9 Most Comfortable Snake Proof Boots – All Fang Proof! & 3 Best Snake-Proof Gaiters

If you are interested in outdoor activities like hunting and hiking, then you should know how treacherous the grounds and terrains can be. In some areas, snakes are a threat to outdoor enthusiasts. To fully protect yourself in these areas, you need to take certain precautions. One of those is getting a good snake-proof boot or gaiters that can adequately protect your legs.

Snake proof boots and gaiters vary a lot in features and functionality. To help you make a good choice from the numerous options available on the market, we have selected and carefully reviewed some of the most comfortable snake-proof boots and the best gaiters.

From our tests and reviews, the is our best snake-proof shoe, and the Crackshot Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiters is our best snake-proof gaiter. The LaCrosse Adder 18″ is an excellently cushioned boot that has all the protective features you need. On the other hand, the Crackshot Snake Bite Proof Guardz is reasonably priced and it extends to protect part of the feet.

Snake Boots That Provide the Best Protection

1. LaCrosse Adder 18″ Pull-On Snake Boot – Most Beautiful 

The first feature of this LaCrosse Boot that captivates us is the leather and fabric construction. The style is very commendable, and it gives the upper an exquisite and classic look. As beautiful as this boot seems, it is very rugged, and it offers all the snake-proof protection you may need on your hunts and hikes. Another exciting thing about the boot is that it is a pull-on boot, for people who do not like laced shoes. The pull-on design also makes it easy to pull on and off. 

As much as snake-proof protection is needed in hunting and hiking environments, it is also that you are comfortable, more so if you will be on the move for long periods. The EVA midsole and the PU footbed provide sufficient cushioning, so much that the boot feels like sneakers. Additionally, a scent-free and waterproof scent dry lining prevents bad odor. If you want a snake-proof boot that is highly functional and stylish, you should take a look at the LaCrosse Adder 18″ Pull-On Snake Boot.

Features: EVA Midsole, Abrasion-Resistant Toe Cap, Waterproof Scent Dry Lining


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable boot


  • As a result of the snug fit, it may take some effort to pull off

2. Irish Setter 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17″ Hunting Boot

Hunting is more than a casual thing you do in your leisure time. It requires skills and optimal preparation. A snake-proof boot is one of the things you must have before you go hunting, as snake bites occur more in the leg area. The Irish Setter brand is recognized for its functional and protective gear, and this is one of their best snake-proof boots. The Irish Setter 2875 features a SnakeGuard construction that will protect your legs from fangs, thorns, and other harmful agents.

In addition to the snake-proof protection it offers, the boot features an UltraDry Waterproofing system that will always keep your feet dry. It’s not unusual for boots to smell, especially after wearing them for a long time. However, the Irish Setter 2875 features a ScentBan technology that prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing. The ArmaTec abrasion-resistant protective covering helps the boot retain its look after use on the rough and challenging terrain of hunting grounds. In addition to all these, it is not an overly expensive snake-proof boot.

Features: UltraDry Waterproofing System, ScentBan Technology, Abrasion-Resistant Covering


  • Waterproof
  • Features an abrasion resistant-covering
  • Designed to prevent odors


  • The size may run small

3. Danner Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot- Best For Wide Feet

There is a lot that goes into the construction of snake-proof boots, and a lot is equally expected from them in functionality. If you need a good hunting or hiking boot to keep your legs snake-proof and comfortable as you navigate rocky and overgrown trails and ground, this Danner Pronghorn boot is made for you. As expected, the durable upper is made from full-grain leather and 1000 Denier Nylon, giving the shoe the strength to withstand wild conditions.

What we find most interesting is the combination of a side zip and a quick lacing system. This means you can put the boots on in no time, and with the quick lacing system, secure them correctly around your legs. The durable outsole is very rugged, and it offers excellent traction on different surfaces. In addition to all these, it has a wide toe box, making it a more suitable option for people with wide feet. Although it is packed with different exciting features, it remains a lightweight snake-proof boot.

Features: Side Zip and Quick Lacing System, Full-Grain Leather and 1000 Denier Nylon Upper


  • Has a wide toe box
  • Combination of side zip and a quick lacing system
  • Excellent traction
  • Very breathable


  • One of the most expensive on this list, but the features justify this

4. Lacrosse Venom 18″ Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot

This is another trusted snake-proof boot from the LaCrosse brand. Hunting and hiking boots should not be only about functionality and durability. Since they are more likely to be worn for extended periods, they should offer a certain level of comfort that will match the intensity of hunting and hiking activities. The boot fits snugly, and it is one of the most comfortable on our list. It has a full-grain leather and Denier nylon upper, with scent dry lining that prevents odors and is waterproof. 

Furthermore, the Realtree APG camo design makes it perfect for outdoor settings where hunting and hiking take place. The EVA midsole adds to the cushioning of the boots, and the PU footbed ensures that it is always stable. Another thing that we found interesting about the LaCrosse Venom 18″ is the combination of the lacing system with the side zip system. The side zip makes it very easy to pull the boot on and off, and the lacing makes it possible to achieve a better fit. We should say that the sole is impressive in the traction it offers over different terrain and surfaces.

Features: Scent Dry Protection, Full Grain Leather and 1000 Denier Nylon Upper, Realtree APG Camo Design


  • Very durable
  • Comes with replaceable insoles
  • Side zipper and lace combination
  • Has a thick sole


  • Not exactly lightweight, but not heavy either

5. Rocky FQ0001570 Knee High Boot

The Rocky FQ0001570 snake-proof boot gives the wearer some control over the fit and comfort, as it features a lacing system. Whether you want a snug or loose fit, it all depends on how you lace it. Also, it is not heavy, and much energy will not be expended trying to keep up with the hike or hunt on account of the weight. The boot comes with a camouflage design that makes it fit right into the natural environment. With the full-grain leather and nylon upper, you are adequately protected from snake bites and other harmful agents.

It has a waterproof construction to keep your feet dry and comfortable at all times. The outsole is made from durable rubber as an added layer of defense, and surprisingly, it remains stable on rugged terrains. The traction is excellent over different trails and grounds. This is one of the best boots for people who need sturdy snake-proof boots for outdoor purposes.

Features: Full-Grain Leather and Nylon Upper, Polyurethane/Rubber Outsole, Rubber Sole


  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable 
  • Very durable


  • It should not be purposely dipped in water as water tends to get in, even with the waterproof construction

6. LaCrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot – Best Fit

This snake-proof boot has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Our evaluation of the boot is not different from the popular opinion; it is one of the best snake-proof boots that can be used for hunting, hiking, and some other outdoor activities. The LaCrosse Men’s 4X Alpha offers snake-proof protection and optimal comfort. Just like other LaCrosse snake shoes, it is designed to be comfortable and durable. The rubber gusset makes the boot suitable for people with wide feet and calves.

There are so many self-proclaimed waterproof snake-proof boots on the market. However, the rubber and neoprene construction makes it impermeable to water. Additionally, it features a 4X Burly outsole that makes the boot suitable to be used on different terrains. It is not best to hunt or hike in muddy conditions, but it is one of the few snake-proof boots that can be used on muddy trails. The camouflage theme of the boot is commendable as well.

Features: Heavy-duty rubber outsole, contoured ankle fit


  • Completely waterproof
  • Has a great fit
  • Rubber buckle makes it easy to get on and off
  • Features angled lugs to shed dirt


  • As a result of the waterproof design, it is not very breathable

7. Thorogood Snake Bite 17″ Waterproof Hunting Boot – Most Comfortable

This is another hunting boot that will offer much-needed protection in outdoor conditions. It features a supreme SnakeGuard Extreme material that will make your legs snake-proof. To make your legs comfortable on the rugged hunting grounds and hiking trails, it features an EVA/PU midsole that provides excellent cushioning and absorbs a large part of the shock produced as you move. Another feature that should never be overlooked in hunting and hiking shoes is the grip. This Thorogood boot has a Z-Trac slip-resistant outsole that is made out of rubber with a gripping pad. This offers one of the best grips over different hunting and hiking surfaces. 

The boot upper is made from durable leather and Cordura nylon, so you can be sure that it will last you a long time. It comes with a dual-intensity insole that is removable. This means the wearer gets to further customize the cushioning better, depending on personal preference. The Thorogood Snake Bite 17″ Boot offers top-notch comfort, without sacrificing it.c protective capabilities.

Features: Removable insole, Z-Trac slip-resistant outsole, leather and Cordura nylon


  • It is a very strong boot
  • Outsole is slip-resistant and has good grip
  • Easy to pull on and off


  • The zipper design makes it easy to pull on, but there are people who prefer laced boots

8. LaCrosse Alpha Mudlite Snake Hunting Boot – Best Rubber Boot

Not a lot of snake-proof boots are designed for muddy trails. However, the LaCrosse Alpha Mudlite is one of the few hunting boots that are specifically designed for muddy grounds. It is made from natural handcrafted rubber that is layered over insulating neoprene. The rubber design doesn’t give much space for breathability. However, the boot features a unique AirCirc technology that moves air around the boot as each step is taken. The rubber material is very tough, able to resist abrasion and sharp nail fangs.

It doesn’t come with a lacing system. Instead, the boot has a slip-on design that makes it easy to pull on and off. It incorporates a solid color and camouflage design that represents the outdoor suitability. Furthermore, the ankle is contoured for comfort. Who says rubber boots cannot be functional or beautiful? The LaCrosse Alpha Mudlite performs excellently well on rugged terrains, and it is made from rubber.

Features: AirCirc technology, contoured ankle-fit, slip-resistant rubber cup outsoles


  • Can be used on muddy grounds
  • Rubber material is very tough
  • Insole is removable


  • The rubber design lacks breathability, but the AirCirc technology ensures airflow

9. Danner Jackal II Hunting Boot – Lightest Weight

The Danner Jackal II is a very lightweight boot that is tough and durable at the same time. The lightweight and good cushioning make it one of the best options for long hunts and hikes. The upper does not feature any leather. Instead, it is made out of 1000 Denier nylon, a very tough and durable material. The lacing helps the wearer achieve a more snug fit than pull off boots offer. The snug fit makes it more suitable for extended use on rough terrain.

The Danner Jackal features a breathable GORE-TEX extended comfort lining that ensures breathability and keeps your feet cool. The lining is waterproof, and it adds to the overall cushioning of the boot. While it is a stable and supportive footwear, it is also flexible and is guaranteed to offer the flexibility needed to navigate the treacherous hiking trails and hunting grounds. If you are very particular about the weight of your shoes, you should check out this lightweight snake-proof boot

.Features: Denier nylon upper, GORE-TEX Extended Comfort lining, lace-up closure


  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with a flexible sole
  • Excellent breathability


  • Doesn’t perform well on slippery surfaces

10. Chippewa Men’s 17″ Pull-On 23913 Snake Boot – Most Versatile

Interestingly, a boot not explicitly designed for hunting and hiking purposes has become so popular in the outdoor world. The Chippewa 23913 Snake Boot can be worn as a fashion shoe, as it has a very casual design. However, the suitability for outdoor activities is why we have included it on our list. It features leather and viper cloth fabric construction for its exquisite appearance. In addition to the style, it is highly functional and will protect your legs from harmful outdoor agents.

It comes with a Vibram rubber outsole that provides excellent traction over different surfaces and provides some cushioning effect. Also, it has a pull-on design that makes it very easy to pull on and off. If what you need is a boot you can hunt or hike with, and at the same time wear casually, there can be none better than the Chippewa 23913 Snake Boot.

Features: Leather and Viper cloth shaft, Vibram sole


  • Can be worn casually
  • Has an attractive design 
  • It is a very strong boot


  • The sizes may run large, so you should order half a size down

Snake-Proof Gaiters – Top 3

Snake-proof gaiters are a form of protection wrong like leg armor to protect against snake bites during outdoor activities. They are made from different materials, but the highlight is that they are strong enough to stop snake fangs from coming in contact with the skin. Gaiters can be worn for a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, lumbering, and even hunting. Like snake-proof boots, there are so many snake-proof gaiters on the market. However, we have selected and reviewed some of the best gaiters.

1. Crackshot Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiter – Best Overall Gaiter

In terms of quality, this gaiter is one of the best on the market. A lot of people, even people who own this gaiter, do not know that it comes in nylon, cotton, and polyester options. All these material options feature a waterproof coating. In contrast to typical gaiters, it extends well enough to cover the top part of the feet. 

They are lightweight and won’t affect your movement or compromise your speed. With the aid of buckles, you can adjust to fit three different leg sizes. Furthermore, it comes in different styles and colors, making it suitable for all the old and young alike. Even with its functionality and flexibility, it remains an affordable gaiter.

Features: Water-repellent coating, ultra-lightweight design


  • Allows air circulation 
  • Very lightweight
  • Different color options available


  • It would be a better product if it went up to the knees

2. TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiter

With things like snake gaiters, you want to make sure that you buy a functional one, as it could be catastrophic if it isn’t. The TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiter is made from a patented, strong polyester that snake bites cannot get through. Snake gaiters appear bulky because of the sizes they come in. However, this TurtleSkin is very lightweight and will have a very minimal effect on your movement. The lightweight does not affect the strength of the gaiter.

As strong as the gaiter is, it folds away easily for storage. It comes in the regular and husky sizes, with each differentiated by ankle size and length. It is breathable, waterproof, and very comfortable. Furthermore, it comes with a rustproof zipper and an adjustable elastic band. 

Features: Rust-proof zipper, camouflage print, adjustable elastic band


  • Very tough
  • Lightweight
  • It is reversible and can be worn on either side


  • Limited color options 

3. ForEverlast Snake Guard – Best Budget

If you are looking for an affordable gaiter, the ForEverlast Snake Guard is your best bet. Although it is a cheap gaiter, it is a very strong product that will offer you all the protection you need. The gaiter features a brown camouflage pattern that blends with the outdoors. It is strong enough to stop snake fangs and other dangerous agents when hunting or hiking. Nonetheless, it is a lightweight gaiter that will not get in the way of your motion.

It is not the best gaiter in terms of aesthetics. The functionality is what puts it up there as one of the best. One size fits all, and it fits comfortably with a velcro strap included to fasten it. If you don’t want to use a snake-proof boot and you need an affordable snake gaiter, the ForEverlast Snake Guard is for you.

Features: One size fits all, brown camouflage pattern, adjustable straps


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight 
  • Waterproof


  • Not very attractive, but is functional

What Are Most Comfortable Snake Proof Boot and the Best Snake Proof Gaiter? – Final Thoughts

For optimal protection from snakes, dangerous insects, and elements during outdoor activities, you should have a good snake-proof boot on or at least a good snake-proof gaiter. Our best snake-proof boot is the LaCrosse Adder 18″. With the EVA midsole and PU footbed, it offers one of the best cushioning you can get in snake-proof boots. Our best snake-proof gaiter is the Crackshot Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiter. It excels in every aspect, from the waterproof design to the material options, and functionality. To a large extent, the material affects the way a snake-proof boot and gaiter performs. When making a choice, check the material, in addition to other features like breathability and weight.

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