The Best RV Toilet Reviews 2023 (Top 6)

Either it is portable, fixed, or a composting type, the toilet for your RV is one of the most important components. It is imperative to make the best choice based on your personal needs in order to have a comfortable experience every time. You cannot go wrong! For your peace of mind, we have made a selection of the best RV toilets for the money in 2023.

Image Product
Gravity Flush Product Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet
  • Made with a vitreous ceramic material
  • Tall seat and a wide elongated bowl
  • Uses only 1 pint (~0.5 liters) per flush
Budget-Friendly Product OUR #1 cHOICE Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet
  • A height of 17.6 inches for greater comfort
  • Simple set up, use, and maintenance
  • Textured lid sheds water and resists scuffs
Portable/Budget-Friendly Product Leopard Outdoor T-Type 3-Directional Flush Portable Toilet
  • Built with polyethylene material, it is durable and sturdy
  • A double-sealed drain valve offers protection from leaks
  • Quiet flush keeps the toilet clean
Best Bang For The Buck Product Comes in tall and short versions
  • Its tall height makes it more comfortable to sit and use
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Comes in tall and short versions
Portable/Budget-Friendly Product Camco 41541 Portable Toilet
  • Detachable 5.3-gallon holding tank
  • Elegant and portable
  • Sealing slide valve prevents odors
Portable/Lightweight Product Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet
  • Completely odorless and easy to clean
  • Helps save water by using a minimal amount
  • Very comfortable to use

Best RV Toilet Reviews

Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet

Our #1 Choice 

If you are looking for something comfortable that gets the flushing job done easily, the Thetford 31667 Aqua-Magic V toilet is a great choice. It has been redesigned to provide a more comfortable experience. Take a look at our #1 choice for RV toilet.

Quick Summary

The 31672 is the taller version, which means a more convenient position. The toilet is simple, easy to use, and with a convenient pedal flushing. This model of toilet is among some best-sellers thanks to the convenience of design and ease of use.

The pedal has a double function – press halfway to add water to the bowl and press all the way to flush. It is that practical and easy. At less than 10 pounds and 17.5 inches high, this plastic RV toilet is easy to install, use and service.  The textured lid sheds water and resists scuffs, making it even more convenient.

The fact that this toilet is taller than the average, makes it a user’s favorite. Most RV toilets at a lower height have mostly been ruled out by users, so the Aqua-Magic comes nice as a great option.

This toilet works pretty well and despite it looking bigger than the average it still works wonderfully in your RV.  It should be installed permanently on your RV. The box comes with all the bolts and nuts required for its installation. Once installed, it does not require heavy maintenance as its sleek and functional design makes it easy to clean.

The Good/What I like

The nice looks on this toilet are something we really enjoy. It is pretty lightweight; you can lift it up with one hand. Now, don’t get it wrong because of that as you might feel it is not long-lasting, at least if you compare it with your old porcelain one. Once set up, it is super easy to use. The flush pedal is a great improvement in design that makes flushing so much easier and practical.

Our favorite feature in this toilet is that it is taller than your average toilet, giving you more comfort. We do advise you verify that this height is indeed comfortable to you.

The Bad/What I don't like

As much as we love the Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet, we do find a couple of drawbacks. One is that despite it being taller the bowl is still shallow so you will be experiencing some spray back while using. Also, you will find it a problem for those family members with shorter legs. This, however, is easily set off by the quality and practicality of this amazing toilet.

Leopard Outdoor T-Type 3-Directional Flush Portable Toilet


When you are searching for a highly functional toilet with an excellent performance and great price, this is the one you need. This polyethylene toilet has a solid and sturdy base.

Quick Summary

The Leopard Outdoor is made of a highly durable material, however, it is still lightweight and compact. Its weight is 11.5 lb which is pretty nice for the size and the build of it. It is still easy to clean, empty, and store.

The entire structure of the toilet includes a flush tank equipped with a bowl, lid, and seat. This tank can hold up to 3 gallons of water, which ensure a full flushing and helping the entire unit to stay clean. You will notice that it comes equipped with latches and handles at the sides. These latches help secure the potty in place and are corrosion-free.

This is a portable toilet seat, meaning that setting it up inside your RV is a real no-brainer. The unit includes a double-sealed drain valve, which offers protection from leaks.

The flushing system is a beauty in itself. It features the new T-type 3-way flush that helps have a quiet flush and a clean toilet. Since this is a portable toilet, it has a waste tank. This one is capable of holding 5.3 gallons of waste. This waste tank has a seal gate valve which prevents odor from escaping. This tank is easily detachable for easy cleaning.

The looks on this Leopard Outdoor make it appear as if it is used as a potty for going to the woods, hiking, or hunting. It is very easy to set up and allows you to place it as it sits more comfortably. It suits an RV because, as a recreational vehicle, you need as much space as you can muster, and this toilet only uses a bit.

Of course, this portable potty does not require any electrical or water installations. It can use up to 50 flushes. You see anything you like? You will absolutely love the price. So not only is pretty convenient but it is budget-safe.

The Good/What I like

First, we have the great price of this portable toilet and its convenience. The 3-gallon tank provides many bellow-type flushes. You can safely place this toilet inside your RV bathroom and then just pull it out if you are camping or simply enjoying the woods. No need to worry about stability as it will not shake about with the RV’s movement.

The Bad/What I don't like

The only issue that we found with this potty is that it is a bit small for an adult man to sit comfortably. But this is only related to size; everything else is kept safely in place. The fact that it is so compact is so that you can easily transport it if you are going camping or hiking only.

Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet

Gravity Flush

If you are looking for the feel of a residential toilet right there in your RV, the Domestic 320 Series is a great option. This is one of the best RV toilets out there. It manages to be compact and still have a residential-style look.

Quick Summary

The Domestic 320 series is made a very sturdy vitreous ceramic material. This means that the unit is designed to last for many years. It appears like the focus of the design is given to having you sitting comfortably while doing your business. Its wide elongated enameled wood seat allows such comfort.

Many users find the ergonomic design pretty impressive as it manages to perfectly fit in your RV. Also, the bowl is deep enough as to avoid the splashing back. It is also pretty comfortable for adult men as the deep-bowl design also prevents their private parts from touching the bowl.

Instead of being circular, the toilet is elongated, which to many is as comfortable as it can get.

Once you are done with your throne business, you get down to the gravity flushing by simply stepping on an ergonomic pedal that will flush away your contents with one pint of water. Talk about water efficiency. Push the pedal halfway and it will fill up the tank with water and then step on it all the way down for the flush.

You can also include a spray faucet which allows you to spot clean as needed. This included spray faucet can be attached to the wall. The toilet also includes an anti-splash feature with a built-in rim guard. You also get a really great cleaning with the 360-degree rim wash.

The installation process? Sounds complicated for a ceramic toilet, right? Wrong. Installation is so easy you will not believe it. You can have it up and running in 10 minutes or less. Just make sure that you know what you are doing. Everything you need for a successful installation comes in the package.

You can pick between an 18-in height and the 14-inch version. It also comes in white or bone colored. Modular components make it much easier to service.

The Good/What I like

One thing that we love about this toilet is the design. You can choose the color and the height. If you are a male, we are sure you will enjoy the deep bowl and the elongated seat. It is also so easy to install. A 2-bolt installation that with a quick access to a water connection.

The Bad/What I don't like

This toilet is great but some people have reported that the water valve is prone to cracks. But that should not be a problem as you can easily replace it with a new one. It is important to keep in mind that this toilet is deep and elongated, meaning that it might be too big for some RVs. Always double-check before purchasing.

Thetford 31667 Aqua-Magic V Toilet

– Best Bang For The Buck

This Thetford Aqua-Magic comes with a full redesign that has made the flushing process a lot more practical and easier. The flushing is full-bowl and the toilet itself is high, which many consider is good for comfort. 

Quick Summary

The Thetford 31677 Aqua-Magic V toilet has a classic style though to it in RVs. In fact, it resembles residential style toilets, which is important. You want to feel at home when you’re doing your business in an RV in motion.

One advantage that users will certainly appreciate is the style that resembles the one used at home. This design is certainly attractive and economical. This means that it is technically suited for all RVs. You might still want to confirm the size of your RV bathroom before purchasing. 

Equipped with a single-handle flush system, the flushing process is quite simple. Press the handle halfway to add water to the bowl and press all the way to flush. You then get a 100% whole bowl flush that adds up to the cleanliness of your toilet. 

Speaking of cleaning, this toilet is easy to clean and service. Another feature that makes it feel at home is the textured lid which sheds water and resists scuffs. 

Not only is this toilet easy to install and service but it is pretty lightweight. At 9.4 lb, this plastic unit will not take you more than 10 minutes to have it up and running. 

If you do not believe that the tall version is going to necessarily fit all of your family’s needs, you can still go for the shorter version. Plus, you can choose between white and bone. Any model you choose, you will get the water-saving hand sprayer.

The Good/What I like

This is one nice lightweight plastic toilet that is easy to install, clean, and service. So, you do not need to worry about it and just set it up. We appreciate the convenience of the tall design and the flexibility of a shorter option.

The Bad/What I don't like

We do appreciate the pedal option for flushing. The tall version of this toilet flushes with a handle, which can be an issue for little kids. However, a toddler is usually assisted when he has to go, so this should not be a problem at all. 

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

– Portable/Budget-Friendly

Camco has designed a nice family portable toilet at a great price. It boasts a 5.3-gallon holding tank, which is not only impressive but convenient as it can be detached from the toilet itself for more comfortable transportation. Check out this amazing and budget-friendly RV toilet.  

Quick Summary

When you think about the Camco 41541, you think of elegance, portability, and versatility. It has a nice look which, although is not pivotal, it is actually important. Why shouldn’t the toilet match with everything else in the bathroom?

It can easily be transported. The bottom features two latches to secure the tank. This tank can easily be removed then for cleaning and servicing. And it is versatile in that it can serve its purpose not only in RVs but in boats and camping, for instance.

The build of the Camco 14541 is sturdy, compact, and lightweight thanks to its polyethylene build. As you are using it, you will realize the durability of your product. The more you use it, the more you will see what an amazing product you have purchased.  

Worried about smells coming off your Camco? Nothing to worry about. The toilet features a sealing slide valve, which absolutely keeps all your waste in place.

The two latches mentioned before help secure the tank to the toilet in such a way that you will never suffer any leaking issue.

One of the things that most campers worry about is their waste, especially if during a long trip. What to do with it or how to properly dispose of such waste? The advantage of portable toilets like this one is that you can dump its contents to a residential toilet. Remember that you can easily detach the holding tank. 

We have classified this toilet as a family unit basically because it is very easy for kids to use. If you have minors below the age of 6, you should not worry that they will fall down into the drain while they use this product. You will soon see for yourself that little children can sit comfortably. 

Ok, we know what you’re thinking: if this is comfy for kids, it might not be as comfortable for adults. Actually, the toilet’s design is suitable even if you are a 6.3” giant. For males, the bowl is deep enough to avoid you accidentally touching it with your privates. 

The Good/What I like

This toilet includes a handle, which makes transportation an absolute breeze. It is relatively lightweight and requires very little maintenance. The master combination between being compact and also large enough for an adult to sit comfortably is a definite plus. We believe that this is a really worth-a-while investment. 

The Bad/What I don't like

In general, this toilet is quite light, however, the 2.5-gallon flush tank is the greatest contributor to this weight. This means that the tank is especially heavy. When it comes to dumping waste, it actually becomes a workout to transport it. Luckily, this tank is detachable and you would be wise to try and dump it more often to avoid it getting too full.

Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

– Portable/Lightweight

An RV-user favorite, the Porta Potti is the one toilet worth an extra investment. It is super practical, portable, stylish, and easy to use. 

Quick Summary

A look at this portable toilet will make you fall in love with it immediately. You will dream of watching it place on your RV’s bathroom. This is because you are facing a strong guarantee of great performance and client satisfaction.

This top-of-the-line portable toilet is equipped with a 4-gallon freshwater tank and 5.5-gallon waste container. It is sleek and with a modern look, which exudes comfort and convenience.

The two-piece unit and the ability to separate them adds an amazing convenience to this modern toilet. The top container holds the water that is to be used for flushing. This flushing mechanism is electrical and uses a minimal amount of water, making this a master in saving.

The bottom part of the Porta Potti is where the waste goes and is stored until it is to be dumped into a house toilet. 

You can take the Porta Potti anywhere with you, making it super convenient not only for RVing, but for camping, boating, or tailgating. It carries an ergonomic handle that makes it much easier for transportation. It is sanitary, odorless, leak-proof, and super easy to clean.

It has an ideal height that allows users to sit comfortably while they are doing their business. When the toilet is not in use, a sealed valve within prevents odors from escaping. 

We are sure you are going to love the Portable Potti. It is durable and rugged, and super versatile. The depth of the bowl is super convenient and it comes with an integrated toilet paper holder. 

If you are feeling stylish and want to have a great experience, the lavishing looks of this toilet will definitively appeal you. But then let the fancy suit fool you, this toilet is packed with performance and functionality.

The Good/What I like

This toilet does not really look like one. This elegant design makes it look like a nice portable container. We enjoy the practical mechanism for flushing and the leak-proof and odorless functions. At first, it might be difficult to the hang of it, but once you do, you will be amazed at the high functionality of this toilet. 

The Bad/What I don't like

Whenever we hear electric on such a lightweight piece, we tend to think that this is the first mechanism that will go away. And, indeed, there is a risk. By the time that happens, though, you will already have gotten your money’s worth since this unit is built to last for many years. 

Buyers Guide

We have helped you throughout take a look at the characteristics of the best RV toilets out there. To this point, you probably have made up your mind. But remember that an educated decision is based on knowing what you need and what you should look for. 

Let us begin by describing the different types of RV toilets.

Types of RV Toilets

There are different types of toilets. Knowing them will positively push you toward the best decision for an RV toilet.

Macerating Flush

As the name suggests, this type of toilet uses motor-powered blades to break down fecal matter into tiny particles before it hits the flush tank. The technology used separates the toilet itself from the tank. In the end, you get a waste tank with more manageable waste at the moment of dumping into a house toilet.

Gravity Flush RV Toilets Reviews

This is your typical RV toilet and is the most widely used. These toilets rely on a simple flushing technology that pushes the waste and water down. It is the same mechanism of household toilets. Their design is rather simple. 

Vacuum Flush

Just like with the macerating flush, the feces get a physical treatment before falling into the black tank. Only that instead of being macerated, a vacuum pump liquefies the waste matter before it is pushed into the waste tank.

These toilets also use a flushing technology that separates the black tank from the toilet. 


Portable toilets have the convenience that you can move them around anywhere. They are usually made of plastic or other rugged material. Most designs include a bottom waste holding tank that can be detached from the water tank and toilet. 

They are very convenient as their design makes them ergonomic, compact, and pretty lightweight. 


The cassette toilet is also very convenient and is designed to be semi-portable. It is simple and easy to use but the contents need to be dumped frequently. This is because the cassette holding tank is only less than 5 gallons. 

A light indicator tells you when it’s time to dump the contents. Unlike the portable, this toilet is installed into the RV. The holding tank does separate and can be transported outside. 

Composting Toilet

The first thing to know about this toilet is that it does not use water. This self-contained toilet separates the liquids from the solids. Then converts the solids into compost which can be easily dumped on the soil. 

This is an environmental option, useful if you are traveling long and do not have any water supply anywhere close. If you are worried about odors, you should not be as these toilets do a good job covering it when they function properly.

If you have an RV that is long enough, you probably have more than one bathroom. In this case, you might want to vary the types of toilets you use in every bathroom to mix things a little and have more comfortable options for your family. 

How do RV toiles work?

Regardless of the type of RV toilet out there, they all have one thing in common: they do not offer an endless storage of dump. Unlike your house toilet, where you do not need to worry about how many times you use it, you must be mindful not to fill up your RV’s black tank with waste.

There will come a point in which you will either have to send the contents to a household toilet of to the soil to feed plants in the case of the composting toilet. 

Your RV contains three tanks. The white one contains all the clean water you will be using in your RV.  A grey container that holds water from the sinks and shower and a black tank where the waste from your toilet goes. 

The size of the black tank, also known as the holding tank will depend on the size of the RV. Larger RVs usually have tanks that can hold from 50 to 90 gallons. A medium-sized one has a tank with a 32-gallon capacity.

Instead of having a lever on the tank of the toilet, like residential, RV toilets usually have a pedal located beneath the bowl. They use a lot less water than residential toilets with very efficient models using up to less than one pint per flush. 

When you flush, the waste goes to the black tank. To prevent the accumulation of odors, you can use a chemical that breaks them down. Some RV toilets include a sprayer hose to remove any residue on the bowl. Check out the best RV holding tank treatments.

You must empty your tank every few days in dumping stations. The frequency will depend on the number of people traveling in your RV. 

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What to look for in an RV Toilet?

Now that you know which type of toilet or toilets work best for you, let’s go over all the other considerations that you must factor in when shopping for RV toilets. 

Let’s begin by considering some things that will primarily affect your decision on which type of toilet to go to. 

Now, looking at the toilet where you and your family will actually sit, consider these factors before making a call:


Make sure that you can make the installation and that this one can be done in little time. The maximum amount of time you should take if you follow all the instructions carefully should be between twenty and thirty minutes.

If you are taking more than that probably the installation process is not as easy as you thought. So, consider this and ask for RV toilets that are actually easy to install.  It should actually be a no-brainer.

The easiest ones to install are usually the smaller ones. If you can choose a smaller installation model, go for it. Make sure that the toilet you choose is also easy to repair. 

Sanitation and hygiene

This is your most important consideration since it is your health that is at stake here. Not only because of health should you choose a sanitary and hygienic RV toilet, but due to functionality. Keep in mind that you will be transporting this toilet with you inside a closed space. 

Go for an RV toilet that flushes properly. Some of the models in our list have a whole bowl flushing that guarantees water-rinsing all around. Now, some of them include a water sprayer to get rid of anything that gets stuck on the walls. If your toilet does not include this spray, plan to buy one.

Going further with hygiene, your toilet should also be leak-proof and should not spread bacteria. You do not want to risk having unpleasant odors all over your RV nor spreading diseases. 

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Some toilets are within a budget and some come with pretty amazing features that you have to pay for. We know that many times, what you can get for your RV boils down to budget.

Do consider though, that given the importance of this unit to your RV, money should not be the first thing to consider. In fact, in order for you to have the best experience, you want to stretch that budget a little more.

Avoid going to the cheapest option as they are of poor quality and prone to breaking very soon. In the end, you will have invested more money than what you planned. Start by the most expensive ones and decide what features you can live without and lower the prices from there. 

A higher cost means the highest quality. If you make the investment for a top-of-the-line RV toilet will pay off in the future with a durable toilet capable of living for many years.


Make sure you can sit comfortably on the throne.  Most RV owners go with the higher profile toilets since they offer a more comfortable position and they are easier to get up from than the lowest ones. 

It should be comfortable to sit on and in the case of males, you should sit without coming into contact with the bowl. Choose those toilets with a hand sprayer that allows you to do some extra rinsing if needed. 

In general, plastic seats are not comfortable. Some users decide to change them for any other made from a slow-closing material or enamel.

The length of your trip

It’s pretty simple here. If you will stay on the road for long hours, you need a suitable RV toilet for that. If you travel a lot through long distances, then you are probably better off with a portable or cassette toilet. 

Always carry an extra tank in case you need to increase the capacity. 

Travel Partner(s)

If you are traveling with children, elders, or disabled, you should consider your choice for an RV toilet. An elderly will definitively sit more comfortably on a high-profile toilet. It is much easier to get off from. 

Children perhaps are more comfortable with the shorter ones. However, a child that can go all by himself to do his stuff should not have any issue with a high-profile toilet. If the child is too short to reach the toilet, he is too young to use the potty all by himself anyway, so he should use it assisted.

Other Features

There are other features in RV toilets that give you extra comfort. Make sure that you go over them and are able to effectively pass on those that you can omit.  Choose those features that will actually make your life easier and your experience in your RV much more pleasant. 

Focus on those features that have to do with safety. For instance, the latches that keep the two parts of a portable together, are they safe. What is the mechanism that each toilet uses to control odors?

Here’s to you making the best call based on all the factors that we mentioned above. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the best composting toilet on the market?

    All composting toilets have amazing designs and technology in them. Making the choice for only one was not an easy task. Based on reviews by others and comparing with similar products, we find Nature's Head as the best one.Click here to see it

  • What is the best portable RV toilet?

    Without a doubt, the Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet, with its sleek design and advanced features, is our best choice for a portable RV toilet. Everything about it has to do with convenience and ease of use. Click here to see it.