5 Best Trailer Tires of 2023 Reviews

We tend to overlook the importance of taking care of our trailer tires. This is mostly because we don’t use them that much so we are under the belief that they are fine while not in use. But the truth is that even if your camping trailer is sitting in the garage for months, the tires are suffering as well. You must consider that they are still being stricken by the weather, air temperature and they also have to endure the weight of the trailer.

Image Product
Top load range Product Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire
  • It is equipped with a rim
  • Freestar's most durable tire
  • They do not wear too easily
For Heavy Loads Product Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire
  • Interconnected tread locks help promote a longer life.
  • Built-in weathering and ozone protection
  • High maximum load capacity.
Best Value Product Freestar M-108 10 Ply E Load Radial Trailer Tire
  • Great for long distances with no issue
  • Capable of withstanding the roughest terrain.
  • 10-ply
Best Bang For The Buck Product Wheels Express Inc. 15" Silver Mod Trailer
  • Double polyester cords and double steel belts
  • Durable modular wheel.
  • Unbeatable price for the quality.
Great for Utility Boats Product Express 15" White Spoke Trailer Wheel
  • Works well with trailers and utility boats
  • Ready to install and mount
  • Nice look and quality

This is why getting the best trailer tires is super important. Change your mindset into one that commands taking care of your trailer tires as much as you do with your car’s. How to select the best trailer tires becomes quite a task when you see the large amount of them available in the market. Luckily, we have narrowed it down to the five best-rated trailer tires for the money.

We tend to overlook the importance of taking care of our trailer tires. This is mostly because we don’t use them that much so we are under the belief that they are fine while not in use. But the truth is that even if your camping trailer is sitting in the garage for months, the tires are suffering as well. You must consider that they are still being stricken by the weather, air temperature and they also have to endure the weight of the trailer


5 Best Trailer Tires of 2023

1. Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire - Top load range

This 15″ rim 8-ply construction tire might be what you need if you are looking for the best trailer tire. Freestar takes a price on their M-108 as one of their most durable tires. 

According to specifications, this one has a tire weight rating of 1820 pounds Some tires are built especially for long trips. Others are built for rather short but rough trips. This one is built to take either one. 

We are talking about a tire built with 8 plies of rubber. So, there is no rocky difficult road these can’t take.

The sidewalls, which are pretty thick and flexible, offer protection against shock and damage. If you accidentally hit a curb or a post with these tires, there will be no permanent damage.

Now, another advantage of this tire is that it offers great comfort. How does it do it? You have to look at the fact that it has a transverse radial ply. Not only does this offer a more comfortable ride but it also means that the tire has a strong grip with the road and provides a better control.

We believe these are the best of the best, especially for the value you get for the money. You will find them at an unbeatable price. They will not easily wear after every use.

The Good/What I like

Probably one of the things that we like best is the grip that this trailer tire offers on the road, thanks to its transverse radial ply. This is important not for comfort only but for safety. This tire will hold on to the road really tight, especially during rainy conditions. The 8-ply construction is so bold and it provides an amazing load range.

The Bad/What I don't like

We have the feeling that even though this tire is designed for short and long trips, thanks to its build, it does not take blows too easily. Many users have reported a bulge forming when it hit something. You just have to be careful where you take your trailer. We are sure they would take a long trip through a rocky road.

2. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire - For heavy loads 

Here we have another one that is suitable for both long and road trips. There is no mistake with this Carlisle Radial. 

This is one versatile tire that will work in almost any condition and with many applications in boating, stock, and horse, cargo, howlers, etc. Having this many applications, it is a tire suited for almost all terrains.

If we were to break down the anatomy of this tire, we would see that there are steel high tensile belts, which help decrease rolling resistance and give you the confidence that the tire will stay where it’s at. 

Probably one of the most appreciated features of this Carlisle is the heat-resistant and wear-resistant rubber tread compound. In addition to that, it features interconnected tread blocks, which help guarantee a longer life, even when the tires are sitting for months on end. The tire has a weathering and ozone protection, which takes away the concern of it being affected by scorching heat. 

Wait, but it does not stop there. This radial trailer tire offers the best combination of performance and minimized tear and wear. The design allows for it to lose the least amount of pressure.

The Good/What I like

The fact that Carlisle made it a point to add this protective heat-resistant layer to the product speaks loud about their commitment to making a great one. They are quite durable and show no visible sign of tear, even after several thousand-miles trips. They really deliver and are definitively some of the best and most durable tires you will find out there. Absolutely worth a try.

The Bad/What I don't like

The extra effort placed in making it durable and reducing pressure and friction has to come with a price. The tire’s balance will not perform very well if there is not enough weight. This means that you should get these tires if you will be challenging them.

3. Freestar M-108 10 Ply E Load Radial Trailer Tire - Best value 

This trailer tire is available in different load ranges: C, D, and E. This increases its range of uses for several trailers including ATV, boats, and stock trailers. The Freestar, with its 10-ply configuration, definitively gets good reviews for the money.

The first thing you will probably notice on the Freestar is its heavy-duty build. This means that you can take this one to endure the most demanding conditions.

Not only that but it is also capable of enduring rough terrains. You will also discover that this tire is capable of traveling the most amount of miles without any issues.

You get this quality at a variety of sizes to make it fit your particular needs. Strong is the word that comes to mind when you think of this product from Freestar. Its complex rubber compound improves the tire’s strength and sturdiness. The stability and traction that it offers are overall impressive too. To top it all, the tire features a refined tread and a great cooling layout.

The Good/What I like

This tire represents a great combination of budget and durability, so it is a great choice for value. Its design is conceived for heavy-duty chores and maintaining stability and balance. The best part is that it can endure harsh conditions and the most demanding activities. To this add the fact that it goes through long distances without any issues.

The Bad/What I don't like

We only have one issue with the Freestar M-108 and that is that the sides of the tire have a 2-ply rating, which probably means you don’t want this to hit the curb. The listing price does not include the rim so you should get that one separately if you don’t have one. But overall, it feels sturdy and ready for that long trip.

4. Wheels Express Inc. 15" Silver Mod Trailer - Best bang for the buck 

Wheels Express offers this high-quality 15-inch trailer tire for a pretty smooth ride. It makes a good purchase as it is suitable for various applications. 

The modular design of the sturdy steel wheel makes it pretty attractive and pose a promise on performance. 

This wheel is sturdy, durable, and resists corrosion. The entire tire is capable of withstanding a maximum load of 1,820 lb, which makes it pretty appropriate for trailers. 

The tire is made of double polyester cords and double steel belts, making it especially durable. This is definitively one tire you can trust. The tread depth bars included provide you an easy glimpse of the status of the tires, which comes useful to prevent any mishap in the middle of the road.

Overall, you get high quality when it comes to the radial tire. The rim is powder-coated, which increases its durability. This tire and wheel combination from Wheels Express Inc. is a good acquisition for your trailer needs. 

The Good/What I like

The fact that this set includes the wheel and tire is a big plus. We like the fact that it has a great load capacity and offers a pretty smooth ride. This particular load capacity makes it suitable for a number of applications. When it comes to safety, the build and the design that allows you to see the wear instantly are definitive reasons to acquire this tire.

The Bad/What I don't like

This tire is built especially for trailers only and it is not versatile. It is a shame since another type of vehicles could benefit from its performance. We do appreciate the specialization, though, which makes us believe that this tire was tailored for trailers, therefore offering top performance.

5. Wheels Express Inc. 15" Silver Mod Trailer - Best bang for the buck 

Wheels Express also has this 15” wonder for you to take a look at. We are sure you will be happy with this acquisition. You get the full package as the purchase includes both the tire and the wheel. 

You can use it on your camping trailer or on your utility boat, so you got yourself a good product that will deliver for you. When it comes to heavy loads, this one will not disappoint you. We believe this tire provides great quality at a great price. 

When you look at the design of this package of tire and wheel, you can tell it was well made. These well-balanced tires are manufactured and conceived as to fit any trailer just perfec

The White Spoke Trailer Wheel by Wheels Express offers you the peace of mind you need for a smooth ride on tires that will deliver. When you receive the package, you will get the trailer tire just ready to install and mount.tly. 

The Good/What I like

At first glance, this tire looks beautiful and will give your trailer’s look a little oomph. So, yeah, there is that, which we love. But it does not end in looks, not even close. The quality packed on such an inexpensive product is actually pretty impressive. 

The Bad/What I don't like

This is not a biggie really, but the tread pattern is slightly different than the others. But then, this is really not an issue, at least when it comes to safety.

Trailer Tire Buying Guide

As we stated before, the market offers a myriad of trailer tires for you to choose from. This makes the duty of finding the best one a particularly difficult job. It gets even more complicated if you are not sure what it is that you are looking for.

Take a look at this guide to help yourself navigate through all the options available and know which one to go for. We have made a list and short description of a tire’s main characteristics to help you better understand how it works. You may also like our guide on the best time to buy a travel trailer.

Weight and loading

Knowing what is your tire’s loading capacity is pivotal in helping extend the life of your tire. You have read throughout this article, the maximum load capacity. This figure is usually written in the package but it is more securely written on the side of the tire.

For example, a tire might read, “Max load single: 2000 lb at 50 psi cold.” This means that if you will submit your trailer to a weight of 2000 lb, the tire must have a pressure of 50 psi, to better withstand such weight. 

But, is it necessary to always carry the tire at that pressure? It is not. Unless you are going to be applying the maximum load capacity on your trailer, it is not necessary to keep them inflated at such pressure as this actually reduces its life. 

Needless to say then, make sure you can tell what is your maximum weight when you go camping trips on your trailer. Exceeding the maximum weight that your tires can hold will result in permanent damage. Not to mention that you might be putting yourself in danger.


This part is usually thinner than the rest of the tire. You should be careful not to damage your tires’ sidewall.  Check a tire’s sidewall for cracks or signs of tear. If you see spider web cracks, you can be sure that disaster will ensue.

This part of the tire is the one that will endure the pressure of the tire. So, a factor to consider about sidewalls is their strength. Do not purchase a tire with a sidewall that will blow when the temperature rises. 


You have read about a trailer’s tire tread. You can easily tell how these help to friction and stability. More than the shape they might have, you are looking for depth here. They are a great indication of the status of the tire. 

Types of trailer tires

Knowing what are the two types of trailer tires is important at the moment of choosing which goes best with what you need. There are basically two types of trailer tires: 

Other important factors to consider


As you have seen, the perfect trailer tire will depend on what you need. In this document, we have included options that tap into each one. The first choice will depend on whether you are a heavy user of a camping trailer or not. 

We took the time to select our five favorites. We based our choices on quality and ease of use. We can only hope this guide can drive you to a more educated financial endeavor when it is time to go back home. If you like what you read then check out the best travel trailer tires and the best boat trailer tires reviews.