7 Best Sun Visor Extenders in 2024 (Reviewed and Rated)

No matter which direction you drive in the morning or the night, it always seems like the sun is in your eyes. Your typical visor never seems to be enough when the sun is on the horizon or snow is directing all of that light straight into your eyes. The best car visor extender is the only thing that will be leading you out of the light and into a much more comfortable driving position. 

A sun visor extender not only makes you more comfortable, but it makes the ride a whole lot safer as well. With the bright light out of your eyes, you can easily focus on the road rather than trying to find a spot that you can actually see, even when wearing sunglasses. When the times get bright, its time to get a car visor extender that truly works and can keep the family protected from unexpected accidents. 

Our Top 3 Choices


  • Features: Polarizing technology to reduce sun glare, blocks harmful UV rays,
  • Benefits: Block out almost all of the UV rays in order to reduce sun glare and see clearly at any time of day
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  • Features: Blocks harmful UV rays, PU&PC materials, fits any car with visor wider than 4.7 inches
  • Benefits: Use it when you want it to block every last bit of sun and store it when you don’t.
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  • Features: Reduces sun and heat exposure, easy to install, blocks sun and glare, easy to store in car when not in use
  • Benefits: Keep yourself cool when the sun is trying to get through, help your focus stay forwards when the sun tries to draw you to the side
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If you’re looking at getting a sun visor extender for your car to make driving worlds easier and safer, then the Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender is the one to fit the bill. This car visor extender effectively blocks out the UV rays coming in to blind you, and is incredibly easy to install. With an acrylic construction, you are able to see through it clearly and view the road perfectly even when the sun is blazing high in the sky. We seriously think this is what should be installed on every car straight out of the factory. 

7 Best Sun Visor Extenders in 2023

1. Glare Guard Car Visor Extender – Our Top Pick

The Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender is the top name in the game. This sun visor extender utilizes polarizing technology to completely block UV rays from getting at your eyes while you’re driving. It has a massive, 14 inch width and is 3.25 inches tall to get the best coverage for sun blockage. 

The polarization is angled perfectly so you can still wear sunglasses without impacting your vision. The polarized film layer sits on top of an incredibly durable material that is made to be impact, temperature, and scratch resistant. The lifespan of this visor will be impressive when you get down to using this every single day, even with a car full of destructive kiddos. 

One of the best features of this sun visor extender is the easy installation. The aluminum clips are accompanied by strong velcro straps to give a stable setup to your new visor. It will be installed on any car, truck, or SUV within seconds without a single issue. This sun visor extender is the one you want if you want to bring in the highest level of safety and clearest line of vision to a road trip, or just going to get the kids from school. 


Polarizing technology to reduce sun glare, blocks harmful UV rays, 14” width by 3.25” height, easy to install, impact/temperature/scratch resistant, aluminum clips for install


  • Blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays
  • Acrylic is crystal clear
  • Darkens surroundings to be easy on the eyes
  • Reduces eye tiredness and vision blurriness


  • Screws can loosen with extreme temperatures and make the visor sag

2. SAILEAD Sunshade Extender

Made out of the same materials used in most construction for the interior of cars, the SAILEAD Sun Visor Sunshade Extender is an incredibly strong and durable option to get the sun out of your eyes. The plastic is made to last and is paired with heavy-duty, shockproof elastic straps. It extends the visor both vertically and horizontally to cover the most area, ensuring that you will be able to block the sun from almost any angle. 

The no-tool installation is another great feature for this car visor extender. You can keep it tucked away easily behind your seat and have it installed and ready to go within second. There’s no reason to have it installed full-time if you would rather stash it away. The compact size makes this simple. 

This design makes it so there’s no gap between the visor and the extender for the sun to sneak in through. The longer and wider build will make sure you’re covered, and does so at an incredibly low price. 


Blocks harmful UV rays, PU&PC materials, fits any car with visor wider than 4.7 inches, easy to install


  • Long and wide design covers a lot of area
  • Durable plastic construction
  • No gap between visor and extender
  • Easily put away and installed when you want it


  • Slides can difficult to manage when you’re driving

3. TuckVisor BLACKOUT Sunshade

Whenever you’re driving along and the sun is beating down on you from the driver’s side window, it’s hard to not want to stop just to take off a layer. The sun and heat exposure on long drives can be brutal. Fortunately, the TuckVisor Blackout Windshield Sunshade is an incredible and easy solution to cool you down and keep the sun out of your face while you’re trying to enjoy a long trip. 

The installation is incredibly simple, just slide it in between your window and the trim then lower the window to get it out. They’re incredibly easy to use and even easier to store next to your seat when the sun goes away and you want the visibility back. The complete blackout keeps every last hint of light away from your eyes and helps free up your vision for the important driving. 

The biggest downfall of the Blackout is that you can’t use this while your window is driving down. If it’s a beautiful fall day, you’re going to need a different form of car visor extender to get the window down to enjoy the breeze while not having the sun in your eyes. Other than this, this extender is a fantastic product that is a bit different than the rest on our list. 


Reduces sun and heat exposure, easy to install, blocks sun and glare, easy to store in car when not in use


  • Easy to attach to window
  • Reduces heat transfer through window
  • Lets zero light through
  • Easy to store when not in use


  • Can’t use this product while your window is rolled down

4. SAILEAD Sun Visor Extender

A car visor extender that clicks into place easily and then you’re ready to go is best for the moments that you’re in a rush and don’t have the time for a tricky installation. The SAILEAD Automatic Installation Polarized Sun Visor Extender is exactly that. With one hand you can install this extender thanks to the spring loaded design. 

The 360° rotation and free height adjustment comes from the unique Cardan Shaft that allows you to easily adjust the angle of the extender. The Height Adjustment slider makes sure that this extender fits you in whatever vehicle you want. 

The polycarbonate construction comes out to be 60 times stronger than glass, 20 times stronger than TAC and 10 times stronger than resin. This assures you that you will have an extender that is here to last, rather than a crummy purchase that will break within weeks of installation. This combined with the polarized lenses is guaranteed to keep the light from harming your eyes, and doing so for a long time. 


Polarizing tech to filter light, 360° rotation and free height adjustment, spring loaded for easy installation, polycarbonate construction for high durability


  • Incredibly easy, automatic installation
  • Highly durable construction
  • Adjusts to any angle and many different heights


  • Can be flimsy and needs to be readjusted

5. Visormates – Side Window Sun Visor Extenders

The Visormates side window sun visor extender is a great option when you’re looking for versatility and different options when it comes to color and size. The small, medium, and large sizes make it so you can fit these on any existing sun visor in your car, truck, or SUV. This comes in three different colors so you have some say in how it will look with the interior of your vehicle. 

This extender comes in a package of at least two, making it easy to make your passenger comfortable as well or catch the sun coming from that side of the vehicle. Visormates uses the same plastic used in the interior of cars for all accessories, meaning that this is a durable and strong product meant to last a long time. 

Any time you find yourself driving on North or South routes you will thank yourself for picking up the Visormates extenders to keep yourself as safe as possible. 


2 visors for passenger and driver alike, multiple color options, uses same plastic as car interior, multiple sizes for all visors


  • Simple, but durable design
  • Different sizes and colors to fit your vehicle
  • Comes in a set of two


  • Users have reported poor customer service

6. WANPOOL Visor Sunshade Extender

The WANPOOL Anti-Glare Anti-Dazzle Vehicle Visor Sunshade Extender is about as simple as car visor extenders get. This package comes with the flexible extender and two elastic straps to attach it to your car’s visor. There’s nothing fancy about this but it will still effectively keep the sun from getting into your eyes while driving. 

This extender adjusts both horizontally and vertically from 0 to 5 inches. It works well to cover the spots that your original visor fails to get to. The drawback of this product is that the velcro used for positioning the extender is incredibly strong. That means that it can be dangerous to adjust the positioning while driving. If you get it properly placed before driving off, then you will be good to go. 


Protects from UV light, flexible light material with elastic straps, stored easily, blocks strong and low-angle sunlight


  • No-fluff extender that shifts vertically and horizontally
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible material


  • Difficult to adjust while driving

7. TFY Car Visor Extender

Another tool-free installation extender comes to us from TFY and is a great option to help you avoid accidents from bright and sunny days that can be dangerous. The elastic bands easily attach to your visor and can be removed and stored just as easily. This extender is made from an opaque polyurethane that blocks the sun from damaging your eyes as well as the potential sunburn on the especially bright days. 

The two slides move 7 inches out and 2.5 inches downwards to cover a huge amount of space that wasn’t reachable before with the original factory-installed visor. This extender is another simple design that is incredibly effective at stopping UV rays that have proven to be harmful in more ways than one. 

The build quality of the TFY Car Visor Sunshade Extender leaves something to be desired. The corners are prone to chipping and it can be difficult to push the visors back into place while you are driving. This is best used when you are going to leave it in place and are less likely to handle it roughly. It might not be the best for an upset teenager sitting in the passenger seat.


Blocks UV light and still lets you see the road, extends vertically and horizontally, tool-free installation, easy to store when not in use


  • Covers a large area of space vertically and horizontally
  • Material will protect you from sunburn and UV rays
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Poor build quality, prone to chipping
  • Difficult to push the slides back in place

Car Visor Extender Buyer’s Guide

While it can seem like a really simple purchase, your car sun visor is going to have a large amount of impact on your daily driving when facing bright light. When you need to reduce glare, wearing sunglasses isn’t always enough but these visor extenders are exactly what you need. To make sure you get the right amount of protection from your sun visor extenders we’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide to help you sift through all the details of each brand.


Car visor extenders come in a wide array of different sizes. All of the car visor extenders are meant to fit every car, but luckily a lot of them come in several different sizes. Be sure to measure your current visor to ensure that you don’t end up with a product that doesn’t fit your car.

The size of the extender will also determine your ability to see traffic lights and everything else going on, while still blocking the harmful rays from the sun. These little details are what matters to effectively reduce glare. Pay attention to the little details because glare can come from a small amount of space that you will wish you could have covered.


The protection that you are going to want will reduce glare and stop dangerous amount of light rays getting to your eyes and damaging your vision. This glare can come from sun or the reflective powers of the snow. The details of where you live are going to determine the kind of glare protection you will need.

An opaque polyurethane visor will still let some light through, but stop the dangerous rays that cause glare. This is one of the choices that will have more effects than you expect it to. You can get the best value by finding visor extenders that will give you more passenger protection with multiple extenders. This is the best way to reduce the glare that will be dangerous on the road.

More options for protection is to get a pair of the blackout visors. These will completely block your view but are also one of the best picks to reduce glare and make the ride more comfortable from the heat that the sun puts into the vehicle. If you put a pair of these on both the passenger and drivers side window you won’t need other extenders to reach the far corners of the drivers window.

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To get the best one for you, it’s important to know what kind of drivers you have in the car and what one will accompany you best on the road. If your drivers are a bit more aggressive with shutting the visors, the more you will want to find a highly durable product. Corners can chip on some of the visors on this list, which can make the extenders much less effective by creating a gap for the sun rays to get it. Maybe if you have sunglasses you will be safe from this, but it can be best to find a pair of extenders that will stay in tact even with tough treatment.

This review is meant to give you the best options to get rid of the glare. It is up to you to find what the best value for your situation is. Visors and extenders are different for everyone. Some of the pairs on this list are flexible and some on the list are rigid. Like we said in each individual review, there are pros and cons to each of these for getting rid of harmful glare.


What is the best sun visor extender?

In a way, each of these extenders is the best. It’s up to you what the best one for your road trip is, but we believe the best overall is the Glare Guard. It is incredibly effective at filtering harmful light and is one of the best choices to get the safest ride without impairing the view of the road.

How do you extend a car visor?

The times that you need to extend the visor are many. When rays come in and glare forms on the windshield, sunglasses won’t be enough to stop it. Extending a visor is easy, you simply need to read this review and then do your own review of each one compared to your situation. Remember that some extenders will impair your view and you need to pick the right one for you.

Do all sun visors extend?

No. While a huge selection of visors in cars today will extend on their own, you need to get your own version of an extender. The right one will matter to you especially if your visor doesn’t already extend. These recommendations on the list are great picks and you can get them installed quickly to fix the problem.

How do I stop my sun visor from falling on my car?

A valid question, as a lot of extenders that are of a poor quality can be known to fall off of the visor and onto the car. To keep a car sun visor extender in place you need the right straps. The recommendations on this list come with quality straps that are going to keep them in place. It’s the straps that will make sure they don’t fall while you are driving. An alternative to straps is the Blackout visor that fits in the window.

One good way to make sure the car visor extenders don’t fall, even with high quality straps, is to undo the straps and store them by the center console when you don’t need them. Most of these are easily removed from the visor and will stash next to, or inside of, the center console. With velcro straps you can often just remove them and leave the straps on the visor.

Final Thoughts

The right extenders are here inside of this review. The little details are covered so that you can sift through all of the details and find the right pick for your situation. There are so many times that you will find yourself needing to block the rays of the sun while driving and if you want the safest possible trip, a sunshade visor extender is an incredibly important addition to the way you are driving right now.

Different sites will be offering different solutions all the time. To get the best passenger protection, you need to accept the danger of the sun. The sun isn’t going away any time soon, and the rays that come along with it will keep trying to get at you while you are driving. Car visor extenders work to help you out when you need it the most. We encourage you to increase your safety and get some car visor extenders for your ride today.


  • Features: Polarizing technology to reduce sun glare, blocks harmful UV rays,
  • Benefits: Block out almost all of the UV rays in order to reduce sun glare and see clearly at any time of day
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  • Features: Blocks harmful UV rays, PU&PC materials, fits any car with visor wider than 4.7 inches
  • Benefits: Use it when you want it to block every last bit of sun and store it when you don’t.
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  • Features: Reduces sun and heat exposure, easy to install, blocks sun and glare, easy to store in car when not in use
  • Benefits: Keep yourself cool when the sun is trying to get through, help your focus stay forwards when the sun tries to draw you to the side
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