leather palm gives necessary grip for grabbing arrows from the quiver. The camo design model keeps you hidden from game as well.


  • Excellent versatility in fingers
  • Leather Palms provides good grip
  • Waterproof, windproof, and breathable construction.


  • Tricky to take off quickly (but you’d rather keep your hands warm)
  • Some users note sizing runs large (But not bulky, so this doesn’t limit versatility)

2. Savior Heated Gloves – Best Heated Mitten

When heading out into the coldest weather, a little extra heat can help. The  Savior Heated Gloves provide heat via a pair of 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Within 30 seconds of activating, you heat your hands and fingers. If you have poor circulation or arthritis this can help you stick it out in the blind.

The Savior is also waterproof and wind resistant. It’s made of lambskin, polyester, and features a soft pearl layer for insulation. These heated gloves are also breathable.


  • Water and wind proof, but breathable.
  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Extra heat keeps hands warm to below zero – great for cold mornings.


  • May provide more warmth than desired (Easy to turn heater off)
  • Not machine washable (Spot cleaning makes it worth it for the extra heat)

3. Under Armor ColdGear Hunting Gloves – Best Scent Control

Research shows deer can smell anywhere from 100 to 1,000 times better than the human nose so it goes without saying that hunters depend on gear that keeps their scent undetectable. Scent control is especially crucial for bow hunters who need to get in close for the shot. So many hunters want a reliable pair of colder weather hunting gloves with scent control, but that still offers enough sensitivity for the fingers to feel the bow or trigger.

Water resistant, lightweight yet warm, Under Armour ColdGear is one of the best cold weather hunting gloves with Infrared Scent Control and 6.0 oz. PrimaLoft Insulation are a great option.  And a conductive inner coating absorbs and retains your own body heat, while letting sweat vapor escape.


  • Water resistant gloves to protect from cold
  • Touch screen enabled fingertips on gloves for easy smartphone use
  • Scent control technology built into gloves


  • Some users say size runs small (but also note the better fit for touch screen use)
  • Gloves not designed for extreme cold temperatures: (high 20s f/-2 c and up).

4. Day Wolf – Best Extreme Cold Weather Gloves

When the temperature drops, sometimes the weather demands more protection from freezing rain, wind and snow. Heated gloves offer hunters the ability to keep warm, and stimulate blood circulation in hands when stiffness sets in. Cold weather hunting technology developed for other sporting pursuits find their way into hunters’ hands when needing protection from subzero temperatures. Day Wolf Heated Gloves, made from a combination of Polyester, Sheep Leather, Velvet Liner, Insulation Cotton, offer warmth and comfort for hunting in those more extreme winter days. With its Far Infrared Heating element, covering the entire back of the hand and fingers, these gloves offer exceptional heating performance.


  • Excellent Heating in gloves from Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heating Wire
  • Windproof Wrist and Cuff to prevent elements from entering gloves
  • Water-resistant, made with PX44 Water Proof and Breathable Polyester Fabric.
  • Strong Grip: Super Sheep Leather Material Used on Palm for Strong Grip and to prevent Slipperiness.


  • Some hunters note these gloves takes a minute for the gloves to heat up (but once heated warmth is excellent)

5. VELAZZIO Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves – Best for Arthritis

Cold weather increases stiffness in fingers, reducing tactical responsiveness in moments when it’s need most: right before the shot. This can be especially inconvenient for hunters with arthritis, stiff joints or bad circulation. If this is the case, heated gloves can hugely improve a hunter’s experience. VELAZZIO Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves have a high capacity 7.4v rechargeable battery and a built-in carbon fiber heating panel over the length of the back of hand. These gloves provide long-lasting heat for hunters traversing challenging terrain in extreme weather conditions as low as -25°F.


  • 3 heating levels and Intellgient Control smart power-saver allows for customizing warmth while extending battery life
  • Waterproof outer shell, and fleece lining with Fan-Tex membrane keeps heat in but with excellent breathability
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertips
  • Drawstring closure cuffs


  • May take several minutes to warm up

6. Sitka Gear’s Traverse Glove – Best Fitting Gloves

Many hunters look for a tighter glove feel without too much loss of warmth that comes with a less bulky design. When weather edges into extreme colds, having the option of upgrading on the go can benefit hunters adjusting to shifting temperatures throughout the day or seasons. Sitka Gear’s Traverse Glove offers a slim fit and great feel, and look good to boot. When temperatures drop below 20, these gloves can combine with Sitka Gear’s Stormfront Glove for added warmth and protection.


  • Modular design allows hunters to combine Traverse Glove with other Sitka Gear gloves
  • Polyester Spandex Knit, with silver threads in the index and thumb when hunters need a digital option
  • Gore tex-made, Gore Optifade Concealment for sub-alpine comouflage provides excellent concealment for ambushing ungulates in forest terrain


  • Not made for temperatures far below freezing (but can be easily combined with Stormfront gloves)

7. Huntworth Bonded Stealth Hunting Glove – Best Camoflage

Stealth, concealment, comfort and control all contribute to the moment a hunter takes the shot. Gloves that build these requirements into their design can go a long ways towards this goal. This is where the Huntworth Bonded Stealth Hunting Glove comes in. It has a combination of the camo shell, microban antimicrobial treatment for scent reduction, and silicon print on the palm for extra grip. Made from fleece with a waterproof film membrane, this pair of gloves is perfect for hunting trips when the days start getting colder.


  • Touch screen enabled fingertips for quick access phone use.
  • Silky 2-way stretch fleece for extra comfort
  • Microban antimicrobial treatment for scent control


  • Not suitable for extreme cold (but hold up well in freezing temperatures).

8. Heat Factory Gloves with Pop-Top Mittens – Best Pop Top Mittens

When looking for protection from extreme cold without losing dexterity, a hybrid pop-top glove fits the bill. Heat Factory Gloves with Pop-Top Mittens offer just this, with magnets sewn into the top of the glove to keep the mittens out of the way until needed. If confronting freezing temps, the gloves come with pockets specially-designed to hold Heat Factory Hand Warmers for added heat. The rubber grip gives extra traction for holding gear. Thinsulate liners not only give fingers added warmth, but also stay in place when taking gloves on and off.


  • Long-lasting warmth and protection from fleece gloves
  • Sewn-in pockets holds a Heat Factory Hand Warmer (two Hand warmers included for up to 10 hours of heat)
  • Elastic cuff at the bottom of the glove keeps wind and snow out of mitten


  • Not for touch screen
  • Not waterproof

9. Hot Shot Camo Aggressor Gloves – Best Digital Dexterity

If something more heavy-duty is called for, the 100% polyester Hot Shot Camo Aggressor Gloves may be the more apt choice. Whether hunting or fishing,  these cold weather hunting gloves, with a Realtree camo design and Aqua E4 inserts for waterproofing provide warmth, stealth and dry comfort for hunters. 200 grams of polyfill insulation, and an elastic wrist, keep the heat in and the elements out. When digital dexterity is a must, the Aggressor’s Pro-Text touch sensitive Technology enables touchscreen smartphone use while wearing the gloves.


  • A breathable Aqua E4 insert for water protection
  • Realtree camouflage works well in different hunting surroundings
  • Pro-Text technology for smartphone usability


  • Some hunters note the lack of trigger finger (although offers great sensitivity for operating touchscreen phones)

10. MultiCam Original Tactical Gloves – Best Value

Combining effective disguise, versatile use, and durability for a range of terrains and seasons, the Mechanix Wear – MultiCam Original Tactical Gloves are great for lighter winter conditions. Built from synthetic leather and TrekDry material, the gloves conform to the hands for a secure fit. MultiCam camouflage allows the wearer to blend in across shifting terrain. Beneath each wrist, a convenient loop can be used to secure the gloves to your gear. When firing, the added palm padding provides shock absorption, but these shooting gloves’ dexterity will be especially appealing to bow hunters looking for flexibility without sacrificing warmth.


  • The Thermal Plastic Rubber velcro wrist straps give greater control for a secure fit.
  • Versatility for a wide range of uses
  • Synthetic rubber breaks in over time for custom fit.


  • Not suitable for extreme cold weather conditions (but great for brisk weather hunting)
  • Not waterproof gloves (designed for dry winter conditions)


What makes a great style?

Keeping your skin warm and maintaining dexterity is crucial. Consider the conditions you will be hunting under. Will it rain, snow, be windy? This can help determine whether a thin polyester glove will work vs a heavy Gore tex mitten.

Mittens often work best in the coldest conditions by keeping your fingers together. Gloves are best for providing movement for your hands and fingers. Some of the warmest hunting gloves are mittens providing access to your fingers with a flip of the top.

You may have different needs if your hunting glove is for bow hunting instead of a pair of shooting gloves for winter. You use your fingers in different ways on the bow than the trigger. Think about how at the ready you need to keep your hands.

Consider if you’ll be hunting in weather just below freezing or close to zero and below. This will determine if you need lightweight gloves or burly mittens.

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What material is your glove made of?

Warm hunting gloves need to stay warm. If hunting in heavy, wet snow gloves need to stay dry, or at least stay warm if wet. This makes synthetic materials best – think polyester, Gore Tex and spandex.

High quality wool can be a great material and it does stay warm when wet. However, wet wool is also heavy which can cause you to lose your versatility in the field.

Leather hunting gloves are also a material to consider the field. This pair of gloves may keep the wind out but they need quite a bit of maintenance and won’t do well in water.  Leather hunting gloves can look great, and provide good access to your tools. Hunters needing to dress in the field may not enjoy cleaning them.

Waterproof and flexible rubber or neoprene also keeps you warm. It isn’t always the easiest to move in. These gloves also hold your sweat – causing your hands to overheat when you really need comfort.

What other qualities should you consider?

As well as material – which can help with decision making – waterproof hunting gloves will keep the snow and ice out. Wet hands get cold and the best keep the weather out.

The best cold weather hunting gloves also keep the wind out.  If you are comfortable in a blind this won’t be a problem, but if bow hunting you may be in a tree stand where the wind is stronger. The best hunting gloves will shrug off the strongest wind.

In cold weather, even the best hunter can be surprised at how sweaty they get under their layers. Waterproof gloves keep water out – but they can also keep water in. Make sure your gloves are breathable enough to keep your hands dry not only from the weather, but your own sweat.

The best hunters also know their hands can give off odor. Scent control is built into quite a few models of shooting gloves. Especially in wind that can shift while hunting, having gloves that keep you warm, dry, and keep your odor under control.

Finally, while many hunters are only look for a pair of gloves, some like to bring their tech to the field. Manufacturers have everything from a heated hunting glove to a text-friendly finger. If keeping phone access is important to you or you really need the extra boost to keep your hands warm, check out those tech friendly solutions.

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A durable, and reliable pair of winter hunting gloves with enough dexterity for effective shooting and handling gear is an essential item for all hunters. Which gloves hunters choose ultimately depends on the kind of hunting involved and the weather conditions they must confront in the field.

For bow hunters, finger dexterity and sensitivity are key, so gloves allowing for the fingers to feel the bow will be important. Hunters who need shock-absorption and stable palm grip for handling their weapon with ease will opt towards different gloves.

When heading out into the cold, whether the brisk beginning of fall, or the extreme freezing conditions of deep winter, gloves that retain heat efficiently are essential. With this in mind, The Savior Heated Gloves stand out as many winter hunters favorite, not only to stave off stiffness and cold in fingers during long treks in the field, or long waits in the blind. But especially to stimulate poor circulation and sore joints, an especially appealing choice for hunters with arthritis.

The Savior is also waterproof, wind resistant, and highly breathable being made from a combination of lambskin, polyester, and a soft pearl layer for insulation. Taken together, When heading out into the coldest weather, a little extra heat can help. The  Savior Heated Gloves will be the top choice for most winter hunters.

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