The 7 Best Minimalist & Zero Drop Boots (2021) Reviews

The benefits of minimalist shoes have long been discussed in the running community, with more and more runners choosing to simulate barefoot running and walking in recent years. However, this trend is not just for runners. People who are on their feet all day in any capacity – workers, hikers – can benefit from minimalist footwear. 

After searching for the most flexible and lightweight boots, we compiled a list of the best minimalist boots on the market. The highest-rated boots have relatively thin soles and maximum flexibility while also offering ideal protections like water-resistance and non-slip soles. The Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Leather Walking Shoe stood out as a boot that creates the sensation of being barefoot without sacrificing foot safety. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews from minimalist-shoe proponents who have been waiting for a boot like this one. Read on to see our other favorites!

7 Best Minimalist Boots

1. Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Leather Walking Shoe

Coming in both women’s and men’s styles with various color options, the Vivobarefoot Tracker is a reliable choice for a range of audiences. Customer reviews rave about the comfort of these shoes thanks to the leather body and flexible rubber sole. Hikers can feel confident in these boots with Hydro guard sole lining and rubber lugs for excellent traction on any terrain. Best of all, the Tracker has a thermal insole to keep feet warm all day. 

Features: Tough 100% leather upper, thermal insole and outlast heat regulator, zero-drop sole


  • Zero-drop to support a natural gait
  • Very lightweight
  • Classic look with high-quality leather


  • Not completely waterproof for walking through standing water, but will keep rain or mist out

2. Xero Shoes Xcursion

These Xero shoes offer the ultimate comfort in minimalist boots. They are extremely lightweight with a wide toe box that doesn’t restrict feet. Xero emphasizes the natural feel that these shoes offer- which is exactly what most minimalist shoe shoppers are looking for. They offer a 5,000-mile sole warranty so that you can walk away with confidence knowing that you are investing in a long-lasting boot. 

Features: Lightweight, barefoot-inspired FeelTrue rubber sole, zero-drop


  • Completely waterproof throughout
  • Dual-chevron tread for great traction
  • Thin FeelTrue rubber sole


  • Snug fit, consider ordering a size up

3. Caterpillar Men’s Brode Hi Steel Toe Skate Shoe – Best Zero Drop Work boots

These work boots are truly one of a kind and customers are praising them in unison! There are few work boots that are lightweight and allow for a full range of motion through ankles and feet. Despite the minimalist design, you will not be sacrificing safety or durability with these boots. They feature a steel toe and electrical hazard designation for protection at any work site. 

Features: Steel toe, electrical hazard designation, zero-drop, molded EVA sock liner, 100% leather upper


  • Enhanced safety features for work sites
  • EVA sock liner decreases sweat and odor
  • Wide, roomy toe box for comfort


  • 1” stack height is taller than most, but the boot is still zero-drop for even weight distribution

4. Xero Shoes Daylight Hiker

These shoes stay true to minimalist design throughout with their ultra-lightweight material and 6mm stack height. They also come with an optional 3mm insole for those looking for just a bit more sole protection. The same FeelTrue rubber sole that is featured on the Xero Xcursion boot is used on these shoes, with different upper material and construction. They are not completely waterproof, but the water-resistant mesh makes them even lighter than the Xcursion. The FeelTrue sole has Xero’s classic 5,000-mile warranty. 

Features: Water-resistant mesh upper, ToughTech toe cap, ultra-lightweight, 6mm stack height


  • Very lightweight for easy distance walking
  • Dual-chevron rubber sole for enhanced traction
  • Zero-drop minimalist design


  • Not completely waterproof, but the thin material is quick to dry in the sun 

5. Belleville Tactical TR105 – Best Minimalist Combat Boots

If you are interested in moving toward minimalist boots but are hesitant about the lack of support, these Belleville Tactical Research boots are a good place to start. They have a slight 2mm heel-to-toe drop, unlike others that are zero-drop. These boots also offer padded achilles support, which is more than most minimalist boots have for support. The Vibram sole is what puts these boots on our list since wearers will still be able to have the minimalist feel of the earth beneath their feet. 

Features: 2mm heel-to-toe drop, Vibram sole, unlined breathable upper, 8” standard military height


  • Shock-dispersing 2mm mid-sole
  • 100% rubber outsole is oil- and slip-resistant
  • Very lightweight compared to most military boots


  • Less flexible than other minimalist boots on this list, but offers a bit more support in the heel area

6. Vivobarefoot Men’s Tracker Snow Sg

These boots are designed to be warm yet lightweight. They are one of the few zero-drop barefoot boots specifically designed for winter wear. The 5mm lugs on the sole may inhibit the feeling of being barefoot by a bit, but they help to improve traction on icy days. Coming in two colors, these boots are built to be put to the test in the coldest and most rugged conditions. 

Features: Winterized Nubuck leather throughout, rubberized mudguard, soft rubber sole


  • Waterproof
  • Thermal lining
  • Slip-resistant sole with lugs for extra traction


  • Becomes less waterproof with wear, but an extra layer of waterproofing spray can help this

7. Xero Shoes Denver – Men’s

The simple design of these boots makes them perfect for walking around on cold winter days. They are not waterproof and not necessarily made for hiking, but they will hold up well as a winter boot. The water-repellent canvas, flannel-lined inside and heat-reflective insole are sure to keep your feet warm and dry with moderate use. True to form, these Xero shoes are zero-drop and come with a 5,000-mile sole warranty on their FeelTrue rubber sole. The dual-chevron traction on the outsole paired with the lightweight design will make winter walks easier. 

Features: Barefoot-inspired FeelTrue rubber sole, zero-drop, flannel-lined, heat-reflected insole


  • Very lightweight
  • Built for warmth with flannel lining and heat-reflective insole
  • Wide toe-box for comfort and good circulation to improve warmth


  • Water-resistant, but not completely water-proof

8. Vivobarefoot Women’s GOBI HI Top Classic Lace-up Winter Boot

A true minimalist boot, the Vivobarefoot HI Top Boots feature a simple, streamlined design. Confidently put these boots on for a casual day and enjoy the benefits of a minimalist boot in a low-key shoe. These boots come in various colors of wild hide leather with warm faux shearling lining. 

Features: Versatile design, 100% leather, insulated for warmth, zero-drop


  • Flexible sole for a barefoot sensation
  • Feminine style without sacrificing quality
  • Budget price


  • Thin leather upper is somewhat flimsy, but allows for full range of motion in ankle and foot 

9. Xero Shoes Vienna – Women’s

With a Chelsea boot design, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion in order to have comfort and minimalism. The Xero Vienna boot has a slightly thicker sole than other Xero shoes, at 5.5mm. The FeelTrue sole allows for more connection with the earth than traditional boots, while offering some support for long days on your feet. 

Features: Elastic side panels, 5.5mm FeelTrue sole, cotton canvas upper, synthetic toe cap, zero-drop


  • Slip-on design with elastic for stretch
  • FeelTrue sole is flexible yet durable


  • The cotton canvas upper material is less durable in rough weather than many others on the list. These boots are intended for more casual wear.

10. Astral Hiyak Men’s Outdoor Minimalist Boots

The Astral Hiyak boot made our list for its low weight and sustainable production. This is a boot you can feel good about owning – for both your feet and the environment. Astral is a brand that prides itself on sustainable products. Their products are all vegan and they use recycled polyester in many of their shoes, including the Hiyak Boots. With only a 1mm heel-to-toe drop, these are easily classified as minimalist boots. The lightweight design and grippy soles are ready for anything your day may bring. 

Features: Flexgrip sole, grippy rubber outsole, hydrophobic, quick-dry canvas upper


  • High surface contact soles for slip resistance
  • Made with all water-resistant and quick-drying materials
  • 1mm heel-to-toe drop and low stack height for the ultimate minimalist experience


  • Only comes in the red and black design, as pictured above

Zero Drop & Minimalist Boots – Buyer’s Guide

Are you interested in trying out minimalist boots? What should you keep in mind when choosing the right boots for you? Here are a few things to consider while shopping: 

  • Your Environment
  • Technical Build
  • Positive Reviews

Your Environment

Are you hiking in rugged terrain? Will you be walking through streams or potentially caught in a rainstorm? Does your work environment require any safety-precautions in your shoes? Think critically about where you will be wearing your boots so that you know what features to look for. 

If your intent is to find outdoor or hiking boots, you should prioritize water-resistance, traction, and possibly insulation. If you will be wearing these as work boots, then a steel toe or electrical hazard could be crucial. If you are looking for casual and convenient boots for travel or walking around town, these features are less important and you can look at the overall style and comfort of the boots listed. 

Technical Build

There are a few key features that classify boots as “minimalist” but there is still variation between styles and brands. You may also like our guide on the best cheaper alternatives to muck boots by us here at Stay on Trails.

Heel Drop – Minimalist boots are sometimes called “zero-drop” because there is often no height difference between the heel and toe of these shoes. This is one of the key features that set minimalist boots apart and allows for the barefoot feeling, so we recommend choosing only zero-drop shoes. This feature supports proper posture and optimizes balance and mobility. 

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Stack Height – This feature is a bit more variable, and refers to the height at the midpoint of the shoe. Minimalist boots range from 1-13mm stack height, with boots on the lower end offering maximum barefoot feel. 

Flexibility – This is dependent on both the stack height and material of your boot. Lower stack height often translates to greater flexibility, but synthetic material also typically offers a greater range of motion than leather. 

Weight – This may be the main reason that people seek out minimalist boots in the first place. Many people underestimate the fatigue caused by lugging around heavy boots all day, and after trying minimalist boots many are amazed. The lighter your boot, the less strain you place on your legs while walking. 

Positive Reviews

Reading customer reviews can help you to make the right choice in boots. Look for sizing guidelines, as some boots may run smaller or larger than expected. Also, read into common issues other customers are having and avoid boots with frequent technical complaints. 

All of the boots on our list have received tons of positive reviews, so proceed confidently if you decide to purchase any of our recommendations!

Best Zero Drop & Minimalist Boots – Final Thoughts

There are many great minimalist boots on the market, and we expect to see production continue to increase as people experience the benefits for themselves. The boots on this list all offer a true minimalist experience while protecting feet from things like cold, water and electrical hazards. Always consider the environment in which you will be wearing these boots when making your decision. The Vivobarefoot Tracker LG Leather Walking Shoe is an obvious choice for most customers, as the lightweight yet functional design is hard to beat. 

What are you waiting for? Order some minimalist boots today and experience the new trend in boots for yourself!

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