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First, a word from our clients:

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User Behaviour Services
Detailed User Analysis

Extensive data-collection and analysis of current user base behaviour on your site.
Onsite User Interaction
Heatmap Tracking
Detailed Data-collection
Custom Split Testing Strategy

Customised Services
A/B Split Testing

Experiments designed specifically for your web site and it’s visitors.
A/B Split Testing
Live Experiments
User Interface Design
Device-specific Strategy

Done-For-You Services
End to End CRO

Reader-friendly reporting of all experiments and data. Complete implementation of converting changes.
Detailed Reporting
Device-level breakdown
Full Website Implementation

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Introducing Convertica.

Convertica specialises in helping websites make more bottom-line revenue through maximising existing customer value.

We use the best conversion testing technologies available, and combine that with over a decade experience in Conversion Rate Optimization to increase website revenue.

In over 12 months, we processed over 200 websites and succeeded in gaining an average increase in conversion of 42% for all our clients. It all started with our small boutique operation as CROGuy and grew into the full team we have today at Convertica.

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Kurt here. CEO & Founder of

If you’re an affiliate, lead generation or eCommerce website owner looking for conversion rate optimization services, Convertica is a team of CRO experts who know how to squeeze every bit of juice out of your site’s traffic and increase conversions up to 100%.

Chances are you’ve got the same problem all of our clients have:

Your site is getting heavy traffic but conversions are way below where you know they can be.

You’ve probably heard about CRO, but if you’ve tried it you know conversion rate optimization is hard and time-consuming. I personally know some of the frustrations:

If you are already getting thousands in traffic each month, your site holds massive potential. You just need to optimize it for conversions.

That’s where we come in.

We Are a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency for Affiliate, Lead-Gen and eCommerce Websites

At Convertica, we live and breathe CRO. We use our decade of experience to take the guesswork out of optimizing your site. Conversion rate optimization is time-consuming and complex, but it doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve helped sites like yours get major wins (30-100% increases in conversions) by applying our systematic process, relentlessly testing the factors that have proven time and again to increase affiliate site conversions, and then using testing data to further refine your site to optimize its performance.

As a business owner, you need to worry about your site. But if you want to be successful and increase your revenue by tens of thousands of dollars or more, you’ve got to test, test, and test some more.

Let Convertica help you stop guessing and start making more money by maximizing your click-through rate, form submissions, and click-to-calls . If you want to flip your site for the highest possible price, you need to start getting more recurring monthly revenue.

We can do it all for you.

Who Are We?

Convertica is the result of a decade in the industry combined with expertise gained from CRO’ing hundreds of sites. What started as a small boutique service has evolved into a team of conversion rate optimization experts working with some of the biggest players in the industry.

When I say we live and breathe CRO, I mean it. CROGuy consistently achieved major wins for our clients, including 45% average gains for lead-gen sites. We knew we had found a winning formula when we CRO’d over 100 sites in 2017 alone and the work kept rolling in.

We had to evolve. Get bigger. Expand. Set loftier goals.

Now, Convertica is full-service CRO operation that takes websites and turns them into conversion machines. We use only proven techniques in our systematic approach, helping lead-gen and affiliate sites increase their bottom-line revenue through data-driven processes and seamless customer service.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy is a Bit Different

Theory and guesswork have no place in CRO. Everything must be tested.

Strategic Analysis

Our knowledge of different niches across the affiliate industry helps us craft a hypothesis, gather detailed user data, set up heatmaps, and create a custom strategy based on techniques that have helped other lead-gen clients succeed.

Comprehensive CRO Services

We have worked in hundreds of niches and verticals. We’ll find the right combination to maximize your site’s hidden potential:

Site-Specific UX Design
Custom A/B Split Testing
Device-Level Improvements
Submission-Form Optimization
Web Copy Improvement

Scientific Processes

If we had to sum up our strategy, it would be: test, test, and then keep testing. From there, we use the data we glean from each test to further refine our processes. Like I said, we are all hard data.

Detailed Management and Reporting

CRO doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. It just requires detailed management and experience with scientific processes. Our end-to-end services include full management and seamless reporting so you’re always in the loop of the big wins we’re getting you.

Guaranteed Results

We’ve CRO’d hundreds of sites. That means we’ve got a bit of an ego! We guarantee a minimum of 15% gains for a range of different websites. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Remember, CRO doesn’t have to be hard.

Due to our experience, the systems we have in place, and our dedication to end-to-end management and customer service, Convertica helped these 3 very different clients see massive wins in different niches. That’s the power of hard data.

Let our experienced team take care of your site from start to finish, and you’ll see major gains too.

If Your Site isn’t Properly Optimized, You are Leaving Thousands on the Table

An affiliate site that isn’t optimized for conversions isn’t earning nearly as much as it’s capable of.

Are you making these eCommerce conversion rate optimization mistakes?

When it comes to lead gen sites, there is no “magic bullet”. If there were, we’d be out of business. It’s our job to gather data and dig into it find all of the little pieces of it scattered around your site. Together, even incremental changes can compound into massive benefits.

That being said, there are some mistakes we see time and again on most of our client’s lead-gen, affiliate, or other eCommerce sites. Some of these fixes can be done in a matter of days and produce huge wins.

Our clients love those early stages of working with us. They’re full of “Wow, I didn’t even think of that!” moments.

Do a quick check to see if you’re making these CRO mistakes that are costing you money:

Unoptimized CTAs

Calls to action are one of the simplest and most crucial aspects of your affiliate site, but they are also one of the easiest to get wrong. You’ve got to use your words wisely. Imagine finding the hiking boots of your dreams and then seeing a red button that says “give us your money”. Make sure you’ve got clear and concise language, and also be sure to adjust your copy based on the buyer’s stage of awareness. And, since we are all about data, you’ve got to test them in the wild. Want to know why? We found that even the location of CTA can be the difference between a sale and an empty shopping cart. You don’t learn that from theory.

2) Calling A/B Test Winners too Early

The road to CRO hell is paved with confirmation bias. We see all too often business owners hypothesize a solution, run an A/B test, and immediately call a winner as soon as the variant starts pummeling the control. If you’re calling your tests off too early, you’re costing yourself money. We don’t even begin to think about calling a winner without a minimum of 1,000 visitors, and that is just when we get the inkling. And calling a winner is just stage 1 of the process.

3) Not Understanding Your Visitor’s Intent

Not knowing which stage your buyer is in can have massive implications for your monthly income. Put too much pressure too soon and you’ve lost the game. Hesitate when the iron is hot and it will be too cool before it strikes the cloth to make any difference. For example, if someone types “the best” into Google, they are in buy-now mode. Your comparison table better be at the top.

4) All Pros and no Cons

Want more consumer trust? Put cons (but not too many) below your products. If you only talk about the pros, your reader won’t trust you. This gets a bit tricky because certain products shouldn’t have many cons (if any), but you get the picture. The more neutral you sound, the more trust they’ll have.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

We live and breathe CRO, so we’re happy to lend a helping hand. If you’re making these mistakes, then make sure to keep this handy CRO checklist by your side at all times:

Do you have:

  • Strong and Clear Calls to Action?
  • High Quality Images?
  • Features and Benefits?
  • A Mobile-Optimized Site?
  • Effective Use of White Space and Color?
  • An Optimized Comparison Table?
  • Adequate Trust Signals?
  • A Clear Next Step for Your Customer?
  • Offers like Free Shipping or Discounts?

A few other CRO tips we think will help you get some major wins are:

Keep it Simple: Remember this: “the more the user has to think the lower conversions will be”. Eliminate unnecessary steps and minimize user decisions.

Keep it Easy: Make sure to keep user work to a minimum (we are all spoiled in the internet age). If you force them to enter too much information too soon, you’ll lose them.

Use More Tools: Conversion rate optimization tools for the backbone of our service. HeatmapsA/B testing software, Slack, VWO—whatever it takes to get more data and get the job done right.

Understand Your Visitor: You need to know a lot about your visitor if you plan to make changes. What is there intent, what are they looking for, what’s there age or income, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we were having a chat over the phone right, I’m sure you’d have plenty of questions. Most people do. We’ve put together a few of the most common ones we’ve heard from our most recent partners (not to brag, but our answers were awesome).

How do You Know What to Test?

Good question. This is a MAJOR frustration for business owners. Do I test this? Should I touch that? Is green better than red? Before you know it, you’ve chosen the wrong element and have to start again. This is where experience comes in. We’ve CRO’d so many affiliate sites that we know the best places to look for easy wins. When it comes to more complex stuff, we let your visitors determine what to test by tracking their behavior and identifying prime testing points

Is Everything In-House?

What really sets us apart is that all of the magic takes place in-house at Convertica. We are a team of conversion rate optimization fiends, and we wouldn’t want to let anyone else in on the fun. No, seriously.

How Much Help do You Need from My Team?

When we say done for you, we mean it. We handle everything from start to finish.

How do You Determine the Success of a Project?

After CRO’ing over hundred client sites, we know what to expect from CRO. We know what we can do and what we can’t do. And even then we might try it. We set lofty goals based on past wins and don’t stop until we achieve them. We analyze, test, refine, retest, and refine and retest again based on new data. We are relentless.

Remember, CRO doesn’t have to be hard.

Let our experienced team take care of your site from start to finish, and you’ll see major gains too.

Increase Conversions by 30-100+% from
the same traffic, rankings or ad spend.

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