7 Best Truck Bed Fishing Pole Rod Rack Holders for Pickup Trucks (2021)

When you and some buddies head out to the lake for a long day of fishing, you need the best truck bed rod holder to make sure all of your rods get to where you’re going. Normally, when you throw everything in to one place it is guaranteed to become tangled or start to break tips of rods. This hassle doesn’t need to happen when you make the commitment to a rod holder for your truck bed. Yes, tossing everything in the back is simple, but what happens when you have all of your friends’ fishing gear in one place?

A truck bed rock rack will install easily and give you a wonbest derful and easy life from there on out. Just be aware, all of your friends are going to be asking you to give them a ride. That’s why getting a truck bed rod rack for all of your friends this year is the best possible option. Your fishing rod deserves to be taken care of to the best extent, and tossing it into the bed isn’t going to do it. This way, everyone shows up to the lake happy and comes home even happier. Don’t let tangled lines of a fishing rod get in your way, get a truck bed rod rack and save yourself the trouble. 

Our Top 3 Choices


  • Features: Comes available to hold 2-6 rods, “T-Rex Tough” claims to be virtually unbreakable.
  • Benefits: Gives you a great security with long warranty and the ability to stand up to any elements or test of time.
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  • Features: Holds up to 10 rods at once, aluminum and stainless steel construction for long life time.
  • Benefits: Affordable price for high quality product that keeps fishing rods incredibly secure both on the truck bed and your home wall.
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  • Features: Hook and loop fasteners to keep rods in place, snap-lock connectors make it easily adjusted.
  • Benefits: No fuss over installation or removal because this one is incredibly easy to use while still taking care of your rods.
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The T-Rex Tough Fishing Rod Pole Rack is our top pick when it comes to any system for storage. T-Rex Tough ensures that this product is going to last a lifetime and be able to stand up to a massive amount of abuse without ever showing a single mark. The composite construction is different than the typical stainless steel or aluminum body that most other brands utilize. There is no sacrifice in the strength and stability of the storage system of your fishing pole when this baby is strapped in to your truck bed and ready for action. This is definitely the best of the best when looking to get your fishing poles securely and safely set in the bed of your truck. 

Best Truck Bed Fishing Rod Holders In 2023

1. T-Rex Tough Fishing Rod Pole Rack – Our Top Pick

The T-Rex Tough Fishing Rod Pole Rack system is the top pick for those that are serious about taking care of their fishing rod for a long time to come. The brand says it all with this one. When you’re going up against the harsh elements and even harsher roads, you want this carrier to be tough enough to take on a T-Rex in all the elements. They aren’t lying when they claim it to be one of the most durable and strong fishing rod holders out there today. 

The 12-degree angled and V-shaped rod holders prevent any twisting and turning that can normally happen with other rod holders. The T-Rex Tough rod pole rack uses a 1-inch composite material that stands up to any test of strength, unlike stainless steel and aluminum constructed holders. They went out to prove that theirs is indestructible, and chose to do so by running it over with a 4 x 4 truck. If that doesn’t convince you, then we don’t know what will. 

A hook and loop fastening system make sure that your fishing rod stays in place rather than bouncing out of the truck when you least expect it. This ensures that you can fish anywhere because now you can drive anywhere without concern. Did we mention that this model is incredibly easy on the eyes? It’s made to stand out and show off to other fishermen out there with cheaper plastic fishing rod racks. 


Comes available to hold 2-6 rods, “T-Rex Tough” claims to be virtually unbreakable, Rust, rot, and corrosion-proof, 10-year warranty


  • Virtually indestructible thick composite construction
  • Ten-year warranty proves the confidence of the brand
  • Trigger slot allows the trigger to slide in easily
  • Holds 6 rods in this system


  • Thick construction is also heavier than others of similar design

2. Viking Solutions Fishing Rod Rack – Best Value

This ten-pole fishing rod holder system is going to be enough to bring the entire family or group of friends out with you for a day on the lake. The Viking Solutions Truck/Wall Fishing Rod Rack easily converts from being in your home to strapping on to your bed in an inch. The included cinch strap makes this incredibly easy, as do the Z-channel mounts that are used for hanging the rack on the wall. 

The aluminum and stainless system combination construction ensures that this rod rack is going to last a long time for your storage system. The rod tubes have flared ends that make inserting your rod a simple task after a long day on the lake. Cam-buckle straps for transport make sure that you are locked in tight to hit the road with a sense of security.

The 12-pound construction is engineered for stiffness and durability that will hold your rods tight in the bed, and do it for a long time. A good storage system should be one that does nothing but take care of each other. An adjustable angle system means that you are able to make this fit to any truck and have it transported exactly as you want it to be. We think this truck bed rod rack is a great value due to its strong and durable construction, but affordable price. Bringing this in from your truck to get it safely inside your home and strapped back on the wall is easier than ever with this design. 


Holds up to 10 rods at once, aluminum and stainless steel construction for a long lifetime, adjustable angle to use on wall or behind the cab, easily locks down with cinch strap


  • Holds up to ten different rods
  • Flared rod tubes for easy insertion and protection
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction means it’s durable and stable
  • Easy to bring inside
  • Adjustable angles


  • Difficult to assemble

3. Boatbuckle Rod Carrier System – Most User Friendly

The easiest to use system on our entire list of holders is the Boatbuckle Rodbunk Deluxe Vehicle Rod Carrier System. Snapping this in place between your truck side bed walls is a breeze and can have your fishing rod securely fastened in minutes. If you are ever in a rush to get back out the door, this is not going to be another hurdle that gets in your way. 

The automotive-grade snap-lock connector has a built-in adjuster that is easy to use and helps you get the system set up and adjusted perfectly to your truck bed side. The button on the straps is pushed down to easily release the tension and come out of the truck quickly with little effort. The easy installation requires no bolts, and no bolts mean less to mess up which is the way to go. The easy-to-adjust system will fit in any truck or SUV between 30 and 65 inches. 

The system uses a built-in keeper that ensures the straps stay put while driving on even the roughest of roads. This is a budget buy, but still ensures safety for your rods without breaking your wallet. If you are looking for something super easy and fast, but less permanent, this is the best option for you when looking at all of the truck bed rod holders today. 


Hook and loop fasteners to keep rods in place, snap-lock connectors make it easily adjusted, holds up to 7 rods, easy installation by snapping into place between truck bed walls


  • Incredibly easy to install with straps and snap-lock connectors
  • Affordable price
  • Fits any vehicle between 30 and 65 inches. 


  • Not going to last as long as other holders out there made of more durable materials
  • Rods are too close together due to short rod loops on the straps

4. Plattinum Hitch Fishing Rod Holder

Rather than strapping inside of your truck bed, this fishing rod holder utilizes your hitch system to put your rods safely in place behind your truck bed. When you don’t have space in your truck bed because you’re going camping for the whole weekend with the family, this product is going to allow you to secure your rods, but also bring all the necessary gear along with you. 

This product fits in to any 2-inch receiver hitch with 1-½ inch tubing. It was handcrafted in the USA to give the best possible quality product there is to offer. Plattinum Products has been making quality products for years and are an incredibly reliable source when looking for someone that will take good care of your gear. 

The six different rod tubes are spaced perfectly to fit them comfortably in place. This rod holder pivots outward in order to allow you to still access the truck bed from the tailgate. This way, you can get everything you need out without having to disassemble the entire system. This is a great option for those that want to use the space of their truck bed without damaging their rods and still want to take care of those as well. 


Full aluminum construction with a Mill finish that helps weather resistance, the pivot point for easier access and insertion of rods, holds up to six rods, 5 year limited warranty


  • Allows for you to use the space in your truck bed while still taking care of poles
  • Pivots out to allow access to the tailgate
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Easy to install on the hitch receiver
  • Holds up to six rods


  • Can’t use it simultaneously with a trailer or RV
  • Doesn’t come along with the locking pin for the hitch receiver

5. Plattinum Products Aluminum Fishing Rod Holder (Mill Finish)

This is another super easy-to-use holder that definitely earns a spot on our list. The second system from Plattinum Products, the Plattinum Products Over The Tailgate Aluminum Fishing Rod Holder is an intuitive solution to all of your problems. This product allows you to utilize the storage of your truck bed while leaving the hitch open to let you tow anything you want. Plattinum Products truly takes care of you with their high-quality holders. There’s no way to go wrong with Plattinum Products for a mode of secure transport.

This rod holder allows you to tote along up to 6 different rods up to a diameter of 1-¾ inches. Once installed, you can easily strap it down and secure the rod holder with a thumb buckle and a one-inch strap to make sure that there is no unwanted movement during transport. Plattinum Products covers this product with a five-year warranty against all manufacturer defects as well. 

If you are worried about this damaging your pickup truck or having pole damage, don’t. The rubber feet on this rod holder help to keep the paint of your tailgate safe while adding extra stability and security for your rods driving at any speeds. A support bar is used to keep your rods in place in the fishing rod holder. We believe this is an incredible fix to a lot of the problems that often come along with a truck bed fishing rod holder.


Easy to install slide over the tailgate system, strap and thumb buckle to secure it in place on the tailgate, rubber padded tips to protect both your rods and truck’s paint job


  • Allows you to carry cargo in the truck bed as well as use the trailer hitch rack
  • Carry up to six rods on the rack
  • Plattinum Products is incredibly reputable
  • Protects your pickup truck with rubber padding
  • Five-year limited warranty from Plattinum Products
  • Available in different finishes to fit your truck’s paint color


  • The black rings on top of the tubes can come off or loose when taking rods out of the holder

Buyer’s Guide

If you are an avid pursuer of the top quality fishing in your area, it’s guaranteed that you know the value of taking care of your rods. The best fishermen and women buy the best fishing rods, so why not buy the best truck bed rod rack for you and your truck. Each time you pursue a big catch down a bumpy road, it can be worrisome if you don’t know that your fishing rods are safe.

With each bump in the road, it’s possible to lose your rods. All of these holders on the list are going to give you peace of mind which means you can safely drive down any road. The materials that are used in these products are going to matter. So is how easy it is to use. The design plays a factor. How many rods can it hold? There are a huge number of variables that go in to getting the best fishing rod holder for you and your different needs. If you use a 5 dollar fishing rod from Wal-Mart, don’t worry about this and just move on. But if you really care, read on and we’ll help you get the best setup for your rods and your truck. 

Materials and Build Quality

The materials that your fishing pole holder for truck bed transport is made out of will vary greatly and have a different impact on different qualities for the rods you may be looking for. The most common materials and items for a fishing rod rack for truck transport that you will find on the market are aluminum and stainless steel when looking to take care of your rods. Aluminum is used for its lightweight qualities and ability to still stay strong even after years of exposure to the weather or without the use of a support bar for the rods.

It’s always nice to get a good color choice to match the color of your truck cab and bed as well. While some may not care about the color, it is worth noting if you ever appear in a video ad for any pickup truck fishing rod holder transport.

Different Materials

Stainless steel stands up to weather rather well but is mostly used for its durability and strength. In this situation, most fishing rods don’t weigh a lot, but these materials will help the rods stand up to bumpy roads with big trucks. 

The T-Rex Tough brand uses a plastic composite that is supposedly stronger than both aluminum and stainless steel. Their materials are a lot different, but plastic definitely withstands water and the sun beating down on it for a long lifetime.

The materials you choose to purchase are up to you. If you want durable materials, a composite or stainless will suit your needs. For lighter weight and more weather resistance, the composite or aluminum materials will do you well. Some have complaints about aluminum, but when materials are taking a look at each other, there is no problem with it. Different materials may also require screws in the setup and that’s another thing to take into consideration for the best transport setup.

Build Quality

The build quality of these products varies greatly and will affect the care of your rods. On our list, we only have products of high build quality because we care about your rods. If you choose to look elsewhere, there is a high chance you will find products with a low build quality that are just made to be cheap and will damage the rods easily. The price can be tempting, but you will be buying another one soon. Make sure the brand you buy from is reputable and that it makes high-quality materials for your rods to be best protected. 

Ease of Use

Sure, throwing your rods straight into your truck bed is incredibly easy to do rather than into finicky holders. So, getting a fishing rod holder for the truck bed is inherently going to make things just a bit more difficult. That’s why, when looking at all of the different truck bed rod racks, you may want to consider the ease of use of these holders.

Assembly and Installation

Some of the rod racks on this list just need to be strapped on or put in to the hitch receiver while others require a bit of assembly that can take some time. If you want to just get going and make sure that your rods are still safe, find anything easy. The products that take more time will have a more permanent feel and more stable connection for the rods that you helped create. 

Easy or hard to use is up to you. Sometimes the best bed rod racks need a little bit of love in order to be the best. Some people don’t mind giving that if it really improves the quality of the product itself. 


While shopping for truck bed rod racks isn’t exactly walking through a fashion designer’s mall, they all vary greatly with different design options available for the rods. There are different advantages to choosing different designs for the rods, and while they all essentially do the same thing, hold rods, what the design makes available is what changes everything. 

Some truck bed rod racks work by fastening to the walls of the truck bed, while some hook on to the tailgate, or others attach in to the hitch receiver. If you are looking to use a lot of cargo space in the truck bed, anything that gets the rods out of the bed can be incredibly helpful. If them being outside of the bed is too nerve-racking, it may be worth getting one that will secure them inside of the bed. 

Carrying Capacity

If you are taking the whole family fishing with their rods with this truck bed rod setup, or love to be the one to drive all of your buddies, a transport setup of holders that hold more rods is going to be important to you. Sometimes we like to go out alone and then a truck bed rod rack that only holds two poles is going to be more than enough. 

Be sure to pay attention to how many different fishing poles your rod rack will be able to carry. It’s a shame to get a transport setup that doesn’t hold enough and you have to ask your buddy to throw their pole loose in the truck bed or take a different vehicle. 

As usual, it’s better to overshoot and pick up a product that will let you carry more rods than you think you’ll ever need to carry. Friendly travel tip: As you use your truck in carrying your necessities, it is important to take the best car of your vehicle. For that, I recommend you to read our post about the best drop-in bedliner for your truck. Also, you might want to go for a boat trip in the future. We have put together the best choices for drop hitch for lifted trucks that would surely help you in throwing your boat on a trailer.

Warranty and Value

While these products aren’t incredibly expensive, they aren’t incredibly cheap either. For items that take care of expensive fishing gear, you may want to be looking at spending a bit more money on a high-quality truck bed rod rack. There is a very fine line that matches price with quality and brings the best value. All of the rod racks on this list are a great value, but you may be looking at having one for twenty years or having one for five. It depends on what you want to invest in for your fishing poles. 


A good warranty is going to be key in this purchase to protect your rods. Plattinum Products does a great job of ensuring a five-year warranty with all of their products, but T-Rex Tough offers the only ten-year warranty on the list. A warranty tells you how much the brand believes in their product and also how loyal to their customer they are. A longer warranty means they want to take care of you rather than building in defects to make you have to buy another rod rack in less than a year. 


Pay close attention to the different values and warranty that come along with these rod racks. If you find something super cheap with no warranty for your rods, really look in to it. There is a chance it’s cheap for a reason. Take the best care of your rods, not just with something that you found for cheap. 

Final Thoughts

A truck bed rod rack is an incredible purchase when you are an avid fisherman that wants to take good care of their gear. This product ensures that your fishing rods will stay secure and safe in the truck while you sit comfortably up front, knowing that everything is okay in the back. There’s no more tangled lines and broken tips of the rods when a rod rack is involved. These are a quick solution to a frustrating problem a lot of us have experienced. There’s no doubt that this is an investment well worth spending the money on. 


  • Features: Comes available to hold 2-6 rods, “T-Rex Tough” claims to be virtually unbreakable.
  • Benefits: Gives you a great security with long warranty and the ability to stand up to any elements or test of time.
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  • Features: Holds up to 10 rods at once, aluminum and stainless steel construction for long life time.
  • Benefits: Affordable price for high quality product that keeps fishing rods incredibly secure both on the truck bed and your home wall.
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  • Features: Hook and loop fasteners to keep rods in place, snap-lock connectors make it easily adjusted.
  • Benefits: No fuss over installation or removal because this one is incredibly easy to use while still taking care of your rods.
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