9 Best Indoor Bike Racks of 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

Cycling is a great hobby for both enjoyment and exercise. However, if you own a top of the line bike, you might be less than thrilled about storing your bike in the garage. Perhaps your home or apartment doesn’t even have a garage. In this case the right storage solution for your bike is going to be an indoor bike rack.

Storing your bike indoors is a much better option than leaving it outside where mother nature can do her worst to your expensive piece of equipment. Depending on the amount of space you have to work with, a decent bike rack is a great investment.

Top 3 Comparison Table


  • Features: Titling rack features for roll on storage, Three contact points for secure hold
  • Benefits: Clamps to tires to prevent bike damage, Folds flat when not in us
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  • Features: 5 bike capacity, functions like a standard stationary floor rack
  • Benefits: Made of powder coated steel for durability and aesthetic, able to be separated
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  • Features: Lightweight but easily supports two bikes, 80 pound weight limit supports
  • Benefits: Sleek design lets it lean against a wall, easy to assemble with all necessary fittings included
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There are a few different varieties of indoor bike rack but in our opinion, our top pick the BikeHand Floor Parking Rack has everything you want in a bike rack. It securely holds your bike without damaging the frame, it is small and able to be stowed away when not in use and offers extra storage space for your bike away from the elements.

The Best Indoor Bike Racks In 2023

For this review, instead of giving you our top picks across a broad spectrum of products, we’ll be dividing the bike racks into three distinct categories and showing you our favorites in each category.

These categories are:

  • Floor Bike Racks
  • Wall Mounted Bike Racks
  • Free Standing Bike Racks

We’ll discuss each product in detail and give you the benefits and features as well as our conclusion on why that rack is a good choice.

The Best Floor Bike Racks

1. BikeHand Floor Parking Rack – Top Pick

This is our top pick and for good reason! Unlike most standing racks and other floor style racks, you don’t have to do any complicated lifting or maneuvering to get your bike onto the rack itself. Wall racks make you pick your bike up and place it into the cradles, which can be difficult for some users. Other floor racks make you move the bike over a loading bar on the floor or into a tiny slot making proper slotting a chore.

This rack answers all of those questions with a tilting front stand, it slides back when you roll the bike in and then leans forward to latch onto your bicycle once the wheel is in place.

One of the unique benefits of this particular bike rack is the 3 clamping points. The rack is designed to clamp onto the tire only so that there is no damage to the derailleur or frame of the bike. This makes it an extremely stable and secure bicycle storage option for one bike. It fits most any bike tire including a mountain bike.

Best of all, this rack is ideal bike storage for those without a lot of places to put a bike storage system since it folds flat when not in use and doesn’t have a large size footprint to deal with.


The rack itself is made from high grade steel that has been heat treated. It can also be finished in a variety of colors to match your interior design. Weighing just 6 pounds and being 15 inches long by 6 inches wide, you’ll barely know it’s there when your bike is not parked inside it.

Despite its size, this rack is one of the most stable options on the market. The way that it locks down the front wheel of the bike allows it to keep the bike upright in almost any daily condition, outside of forcibly knocking it over on purpose, you can rest assure your bike will stay standing.


The one thing to note about this bike rack is that it comes completely assembled and ready to go, meaning all you have to do is plop it down in the spot of your choice and roll your bike onto it. However, if you’re hoping for instructions on how to use it, you’re out of luck, not that much explanation should be needed, but this storage system doesn’t include any helpful instructions so you’ll have to figure it out. Don’t worry it’s a breeze though!

2. CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Rack – Best Floor Bike Rack

No you’re not confused, this isn’t an outdoor parking rack at your high school, the CyclingDeall 5 Bicycle rack is a great indoor bike rack for storing up to 5 bikes at one time! What’s particularly great about this rack is that it is well built, out of high grade steel that has then been powder coated in silver to make it sturdier and look nice in your home.

What makes this one of the best indoor bike racks is that while it can accommodate 5 bikes, it can be separated to accommodate as few as you need. Why, you could even set up your own bike valet service for people in the neighborhood. This means that if you don’t need the extra storage space, you can minimize the amount of floor space you take up by shrinking this rack down to a smaller size. You could even place several racks in different places so that you always have a spot to store your bike when you need it most.

The rack is designed to be easy to put together and remove, though you could bolt it down if you chose to, the bike is perfectly stable inside the rack once you slide your bike onto it.


The entire rack ways just 10 pounds and comes in several pieces that quickly snap together. The major benefit for this rack is that unlike other floor style racks, this one is designed to fit any size tire on an adult bike. This means that larger tired bikes, mountain bikes regular road bikes and etc, will fit comfortably. This does mean however that it won’t work ideally as well for children’s bikes, though if you just need a space to part them it should still function.


Thanks to the powder coating, this bike rack is great option indoors or outdoors. The ability to separate it into parts makes it a great storage solution in different spaces or for storing several bikes. It is best suited to a garage floor, but if you don’t mind the look of it you can use it in your home or apartment just as easily. It is also one of the most affordable options on our list.

3. Reliancer Sports Foldable Stand

Bike racks are constantly improving and this one is a stylish front wheel floor stand that can hold one bike securely in place. This bike rack is tailored to 20″ to 29″ bikes which covers both most children’s bikes as well as adult bikes.

The rack is finished in black and folds almost completely flat when not in use so that it’s out of the way. It weighs only 3 1/2 pounds folds away with the pull of a knob making it incredibly easy to use and store and light enough to carry with you if you need a bike stand on the go.


This bike rack has been made from steel that has been both powder coated and heat treated, making it one of the sturdiest single bike floor stands on the market. It is also an easy to use bike storage solution. Simply roll your bike onto the tilt-away stand and it will grab onto the front wheel of your bike and hold it in place.

The rack uses a dual spring loaded arm system to lock the bike in and hold it up and stable no matter what happens. It offers a level of security that you normally find in fully enclosed racks.


The rack is able to hold your bike from either the front or rear wheel, offering some storage versatility. It also includes a modular design that allows you to attach multiple systems together to store more bikes if necessary in a small area. For the ease of use and versatility, this is one of the best bike floor stands available.

The Best Wall Mount Bike Racks

4. Steadyrack Classic Rack – The Best Wall Mount Bike Racks

One of the smallest single racks on our list, this wall mounted rack is simple and effective. Simply drive your bike into it and walk away. The rack itself is bolted to the wall for stability and so long as your bike tires are not larger than 2.2 inches it will securely hold your bike in place and upright with no worries.

Unlike other wall mounted racks this one is a vertical bike rack which makes it much easier to to load and unload. A traditional bike shelf requires you to lift your bike and place it into a cradle so many users may prefer this option instead. Apartment dwellers may have an issue with this one since it must be bolted into the wall, but as long as you have permission to drill a couple holes it should be no issue. Best of all, it takes up almost no actual wall space compared to traditional hanging wall storage systems.


The rack is made to mount to the wall for sideways storage but you can also store your bike sideways along the wall if you choose, just make sure not to damage your walls in the process. The rack is small enough to fit in an apartment or house, but is equally suited to being a garage.

Make sure to mount the rack properly to a wall stud or load bearing wall so that it supports the weight of your bike and this rack can literally last for years with little to no maintenance.


One of the smallest racks on this list, the steadyrack classic folds flat against the wall and can fit almost anywhere making it the perfect bike storage system for tight spaces.

You’ll have to line the rack up and mount it to the wall yourself but this gives you the option of customizing your own bike holder.

5. Allen Sports 2-Bike Rack

This one by Allen Sports is a 2-bike system that mounts almost effortlessly with a single wood screw. You’ll need to make sure that your wall can support the weight of your bikes but otherwise this two bike system offers a fast and easy solution to store your bikes on the wall.


Made from solid steel plated in corrosion resistant zinc, this is one of the most maintenance free racks on the market. Not only will it not rust or corrode, it is scratch resistant and long lasting. It mounts or unmounts in as little as five minutes thanks to the single screw design.

It also folds into itself when no bike is mounted making it virtually invisible. The bike hooks on the rack can also be used to hold helmets and other gear after your bike has been mounted.


Allen Sports is known to make simple equipment that works and this two bike rack is no different. One thing to note is that if you wish to fit two bikes, the bikes will need to be standard sizes, it will not accommodate two mountain bikes for instance.

The Best Free-Standing Bike Racks

6. Delta Cycle Michelangelo Rack – The Best Free-Standing Bike Racks

For those that don’t know, the way these racks work, they are weighted in such a way as to allow gravity to keep the bike secure on the bike hooks. This one by Delta Cycle achieves this balance by the angled legs on the bottom which allow the rack to balance even with the weight of two bikes on it.

It requires no mounting and simply leans on the wall. It stands roughly 7′ high and 20 inches wide. It fits nicely on any wall. It comes with all the hardware and assembles in as little as 15 minutes. Be sure to balance the bike on each hook and you’re good to go.


The rack is made of heavy duty powder coated steel and includes rubber bumpers on the rack and each hook of the arms. This protects your wall and your bikes. The arms are adjustable to fit any type or style of bicycle.

Given the stylishness of the rack it looks great against the wall without any bikes mounted and is a great bike storage solution when you need it.


There is a limited lifetime warranty included with this stand which speaks to the confidence the manufacturers have in the product.

If you’d like a little extra security, you can attach the rack to the wall via the top tubes by simply bolting it to the wall.

7. RAD Cycle Gravity Rack

Another gravity stand, this one looks like a work of art! It features a slim design making it ideal for small spaces. It features an all black design with hook style arms that hold 2 bikes, one above the other.

The rack can hold up to 125 pounds, but it should be noted that if you put two bikes on the rack, the heavier one should go on the bottom for balancing.


The RAD rack has both a rounded protruding footing and a screw fitting to mount the rack to the wall, allowing for double the security.

Each of the arms are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of bikes in both height and width. The base features rubber guards to protect the floor and the hook shaped arms have vinyl

The rack is slender enough to fit into a corner but be sure that you have enough surrounding space to fit your bikes. It weighs just 25 pounds so it is quite easy to move as well.


This RAD rack is a great option for a discreet and simple option. The rack does need to be assembled but it is easy to put together and the versatility of the hook arms makes it highly functional for any bike you can imagine.

The rack is fully capable of being free standing without being bolted to the wall if you prefer having the rack in a more open space, giving it more utility than a standard rack.

8. Racor Pro Bike Stand

This Racor bike shelf is a great freestanding bike storage option thanks to it’s rounded design and slim form. Unlike other indoor bike racks, this one is designed so that it can be placed in a corner or in the open thanks to the round base and curve hook arms and slender body.

The perfect option for cyclists with multiple bikes. This bike shelf can accommodate up to four bikes weighing up to 160 pounds. This means that bicycle storage is not an issue with this rack!


The frame is made of powder coated tubular steel to give it the strength to freely support your bikes. The hook style arms are vinyl coated to protect your bikes and the tool-free assembly is a nice bonus.

The base is rubber coated to prevent scratching your floors so that moving the rack around is no hassle whatsoever.


While not the smallest of our gravity racks, it is the most accommodating thanks to its four bike capacity and curved design. Even better, if you find yourself wanting to, this rack is able to be attached to the wall as well for added security, though it is entirely unnecessary.

9. Thule Bike Stacker

As one of the biggest names in the outdoor sports industry, Thule knows a thing or two about taking care of your hardware. This freestanding rack allows for secure mounting of two bikes, one on top of the other and offers a slim profile solution to indoor bike racks.

The legs protrude out at an angle to secure the rack and your bikes without any need for mounting of any kind. The legs are covered in thick and soft rubber to prevent scratching, though you still may ruffle the carpet or rug a bit.

The arms are adjustable for children or adult bikes at any height, making it useful for the entire family.


The rack is made from heavy duty two inch steel so durability and stability are assured. Not only that, the arms are V shaped to cradle the front and rear wheel section of your bikes just right. This provides proper weight support to prevent slipping.

Some slight assembly is required but the rack comes with excellent instructions to make the assembly and setup as seamless as possible. The rack will fit in rooms as low as 7 feet tall.


Thule is known for their quality and this rack is no exception. It comes with a manufacturer warranty and top class customer service.

One thing to note about this rack is that it separates into two pieces when grabbed from the top. If you go to move the rack, be sure to grab it from the bottom so you don’t end up with two rack pieces instead of a whole rack.

10. The Gearup OakRak Rack

This wood bike rack is made from Red Oak and is a stylish floor to ceiling rack for up to 4 bikes that is fully adjustable to meet all your needs.

The real wood is a great addition to any home so that you won’t have to worry about a bike rack that ruins your style.


The rack is adjustable to fit roofs between 7 and 10 feet so ceiling height shouldn’t be much of an issue. Measuring 120 by 15 by 10 in inches, this rack takes up no space when unloaded and even when fully loaded is still a small footprint compared to other racks

The solid oak is coated with an oil that will protect the finish for years and wood is sturdy enough to hold up to 200lbs with ease. The support arms are independent and easily adjustable to fit a wide variety of bikes, giving you plenty of flexibility in storage.

The rack comes with fitting for two bikes with the option to purchase fitting for two more, as well accessories for storing bike helmets and other gear along with your bikes. This rack is a great unobtrusive way to add character and storage to your home.


Installation is simple and easy. Simple wind the center beam out until it reaches your ceiling height and assemble the rest of the fixtures and you’re ready to go. It is advisable to install it into a ceiling beam so that it is well supported but otherwise there are no limitations to installation.

The Ultimate Indoor Bike Rack Buyer’s Guide

There are a number of things to consider when buying an indoor bike rack. From size, footprint, capacity, or location, to shape and style. We’ve put together a guide to give you some of the information you’ll need when selecting just the right bike rack for the needs that are important to you.

Indoor Bike Rack Styles

There are several styles of bike racks out there and each one fits a particular style and purpose. We’ll break those down now to give you an idea of what each one is for and how best to use it.

Free Standing Bike Rack

These are essentially like big coat racks for your bike. They aren’t attached to anything and require no installation. This is a great portable option for stand-up storage of your bikes. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and generally hold one or two bikes.

Floor to Ceiling Bike Racks

Floor to ceiling racks are slightly different than a free standing rack in that they attach to the ceiling and floor at both ends to add stability. As far as use and looks, they require a dedicated space, though they don’t take up very much room, they will typically be a pole with hooks to hold your bikes without many other frills.

Wall Mounted Indoor Bike Racks

For those that want the most variety and stability out of a single bike rack, a wall mounted bike rack is a great option. This type of rack mounts directly to the studs in the wall and offers a secure and space saving way to hang your bike. Most of them are easy to install. What makes them even better is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make for a great statement piece in any home.

Ceiling Mounted Indoor Bike Racks

Contrary to what you thought, these don’t belong just in the garage. Also called a bike lift, these systems are great for storing your bikes in the air rather than on the ground. A bike lift is a great option when floor room is at a premium or when you have a garage. Garages are ideal for a bike lift system. You can mount a ceiling rack to your ceiling as a means of adding storage space to your home and to add a bit of interest as well. Most ceiling racks involve mounting bars with hooks to the joists in your ceiling or rails attached to a pulley system that hoists your bikes up. Make sure you have proper clearance and this is one of the more unique and space saving storage solutions you can find for storing bikes in your home This is not overly difficult and is a great option when you need the extra space.

Gravity Wall Bike Racks

Slightly different than a standard wall rack, they require no installation and instead are designed to lean against your wall and remain stable due to gravity. These have a bit more of a footprint than a standard wall rack due to the unique design, but are incredibly stable and add a bit of a fun element to your home when storing bikes.

Horizontal Floor Indoor Bike Racks

This is the type of bike rack you would typically see on a city street. These are a great way to add indoor bike storage to your home. Simple roll your bike into one of the slots and walk away. The best part is, most of these racks are designed to be separated so that you can have as few as one slot for one bike, four slots for four bikes or in some cases, as many as you can possibly fit together creating your own bike valet system!

This gives you a number of different storage options in one product. Store all of your bikes in the same place and then break the rack down when not in use.

Now that you have a good understanding of each of the rack types, we will discuss some of the considerations to make when buying an indoor bike rack.

Available Space

Figuring out your space requirements is not only about having enough room for a bike rack, but about where you want to store your bike, how easy it is to get your bike into the space and how often you want to take it out again.

For those that want their bike out of sight, a wall rack in a garage or utility room may be a good option. Check our review on bike racks for garage. In other cases, where bike use is more frequent, ease of access may be more important than anything else. In these cases, a stand near the entry or exit is a good idea. Considering how and why you will use your bike rack will help you make the right decision when you go to make that first purchase.


Budget is important as well when choosing a bike rack. Bike storage does not need to be an issue that puts you into debt or breaks the bank.

There are a number of bike storage solutions that are inexpensive and provide you with exactly what you need. As you will see in our review, the cost of a product does not mean that it is better or worse. Consider your needs and what you can afford to spend and buy a bike rack that fits both.


Much like word of mouth advertising, reviews are a way to find out the truth about products that you’re going to purchase. One thing that helps greatly when choosing a bike rack is to check out the online reviews of the product and compare it to your own needs.

You can often find people in similar situations who have tried a product. Using this to bridge the gap in your knowledge will help you be better informed about the choice you make.


No, this is not about the location in your home, this is about where to shop. Sure, most folks like to shop for items online, and most times you can find the product cheaper online, but sometimes visiting a retail store can have other benefits.

Not only can you sometimes negotiate with a local retailer, but you get to see and touch the bike rack and work out how it will fit in your space by seeing it in person before you buy. Exploring different buying options can net you a better deal and give you a better idea if the product you picked is the one you actually want in your space and for your needs.


One of the most important part of your investment in both your bikes and the bike racks you choose to use is the amount of protection provided to your equipment. Most bike racks include foam or rubber padding to protect your bike. Try to look at different options to see which one will work for you.

Another consideration is the number of bikes and users of the bike rack. Part of protecting your bikes is making sure the rack is easy to use when loading and unloading bikes onto it. Also, you might want to know more about the best Graber bike racks, you can check our recent post.

Others In Your Home

This is one of those things that often gets overlooked but is very important. Making sure that everyone in the home is ok with the placement of the bike rack is crucial to keeping your housemates and your bikes happy!

Picking a spot in your home that’s both easy to access and unobtrusive to others is the key to successful biking


The more elaborate the bike rack, the more complicated the installation is likely to be. If you’re not a super handy person or just don’t want to spend a long time putting your bike rack together, it may be a good idea to look into the difficulty of the installation before purchase.

This is where free standing bike racks can be a huge benefit. While ceiling and wall bike racks offer their own benefits, they often have to be assembled and/or mounted. Free standing and horizontal floor racks often have little to no assembly or installation required. Another smart way of storing you bikes is at the ceiling. You can have an idea of the best ceiling bike rack here at our recent post.


So, obviously you’ll want to take care of your new bike rack once you’ve bought it. This basically boils down to two finer points.

Don’t use the bike rack for things other than storing a bike. This means letting friends store random things on it or letting children play on it. While this may seem fun, it’s more likely you’ll break your bike rack or worse.

Secondly, be sure to clean your bikes before loading them if you’ve been out in the elements. Dirt, mud, and other debris can damage your bike rack as well as your bike, so proper cleaning will help take care of both.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our ultimate guide to bike storage in your home or garage. Hopefully we’ve given you all the information you need to know to make purchasing a bike holder for your house much easier. You can’t go wrong with our top pick the Bikehand Floor Parking Rack, it has all the features you need when looking to store your bike.


  • Features: Titling rack features for roll on storage, Three contact points for secure hold
  • Benefits: Clamps to tires to prevent bike damage, Folds flat when not in us
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  • Features: 5 bike capacity, functions like a standard stationary floor rack
  • Benefits: Made of powder coated steel for durability and aesthetic, able to be separated
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  • Features: Lightweight but easily supports two bikes, 80 pound weight limit supports
  • Benefits: Sleek design lets it lean against a wall, easy to assemble with all necessary fittings included
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