Outdoorsy Reviews - Straight Look Into Fees, Insurance, Ratings & Much More!

Looking for an awesome Outdoorsy review? Look no further! I break down the pros & cons from listing your RV & renting an RV on Outdoorsy, which has a whole range of different types of vehicles available listed on their site. 

Outdoorsy caters for all ends of the market from basic touring vans to luxury high-end models. There even some rather special vintage models for those looking for something a bit different. Lets dive In!

Pros & Cons Of Using Outdoorsy
  • It is a user-friendly website which makes both renting and renting out your RV easier.
  • All the paperwork and financial side is taken care of.
  • Don’t need to get additional insurance to protect your RV as it’s is covered by Outdoorsy policy (check exceptions above though)
  • Good user experience include excellent customer service
  • You also get the option of RV set up and delivery if needed
  • Some listings don’t allow pets. If you need to take a pet you need to check with the individual listing or contact the owner.
  • Some RV Rentals Are NOT always available, so book early!
  • Prices vary depending on the time of the season.
Watch Out For The Cancellation Policy Fees!

The cancellation policy varies from one owner to another.

Be sure to read it carefully before you commit to renting. Don’t make the same mistake others do! 

These are the standard option currently available.

Outdoorsy reviews

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When renting or letting others rent your RV it is important to make sure that you do it through a reputable business.

Choosing a site like Outdoorsy which is well established and professional will provide $1M Insurance Coverage for both the owner and renter. 

For further reassurance, online reviews give you a chance to read honest feedback from those who have rented a specific RV in the past on the Outdoorsy Platform. This can be invaluable when it comes to deciding to rent the RV or not.

Check out their current RV rentals!



Read more below if you are interesting in renting out your RV. I also did a review 🙂

Renting Out Your RV - Is It Worth It?
How Much Can You Really Make Listing Your RV On Outdoorsy?

The most comment question is “how much money can I make renting my RV”? 

Well, Your actual income from renting your RV will range, depends on many factors like how many times out of the year you are willing to rent out your RV. 

Another factor is the location where you’ll be renting from and the type of RV you’ll be renting. 

On average, RV owners who rent their RV on Outdoorsy make more than $10,000 a year. There are a large number of owners who are making more than $30,000 a year. What’s nice about Outdoorsy is they have $1M Insurance Coverage for both the owner and renter. It’s pretty easy to get started.

Here’s the link to list your RV:

Outdoorsy Additional Info

Outdoorsy is a website where you can rent out your RV or find an RV to rent. Think of it as Airbnb for RVs and motorhomes. It has gained popularity in recent years because as a peer to peer platform it offers convenience and protection that you don’t get using small ads or a site like Craigslist. 

The Rental Process - What's It Really Like?

There are plenty of good reasons for renting an RV. 

Motorhomes offer a great holiday experience for singles, couples, families and groups of friends and retirees. 

It gives you freedom and a taste of a different lifestyle that you just don’t get in a hotel. 

2016 Tiffin Allegro

It is also a great option for those who like to bring their fur family along – although check your motorhomes pet policy before you book – some, but not all will allow pets.

Not surprisingly they are becoming more and more popular, especially with millennials who dream of a more romantic lifestyle but can’t make it happen yet. There is huge appeal for people with stressful jobs who need to get away from it all but have too many commitments to make it worth buying their own vehicle.

It is also a great way to test the water if you are thinking of buying an RV. Renting a van directly from the owner this gives you a chance to try a van that is being used regularly. You will see if you like it, and how it feels not just for a test drive but traveling hundreds of miles and getting a real feel for it before you invest large sums of money. 

RV Rental Costs

Rental fees are set by individual owners and vary depending on what you rent as well as the time of year. In addition to the daily/weekly rate, you will be charged a 10% service fee to the site. There are also additional charges such as $10 per day for towable trailers and $ 15 for a drivable trailer. These are the current charges but may change so make sure you check the website for the most up to date information.

Outdoorsy Rental Process

Start off by doing a search for your preferred time and location. This brings up a list of suitable vehicles. You can use the filters your narrow down the search. Once you have a list of vans that match your needs, click on the individual photos for more information. 

2018 Forest River Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast Package

Once you have made your choice hit the blue Booking Request button. 

Don’t worry, at this stage you are really just making an inquiry so are not committed to the hire. 

In fact, the site will then suggest other models you might be interested. It is worth keeping other options open in case your first choice isn’t available or turns out not to be suitable for any reason. 

Next, you will be given the option of various add-ons you might want to purchase such as Coach-Net Vacation Care Plan  (currently costing $15). Your request will then be sent to the owner of the RV for approval. If your request is approved, you can pay the deposit. The rest of the money is paid when you receive  confirmation of the booking.  For security, this is held by Outdoorsy for 24 hours. After that, assuming everything is fine, the money is transferred to the RV owner’s account.

The practicalities

Once confirmed you will be able to make arrangements for collecting or having the vehicle delivered. Pick up and drop off times should be agreed and ideally confirmed in writing to avoid any misunderstanding. The owner will also arrange a time for you to be shown around the vehicle to make sure you understand how everything works. Often this will be done when you collect or receive the vehicle so make sure you allow time for this before you set off on your trip. This should include showing you how the generator works, how to level the vehicle, setting up the rig as well as a general tour or the amenities in the vehicle.

A note should be made of the current mileage and generator hours to ensure that you are charged the correct amount for your usage. At this point, you should also clarify any special conditions or other important information related to you hire. Make sure you know exactly what the terms are for extra mileage or electricity. It is also worth checking how to deal with unexpected things that might come up, such as if you need to extend the booking or cut short your trip for any reason.

The tank will be full when you pick up the RV so make sure you return it the same way to avoid extra charges. And of course, give it a good clean. In short, the owner will expect the vehicle to be returned in the same state it was when the hire began.

Renting Your RV On Outdoorsy FAQ

While some owners balk at the idea of a stranger driving their vehicle never mind living in it, others see it as a good way to earn cash when their RV is not in use. 

We break down some of the most common question by RVers who are looking to rent out their RV. 

2019 Freedom Elite / Mercedes

Will They Trash It??

Probably not. Owners decide who they rent it out to so if you think your van is going to be used for a wild stag weekend you can just say no. There’s no harm in checking the potential renter’s previous experience with driving and living in a motorhome. And again if you have any concern you have the option to decline their request.

Remember that unlike an agency, Outdoorsy does not rent the vehicle for you. It only brings the owner and the potential renter together. You are still in control of who gets to rent the van and when they can have it.

Will They Crash It??

Of course, that’s always a possibility, but the same possibility exists every time you take it on the road. To make the rental as safe as possible Outdoorsy carries out all the necessary checks to ensure that the driver has a suitable clean license and also does a background check which will reveal any traffic or driving violations. 

In addition to these safeguards, you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of the worst case scenario your RV will be covered by Outdoorsy’s own insurance policy.

**We HIGHLY suggest you take a moment to read their insurance policy. Read it here**

Is It Worth Renting Out Your RV?

If you don’t use your van all year round then renting it out means that instead of it sitting in your driveway or worse on a site costing you site fees, it is out making some useful cash. Many owners find that renting the van is a great way to fund the not inconsiderable costs associated with owning an RV.

Owners set their own price but it makes sense to see what others are charging and make your fees comparable. Charging above the odds will put customers off. But undercutting the other owners on the site doesn’t look good either. Rates usually vary according to the time of year. If you have a look around the site you will get an idea.

When setting your rate,  keep in mind that Outdoorsy takes a cut of 20% to cover their service fees. This includes not just the daily or weekly rental fee but also any additional charges such as excess mileage or additional generator hours that you might be charging. So remember to factor that in when figuring out how much you expect to make. If you liked this article, check out the best RV rental companiesRVshare reviews, & RVshare vs Outdoorsy. We also have a post on the best deals on small RV rentals.