The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

You might think it’s easy to buy gifts for outdoorsy women- but you’d be very wrong. Women who truly love and relish their outdoor activities know the difference between quality and novelty (and we don’t have time for the latter!)

I’ve been camping, hiking, backpacking, and biking since I was 3 years old. I’ve invested decades into perfecting my gear, and I love helping others avoid the hard lessons I’ve learned along the way. 

There are products here that should fit every budget and impress any outdoorsy woman on your gift list this year!

Comparison Table

Platypus Hydration Bladder
  • Lightweight water bladder
  • Leakproof mouthpiece and opening
  • Easy-to-clean hose
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Gerber Multi-Tool
  • 11 tools in 1
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Carrying case included
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Osprey Aura 65 Backpacking Backpack
  • Well-padded and ventilated
  • Lots of pockets and straps
  • Incredibly durable
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CeraVe Moisturizing SPF Face Lotion
  • Face lotion and SPF in 1
  • Won’t clog pores (non-comedogenic)
  • Approved by Skin Cancer Foundation
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HIGHDAYS High Waist Active Leggings
  • High-waisted and snug
  • Thick and non-see through
  • 2 deep side pockets
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MPower Inflatable Solar Lights
  • Inflatable and collapsible solar lights
  • 12-hour charge
  • Multiple brightness settings
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Outdoor Products Waterproof Stuff Sacks
  • Waterproof and leak proof dry sacks
  • Secure roll-top buckle opening
  • Won’t rip or tear
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LifeStraw Water Filter
  • Personal water filter straw to remove bacteria and parasites
  • Filters up to 1,000 gallons of water
  • Small and lightweight
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ENO Camping Hammock
  • Double nylon hammock for camping and more
  • Holds 400lbs
  • Packs up tightly for travel
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Jetboil Camping Stove
  • 0.8 liter camping stove for boiling water
  • Uses individual fuel canisters
  • Pot includes handle, sippable drinking lid, and bowl
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Counter Assault Bear Spray
  • Strongest pepper spray allowed by law (2% capsaicin)
  • Sprays for 7 seconds up to 40 feet away
  • Effective for all 8 types of bears
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Black Diamond Trekking Poles
  • Comfortable grip handle for women
  • Extremely durable for rough conditions
  • Replaceable carbide tips
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Waterfly Hiking Waist Bag
  • Convertible waist pack for day outings
  • 2 zipper pockets additional front pocket
  • Water bottle storage with fall-prevention strap
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Anker Portable Solar Charger
  • Foldable and portable solar panels for charging electronics
  • Charges in direct sunlight
  • Slim and compact
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Stanley Classic Thermos
  • Thermos for keeping hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for 24 hour
  • Outer cap doubles as cup
  • Made rugged for the outdoors
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Marmot Zero Degree Sleeping Bag
  • Down sleeping bag for temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mummy-shape design with enlarged foot box
  • Inside stash pockets
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GoPro Hero 7
  • Waterproof and impact-proof camcorder
  • Wifi-enabled for automatic upload to the app
  • 4k video and 10MP photos
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Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm
  • Moisturizing balm to reduce chafing and rubbing
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Reduces sweat
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Hydro Flask Water Bottle
  • Insulated water bottle for 12 hours of temperature control
  • Includes carrying handle
  • Available in many colors
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Replacement Lids for Hydro Flask
  • 3 lids for standard mouth Hydro Flasks
  • Straw lid, bite valve lid, and sport twist lid
  • Also includes bonus straw and carabiners
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Hydro Flask Accessory Pack
  • Accessories for Hydro Flask water bottles
  • Wide-mouth replacement lid
  • 2 extra straws
  • Paracord handle that can be unraveled to 70 feet
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Tripod for Smartphones
  • 360-degree rotatable tripod for smartphones
  • Great for selfies or group photos
  • Includes Bluetooth wireless remote
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Survival Blanket
  • Emergency thermal survival blankets
  • Each order includes 5 mylar blankets
  • Retains 90% of body heat in emergency situations
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Ceramic Camping Mugs
  • Cute retro-themed camping mugs
  • 100% heavy-duty ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
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Unbreakable Wine Glasses
  • Stainless steel stemless wine glasses
  • Includes plastic lid
  • Insulated for temperature control
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25 Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

Here are some more details about each of the items on my Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women list. 

1. Platypus Hydration Bladder

The Platypus hydration bladder is my favorite because it is extremely lightweight. It forgoes the heavy plastic openings of some of the bigger name bladders (cough cough CamelBak) in favor of small screw caps or zippers. I find that this approach makes it easier to fill water bottles from these bladders than from other bladders. 

So you can use your Platypus with its drinking hose as your primary water source, or you can use it in your pack as a backup water source for your handheld bottle. 

Features: Lightweight 3L bladder weighing 6.5 oz, wide-mouth zippered opening, easy to fill and clean, space-saving flat-pack design, silver-ion to prevent bacteria and mold, quick-release hose and leak-proof shutoff valve

2. Gerber Multi-Tool

Now here is a gift you should buy for everyone you know, not just outdoorsy gals! 

It has 12 integrated tools, including some pretty heavy-duty needle nose pliers, wire cutters, multiple knife blades, scissors, flat and Phillips-head screwdrivers, a bottle opener, can opener, and more. 

We use our multi-tools for everything from gear repair to food prep to home improvement projects. It’s my go-to tool around the house as well as on the trail. The stainless steel design makes it extremely strong and durable while staying lightweight enough to store in your pocket for quick access. 

Features: 12-function multitool, lightweight stainless steel, nylon ballistic sheath, 9.6oz weight, 4inch length closed, customizable with add-on capabilities, safety lock feature

3. Osprey Aura 65 Backpacking Backpack

I could write an entire article on how incredible this backpack is. It is easily the most comfortable, durable, and convenient pack I’ve encountered in decades of hiking.  I settled on the Osprey Aura 65 for my Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike in 2008, and it’s still the backpack I use to this day. 

There are specific placements for your trekking poles and hydration bladder. The top lid has extra zippered pockets and can be removed or adjusted as needed. There are loads of pockets and straps where you need them, so you’ll never run out of convenient storage options. 

Features: 65L women’s backpacking pack, zippered front and hip-belt pockets, removable dual pocket top lid, sleeping bag compartment, stretch mesh side pockets, Anti-Gravity suspension system of lightweight mesh for ventilation, safety whistle, removable straps for sleeping pad storage

4. CeraVe Moisturizing SPF Face Lotion

Sun protection is essential when outdoors. But wearing sunscreen on your face all day can be annoying, especially if it gets into your eyes when you sweat. My go-to solution is the CeraVe SPF 30 Facial Moisturizing Lotion. It’s lightweight, doesn’t reek of sunscreen, and keeps your skin soft all day. Importantly for a facial moisturizer, it is non-comedogenic and won’t clog your pores. 

Features: 3oz daily face moisturizer with SPF 30, includes ceramides and hyaluronic acid for moisture retention, recommended for daily use by Skin Cancer Foundation, water-resistant, oil-free, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, micro-fine zinc oxide

5. HIGHDAYS High Waist Active Leggings

Leggings are great apparel for the outdoors. They are versatile enough to use for yoga, running, hiking, and cycling. These Yoga Pants from HIGHDAYS are high waisted and snug enough to make sure they stay right where they belong the entire time they are worn. 

But what sealed the deal for me were the pockets on the side. They are the perfect size for my phone, so I don’t need to worry about where to hold it while I’m running (or just running errands). Lots of athletic leggings have pockets, but these are actually deep enough to be functional. Check out the best hiking leggings.

And you won’t believe the price. Compare this to a pair of Lululemon leggings and I bet you’ll buy 3 pairs right away. 

Features: Moisture-wicking high waist yoga leggings, 87% polyester & 13% spandex, deep side pockets, non-see-through material, 4-way stretch, wide waistband

6. MPower Inflatable Solar Lights 

With these MPOWER LED inflatable solar lights, you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries for your lanterns and headlamps. Just one of these lights can provide up to 12 hours of illumination on 7 hours of charging in direct sunlight. It requires no batteries whatsoever, collapses down to 1 inch flat, and is fully waterproof. 

Multipurpose gifts are always welcome, and this is another great one. Use it for home, garden, work, or adventure. It’s durable and practical enough for all situations. 

Features: Inflatable LED solar light, weights 4.4 oz and collapses to 1 inch, battery level indicator, three brightness settings, waterproof, durable plastic, 7-hour charge, 12-hour battery life

7. Outdoor Products Waterproof Stuff Sacks

Practical, practical, practical. Along with duct tape and carabiners, waterproof sacks are something an outdoorsy woman can never have too much of. We treat these like gold at my house – always fighting over who gets to use them for their gear. 

These bags are great for keeping all your important items dry. In my years of owning and using them, I’ve never once experienced a rip, tear, or leak. They’re so well-made that I’ve bought multiple sets just to store my other gear in (just in case). 

Features: 3 pack of waterproof dry sacks, polyurethane-coated, double-stitched, tape-sealed seams, roll-top buckle closure, weather-resistant (not for submersion), soft and flexible, good compression, 3 sizes ( 2L, 4L, 8L), bright colors (red, yellow, blue)

8. LifeStraw Water Filter

This little contraption lets you drink directly from questionable water sources without fear of contaminants. It can filter over 99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites so you can remain hydrated in almost any situation. Each filter lasts for about 1,000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced.

Other water filtration products involve chemical drops or big bulky setups that can be a pain to carry around. The LifeStraw is incredibly compact and lightweight by comparison. 

Features: Lightweight water filter straw, 2oz weight, measures 9x1x1, removes over 99% of bacteria and parasites from water, no batteries required, no chemicals or moving parts, filters up to 1,000 gallons per filter

9. ENO Camping Hammock

There’s only one name in the camping hammock game, and that’s ENO. They make the absolute best portable hammocks you can find. 

Before buying my ENO DoubleNest I went through 3 or 4 cheap hammocks that just weren’t durable or comfortable enough. My ENO hammock, on the other hand, has been a dream. 

As far as specs go, it’s incredibly durable and well-made. It only weighs a pound and is made with nautical-grade line and stainless steel clips for a secure attachment to trees, boats, poles, and posts. We can fit 2 adults and a toddler in ours with room to spare. 

Features: Durable camping hammock, 16oz weight, includes carrying sack, nautical-grade line, stainless steel snap links, 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta construction, quick-drying, 400lb weight limit, aluminum wire gate carabiners, fits 1 to 2 people comfortably, good for sleeping or lounging

10. Jetboil Camping Stove

No experienced camper or backpacker would rely on a campfire for cooking. You never know what kind of wood you’ll have, what the weather might be like, or if there will be a grate available to rest your pot on. 

A camp stove like the Jetboil Zip Cooking System takes care of these issues. This stove will boil about ½ liter of water in just over 2 minutes, making it one of the fastest and most efficient stoves out there. 

I especially like this system because the bottom cover can also be used as a bowl or measuring cup, which are useful products to have on any trip. You can buy extra accessories for it as well, like a coffee press or skillet. 

Features: Ultralight 12oz camping stove with 0.8L FluxRing cooking cup, match ignition, included measuring cup and bowl, 2 minutes to boil 1/2L, space-saving, cup has a drink-through lid and handle built-in

11. Counter Assault Bear Spray

Have you heard this joke before? 

Two friends are on a hike in the middle of the woods. The first turns to the other and says, “Do you think you could outrun a bear?” The second replies, “I don’t need to outrun a bear, I only need to outrun YOU!”

Save yourself and your friend by investing in this Bear Spray that will temporarily prevent a bear from seeing or smelling you. It can spray for 7-seconds continuously from up to 40 feet away. 

I think it’s a particularly useful gift for women who spend time alone outdoors because bears aren’t always a woman’s biggest threat. 

Features: 2% capsaicin bear spray, effective to 40ft, legal for US and Canada, meets EPA requirements for SNAP environmental certification, non-lethal, 7-second continuous spray, holster included

12. Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Black Diamond is the only brand I use for trekking poles because I’ve found them to be far and away the most durable. And that’s important to me because I do NOT like to go easy on my poles. 

This set has a handle specifically designed for women’s (typically) smaller hands. The grip is non-slip and well padded., as is the wrist strap. It also comes with interchangeable carbide tech tips which will take the brunt of the abuse from rocky terrain so the poles stay in good shape for longer. 

Give the outdoorsy woman in your life these Black Diamond trekking poles that she can use for the rest of her life. 

Features: Women’s-specific dual-density grip and 360-degree padded webbing strap, non-slip foam grip, easily adjustable with the double Flick Lock Pro, interchangeable carbide Tech Tips, low-profile Trekking Baskets

13. Waterfly Hiking Waist Bag

For a simple day hike or a long trail run, the Waterfly waist bag will do the trick. It can be worn in multiple positions around the waist or over the shoulder like a cross-body bag as well. 

For a typical day’s hike I usually pack-in my keys, credit cards and ID, water bottle, LifeStraw, whistle, phone, and a few Clif Bars to eat. This pack can hold all of that without issue. 

With the fanny packs from the early 90s making a fashionable comeback, I think these outdoor waist bags make a perfect gift. 

Features: Water-resistant waist bag for hiking, running, climbing, includes water bottle holder with elastic stability rope, 2 zipper pockets, and additional front pocket, fits most large phones, adjustable buckle strap, reflective strips for visibility, back mesh pad for breathability

14. Anker Portable Solar Charger

Here’s the thing. While I absolutely love the outdoors, I don’t like the feeling of fully disconnecting from technology. A fully charged phone offers security to women traveling alone while also serving as a light source, book, and camera. 

If I’m going to be off the grid for at least a few days, I always bring my Anker solar charger.  It folds up compactly and can slip easily into a pack. 

A gift like this is useful for anyone because we are all pretty attached to our technology these days. Solar chargers are also useful for anyone who wants to reduce their at-home energy use. Instead of keeping your phone plugged into the wall all day, why not set it on the back porch and save yourself the electric bill? They might also be interested in the best spotlight for camping. See them here.

Features: Portable and durable solar panel charger, charges only in direct sunlight, polyester canvas, industrial-strength PET polymer-faced panels, stainless-steel eye-holes for securely attaching to surfaces, includes 3ft micro USB cable, 2 USB ports, 21W, compact and thin, supports most devices

15. Stanley Classic Thermos 

My Stanley Thermos was handed down to me by my dad years ago and is still going strong. The ones for sale today are just as high-quality (maybe even better) and make a great gift or personal investment. 

This thermos guarantees that your hot liquids will stay hot and your cold liquids will stay cold for an entire day. 

I find it most useful when camping, boating (or canoeing), and traveling because gear weight is less of an issue and you can afford the luxury of temperature regulation. 

Features: Stainless steel vacuum thermos, rust-proof and durable, leak-resistant, insulation for 24 hours of temperature regulation, BPA-free, the multi-purpose lid also used as a cup, collapsible handle for travel, lifetime warranty, dishwasher safe

16. Marmot Zero Degree Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Never Summer Zero Degree bag is a classic and a gem. It has the standard mummy shape for backpacking bags, with a little extra room in the footbed. It’s wide enough in the hips for most ladies and has great padding in the hood. The internal stash pockets are great for storing your phone or headlamp within reach. 

A 0-degree bag is probably the only kind of sleeping bag a serious outdoors-woman should have. She’ll regret having a bag rated for 50-degrees if the temperature suddenly drops. But she’ll never regret having a 0-degree bag, even in warm temperatures. 

This is a gift she will be sure to love, and she’ll be impressed by your knowledge of gear as well! 

Features: Zero degree mummy sleeping bag, 650 fill down, water-resistant, full-length locking zipper, DWR coating for extra water protection, 100% nylon outer material, adjustable Nautilus hood, insulated draft tube, internal stash pockets

17. GoPro Hero 7 

I’m sure you already know about GoPros. They’ve been around for a long time and are the industry leader in rugged outdoor cameras. The technology keeps getting better with each new iteration, too. 

The Hero 7 gives its user 4k video, time-lapse, voice control, and 10MP photos. The voice control on this model is unbeatable. You no longer have to hold a remote in your hand to take a picture; just verbally tell the camera to snap a picture and it’s done! 

You can drag it through the mud, over mountains, underwater, and wherever else you can dream up. 

Features: 4k video, 10MP photos, time-lapse, touch screen, voice control, burst mode, video stabilization, waterproof and submersible, timer, orientation control, wifi for direct photo uploading to app

18. Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm

A beautiful hike can be absolutely ruined by painful rubbing on your thighs or a raw blister between your toes. The Anti-Chafe Balm can be applied anywhere that is prone to these hot spots before leaving the house and periodically if needed throughout the day. 

It’s hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, safe for children, and vegan-approved. The version for women has extra coconut and almond essentials to moisturize the skin as well as protect it from rubbing. 

Features: All-natural plant-based anti-chafe balm for women, no petroleum or lanolin, fragrance-free, moisturizing, hypoallergenic, long-lasting, not greasy, minimizes rubbing, water-resistant

19. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Another great option for hydration is the Hydro Flask. It’s been making waves in the industry lately and shows no signs of slowing down. The bottle is very well insulated and can be expected to keep liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. 

One reason this has become so popular is that it’s a great and stylish water bottle for daily life (check out all the different color options), but is so incredibly durable that it makes a great outdoor tool as well. 

If the outdoorsy gal you have in mind already has one, keep reading to see some related recommendations….

Features: Powder-coated stainless steel insulated water bottle, BPA-free, durable, double-wall vacuum, lifetime manufacturer warranty, 24 hours of cooling and 12 hours of heat

20. Replacement Lids for Hydro Flask

Since so many women already own Hydro Flasks, a thoughtful gift would be some replacement parts and accessories. This set comes with three different lids: a straw lid, bite valve lid, and sport twist lid. They are compatible with standard mouth Hydro Flasks and come with a bonus straw and carabiners. 

Features:  Three-pack of lids for Hydro Flasks, BPA-free, straw lid/ bite valve lid/ sport twist lid, bonus straw and carabiners, leak-proof sealing gaskets

21. Hydro Flask Accessory Pack

This accessory pack for Hydro Flask includes a lid for wide-mouth bottles, an extra straw, and a sneakily useful handle. It’s made of a military-grade paracord that can be unraveled for a 70ft long rope. 

This kind of paracord is incredibly strong and can help in all kinds of situations in the great outdoors. Plus, it’s vibrant and rainbow-colored so you can easily identify your own Hydro Flask in a crowd. 

Features: Hydro Flask accessory pack, paracord handle, replacement lid for wide-mouth bottles, straws, lifetime replacement warranty, multi-purpose military-grade paracord

22. Tripod for Smartphones

There’s nothing worse than being on a solo hike and struggling to get a shot of yourself against the gorgeous scenery. Bring this tripod with you and solve that problem forever! 

I like this specific tripod because it’s really flexible and is designed to grip onto whatever stable object you can find. It fits almost every size smartphone and stays nice and secure. The octopus-style legs are made of durable metal and covered in rubber and foam. 

Features: Small flexible smartphone tripod, includes remote shutter and GoPro adapter mount, 30ft range, compatible with iPhones and Androids, compact and lightweight, rubber feet for traction

23. Survival Blanket

A survival blanket like this is a great gift for the outdoorsy people in your life. It’s another one of those products that comes in handy in many situations, so you can never have too many. They can be part of a doomsday kit, standard camping gear, or stowed in a car for emergencies. 

This set comes with four dual-sided aluminized mylar blankets and a bonus gold-colored blanket. They can keep up to 90% of your body heat in if you are stuck out in the cold. I’ve also used them as ground cover in a pinch, because they are waterproof and durable. 

Features: Emergency survival blankets, waterproof, windproof, retains 90% body heat, military-grade mylar, 2oz weight, 5 blankets per order

24. Camping Mugs

Make her camping experience extra cozy with one of these ceramic mugs. They are incredibly heavy to avoid breakage, are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are FDA-approved. They come in 4 collectible colors and scenes, so you can actually get 4 different gifts out of this one product! 

I prefer to use these when we go car camping or RVing because they’re pretty heavy. But the retro outdoor scenes painted on each one really help set the mood whether you’re having your morning coffee or evening hot cocoa. 

Features: 15 oz heavy ceramic mug, 4 different colors and outdoor scenes, microwave and dishwasher safe, 100% ceramic, FDA-approved, retro designs

25. Summit Outdoor Wine Glasses

Between that morning coffee and evening hot cocoa, you’ve got your afternoon wine! Nobody wants to risk breaking delicate glass when camping or hiking, so buy her these unbreakable stemless wine “glasses” as a fun and useful alternative. 

They’re made of pro-grade stainless steel, with a BPA-free leak-proof lid. I bought these because unlike most camping wine glasses, these are actually vacuum insulated so I can use it for coffee or other hot drinks in addition to wine. I’m all about multi-purpose items when cargo space is limited. 

Features: Unbreakable stainless steel wine glasses for camping, BPA-free lid, powder-coated exterior, vacuum insulated, multiple color options, multiple size options (8 oz, 12 oz, 24 oz)

Final Thoughts

If you took the time to read this list, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift for all the outdoorsy women in your life! She’s sure to appreciate both the thought and the quality of your gesture.

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