Best Running Hydration Belt Reviews – Top 9 In 2023

Runners need fuel, that’s a fact. But carrying water bottles and energy bars is just out of the question for anyone not running on a treadmill. To increase your pace and distance you need to stay hydrated, but you also cannot be weighed down and burdened. In this article, we explore the 10 best running hydration belts on the market. These belts are sure to keep you going for miles after you would have previously stopped. Stay fit, stay strong, and stay fueled, with one of these great products.

Top 3 Comparison Table


Runtasty’s Winners Running Fuel Belt
  • Anti-slip tech, touch screen ready
  • Good water volume
  • Good fit/design
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Fitletic Hydra 16 Hydration Belt
  • Anti-slip tech, Fitletic Comfort
  • Efficiently designed
  • Marathon/Ironman ready
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YOUTU Running Belt
  • Lightweight mesh fabric
  • Large water capacity
  • Fits most
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For those of you looking for a more in-depth guide and explanation of our picks read below for our full reviews!

9 Best Running Hydration Belts

1. Runtasty’s Winners Running Fuel Belt

This belt comes in at number one for its combination of excellent features, style, and price. This belt comes with anti-slip technology and is designed to sit on your hips, making for a secure and bump-free run. It also comes attached with room for two water bottles holding a combined volume of 20 ounces, leaving you with plenty of water for the long haul. The belt also comes with two extra-large pockets, both with touch screen compatibility, leaving you ready to check messages and take incoming calls without having to miss a step. The pockets are also fit with STAY DRY technology, meaning that no matter how hard you sweat, or how much water you spill, your things will stay dry, leaving you with no worries about your phone, cash, cards, and keys. Another great feature from the seller is the money-back guarantee, should you not feel 100% certain about your purchase they will refund you no questions asked. 

Features: Anti-slip tech, 20 ounces of water, touch screen ready/STAY DRY pockets


  • Great features
  • Good water volume
  • Good fit/design


  • Could become a bit heavy if you overload

2. URPOWER Upgraded Running Belt

The design of this belt keeps everything evenly distributed yet front-loaded. The belt has two 6-ounce water bottles that have pockets to hold them and are placed extremely conveniently for easy access. The water bottle pockets also have straps that can connect to the bottles for an extra secure fit. The front pocket of the belt is 6.5 inches and runs deep. The pocket is large enough to hold all your essentials with no trouble while also keeping you light. The back of the belt is designed to be as minimalistic as possible, letting in as much airflow as possible while still maintaining comfort levels. The belt’s anti-slip fiber will keep it snug while its lighter weight and weight distribution will keep it from bouncing. The belt has a decent size range of 21 – 38 inches, definitely big enough to fit most, but will be a little snug for larger people. 

Features: Front loaded design, minimalistic back, large pocket


  • Great design and pocket layout
  • Minimalistic 
  • Lightweight with a big pocket


  • Size will not fit everyone

3. Fitletic Hydra 16 Hydration Belt

This belt is designed to live up to the expectations of the serious athlete and is ready to tackle any challenge. The two 8-ounce hydration bottles are strategically angled for maximum efficiency with easy in and out capabilities, designed to keep you on the move while you hydrate. The belt also has one large center opening pocket. While this pocket is big enough for essentials, it will not allow you to carry a ton of things, but for what this belt is designed for, its perfect. Fitted around the belt are areas ready for your marathon running flags or ironman pins. Easily identify yourself and your number right off the belt! Which of course makes this belt marathon and ironman approved. The belt is lightweight and fitted with anti-slip technology that makes the fit snug and comfortable, all the while not weighing you down. If you are serious about your running and looking to approach some new and serious challenges, this belt is for you. 

Features: Anti-slip tech, marathon and ironman ready, Fitletic Comfort


  • Efficiently designed
  • Marathon/Ironman ready


  • Not a lot of storage space

4. YUOTO Running Belt

This running belt brings lightweight to a whole new level. The belt is situated so that its single bottle sits at a 45-degree angle for easy access, while also distributing the weight evenly so that the belt will not bounce. The water pocket can hold up to a 27-ounce water bottle, which is more water than most of the two bottle designs, though with one very full and heavy bottle the weight may feel a bit off so it is recommended to use a bit of a smaller one, around 20 ounces. The belt also comes with a pocket, ready to hold your essentials. Though you can’t fit too much in the pocket, it keeps its light weight by keeping you minimalistic. The mesh design is meant to keep you cool while also aiding in keeping sweat from sliding the belt off of you. For added safety the belt has a reflective patch around it, keeping you visible at night. It also has a waist adjustment from 23.6-44-inches, meaning it can fit runners of every size. 

Features: Mesh fabric, large water capacity, lightweight


  • Lightweight
  • Large water capacity
  • Fits most


  • Small pocket

5. Fitletic HD12G Fully Loaded

This belt is a single bottle endurance marathon design. It is fitted with a single 12-ounce angled pocket water bottle, ready for quick access. On the other side, there are multiple energy gel loops, ready to be packed with your mid-race supplements. This design allows your water and energy packs to create a balance on your belt for optimum weight distribution. The belt has a no-slip and anti-bounce design for maximum comfort. It is also ready fitted for all of your numbers for marathons, races, and endurance trials. The pocket on the front is large enough to keep all your essentials secure and dry, while not becoming overbearing. This belt is great for serious runners looking to bring along all of their nutrient and water needs on their next big adventure run. 

Features: Energy pack holders, marathon ready, large front pocket


  • Good weight distribution
  • Tough enough for any marathon/race


  • May not fit everyone
  • For more serious runners

6. Waterproof Running Belt

This belt is the budget king. For an extremely affordable price, you can have this very solid and worthwhile belt. The belt is fully waterproof, keeping all your valuables dry and safe. The varying sizes fit from a 24 to 44-inch waist size, which fits nearly everyone. The belt is fitted with soft padded mesh, allowing the belt to stay in place while also not chaffing. The front of the belt is fitted with a long pocket, big enough to hold everything you need to bring. The water bottle strap on the side can hold a medium sized bottle capable of keeping you hydrated throughout your run. The belt is also fitted with a reflective safety stripe to keep you safe running at night.

Features: Waterproof, Large pocket


  • Great price
  • Waterproof
  • Long deep pocket


  • Fewer features than other options
  • Not great for marathons or extremely long runs

7. Nike Double Pocket Flask Belt

Nike’s running belt is a great option for a hydration belt. Nike’s DryFit technology keeps you dry and cool, and when coupling it with no-slip technology this belt has some features to be reckoned with. This two-bottle design has the water pockets situated on the front side, allowing for easy in and out access, and the large pocket is perfect for carrying your essentials. The Nike brand is trusted for a reason, and this belt is durable, long-lasting, and will be your running companion for years to come. All of this also comes in one of the most affordable prices on the list, meaning you get a great bang for your buck here.

Features: Nike DryFit tech


  • Nike DryFit tech
  • Trusted brand
  • Good price


  • Does everything well, but nothing exceptionally so

8. OZO Running Belt and Wrist Wallet

This hydration belt is different from everything we have looked at so far in this list. It is a thicker compression style belt that hold items by tension rather than straps. The side pocket holds a 250mL bottle the slides right into the belt and is easily accessible. Though that isn’t a huge amount, it is plenty to fuel a medium-sized run. The belt also has a top pocket that allows you to place your phone inside and keeps it safe and close for easy access. This belt can also be used as a traveling money pouch for safekeeping. Though it may not have the most storage space, it comes with a wrist wallet to hold cards and cash that wouldn’t normally fit in the pockets. Also, as you may have guessed, this belt is extremely light and will not slide due to its design. 

Features: Compression belt, multi-use


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Different style for those who don’t enjoy traditional belts
  • Nice extras


  • May not be what you are looking for in a running belt

9. Ultimate 2 Racing Belt

This belt is here to do one thing and one thing only: help you perform better in races. It is designed to hold your numbers and is admissible for any major marathon. The sides have straps that will hold your energy gels and have them at the ready. The side pockets can hold other essentials as well such as phones, keys, money, inhalers, etc., leaving you fully prepared. The belt does not have a designated spot for a water bottle, but can fit smaller non-hard water packets if needed. The belt is designed with the thought that during a race you will be provided with water stops, so it leaves out the necessity for larger bottles. This may be a deal-breaker for some, but for serious racers it reduces a huge amount of weight. 

Features: Non-slip tech, multiple pockets


  • Race Ready
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Great fit


  • No designated water pockets

10. Osprey Pack Hydration Belt

Osprey has been a dependable outdoors brand for many years now. This hydration pack is meant for those of us who will be spending a good deal of time outdoors and really roughing it out on our runs. The belt has huge pockets to carry along your reflective running gear and has geat water sleeves allowing for great hydration for a long time, mile after mile. The big pockets are also great for holding anything you may need on a long run or hike, everything from energy gels to cell phones will fit inside this belt. The pockets are situated for maximum storage and solid weight distribution, which helps keep you from getting sore off the weight. The inside is also fitted with pads that make it extremely ergonomically friendly, allowing you to keep on going long after others may quit. 

Features: Ergonomic technology, zippered water pockets, tuck away sleeves


  • Tons of storage
  • Extreme Comfort
  • Durable


  • Can be heavier than others if overstocked

Hydration Running Belt – Buyer’s Guide (How we Made our Picks)

What makes a hydration belt right for you can be based on a few different factors, and what works for you may not be best for someone else. What we’ve done here is explored all the different factors for what makes runners go and applied them to the picks here. We took into account a few main factors for our choices here and will dive into them a bit below. Here’s what we looked at:

  • Fit
  • Size
  • Features
  • Design
  • Cost


When it comes to hydration belts the fit may be the most important feature. How it sits on your body will be the difference between having a nice arsenal of tools at your disposal, to having a lumpy clunky bouncing belt impeding your run. Each belt has a particular way it sits and each person’s varying body type may change this a bit, but the overall feel of the belt is well documented. 

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The belt size you need changes depending on your particular lifestyle. There are some belts that may rival Batman in terms of bells and whistles, but these belts come with a cost: the cost of size. The more your belt can hold, the bigger it will be. The bigger it is, the more chance it has to feel encumbering. Pick the belt size that fits your needs and do your best to keep your pack at a minimum while still being full of everything you need like a running light, which the running lights we recommend are on this page. You may also be interested in the best tough mudder shoes here.


The features of the belt can be the make or break thing for you. A lot of belts on this list come with the latest and greatest pieces of tech available, but sometimes simple is your best option. We’ve laid all that out for you to make choosing your new accessory easy. Whether its multiple bottle holders, headphone jacks, or touch screen compatibility you’re seeking, we’ve got you covered. check out our recent guide on the best cat backpack for running and hiking.

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For a lot of us, style matters. Of course, we’re looking for practicality and efficacy, but what puts a lot of these belts above others is their style points and overall design. The mantra of look good feel good absolutely applies to exercising, and these belts will help you achieve just that. Whether its good looks or additional safety features these belts are designed to be the best out there. 


While we’re always looking to get the best products possible, price point definitely plays a part. What we’ve done is taken the prices of each belt into consideration and put that into our belt choices. While there is something to be said about high quality, it needs to come at a reasonable price so that we can all enjoy it. If you’ve got the extra money, great, we’ve got some options for you, but also built-in are some budget-friendly options. You may also like our recommendations on the best hydration pack for running.

Running Hydration Belts – Final Thoughts

Choosing your hydration belt can seem like a bit of a challenge, but using this guide will make it easier than ever. First, you need to decide your needs. What will you be using the belt for? There are a large variety of belts for a large variety of needs, deciding what yours are should be first.

After that, find out what features you may need. If you are someone who needs to take a lot of calls, go for a touch screen pocket option, if you’re going on longer runs, maybe get an ergonomically friendlier option. We have options listed up below to fill any need.

After deciding on the features and design you want, think about how much you’re looking to spend. We have options on each side of the spectrum. If you consider all these options and give our article a good readthrough there will be nothing holding you back from choosing the perfect match for your needs. Good luck out there!

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