Outdoorsy vs RVShare

RVShare Vs Outdoorsy - Who's Better In 2023?

If you are planning on renting an RV or looking to make some cash by renting yours out then you will probably want to go with one of the two main players on the market. RV Share and Outdoorsy are without a doubt, the leaders in the field of peer-to-peer RV rental.

Both are rapidly growing in size as the idea of renting from owners rather than dealer becomes more popular. Likewise, RV owners are getting more comfortable with the idea of allowing someone to take away and drive their van.

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Which Is Better Outdoorsy Or RVShare?

To be totally honest, there’s is not a great deal to choose between these two companies. They both offer a wide choice of RVs, from motorhomes to trailers. And all the essentials such as insurance and roadside assistance are available with each. 

Why We Lean Toward Outdoorsy:

The reason why gave Outdoorsy a 4.9 rating over the 4.7 rating for RVShare is because of the overall use of the platform, outstanding customer service, and stricter guidelines when it comes to RV renting 

In-Depth Comparsion Between Outdoorsy & RVShare

RV Cancellation Comparison

There quite a big difference in the cancellation options between the two companies.On Outdoorsy, there is a choice of three: flexible, moderate or strict. RV Share allows more variation. 

Their policies are described as forgiving, flexible, standard, strict, very strict, and most strict. The specifics of these policies can be seen on more details on the companies’ respective websites. Make sure to read

Outdoorsy Vs RVshares Roadside Assiatance

RV Shares Roadside Assistance

When your booking is confirmed RV Share will arrange roadside assistance and travel concierge services for your trip. This is included in your fees. 

RV Share works in cooperation with local companies to make sure that there is someone nearby to get you to where you need to be in the event of a breakdown.

This saves you the worry of trying to decide which company you can trust when you are in an unfamiliar town. The towing services will have been checked out by RV Share beforehand so you know you will be getting expert services from qualified professionals. You can read more about here.


Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance

When you drive away in a hired RV you need to know that if you have any problems, help will be available. You will not be familiar with the vehicle and obviously, you wouldn’t be getting under the bonnet to try to sort the problem out yourself. That’s why you will want to check out what is available in terms of roadside assistance, whoever you decide to rent from. Outdoorsy offers a good value package which is provided through Coach.net. 

For $15 per day you can get their standard vacation care plan. If you want more peace of mind there are various optional add-ons you can choose in addition to the basic care plan. Technical support is provided by ASE and RVDA/RVIA certified technicians. Their support network extends across the USA and Canada with over 400,000 service providers and centers to help you, if you get stuck. Read more about it here.

Outdoorsy VS RVShare Receving Payments (listing Your RV)

Outdoorsy offer faster payment. The full fee is paid at the time of booking and is released 24 hours later. It can, however, take another 3 to 5 business days before the RV owner sees the cash appearing in their own bank account. It’s a pretty easy process to list your RV on Outdoorsy (doesn’t take too long). Here’s a helpful link to list your RV on Outdoorsy here https://outdoorsy.com/list-your-rv 
With RV Share the funds are released on the first banking day after the deal is completed. The process will, therefore, be slowed down by bank holidays and weekends especially if payment is made on a Friday. You can list your RV here https://rvshare.com/list-your-rv

Insurance Outdoorsy VS RVShare

RV Shares Insurance

Insurance is, of course, a must. If you own a motorhome for family and recreational use it is unlikely that your current policy will cover for hiring it out. Fortunately, if you rent through RV Share this is all taken care of. 

Your vehicle will be covered under RV Share’s own insurance policies. Other benefits of registering with RV Share include no membership fee, no upfront payments and automatic renewal of your membership until you chose to cancel.

Standard liability insurance of up to $500,000 is included. This covers any claims of damage made against the driver of the vehicle while on hire. There is also the option of extending the coverage to $1M for an additional charge. 

Insurance cover starts as soon as the booking is confirmed as long as the rental is within 30 days. Smaller claims of up to $1,500 are the responsibility of the renter. They will be taken from the security deposit which is paid when the booking is confirmed.

Comprehensive cover will offer the owner of the RV compensation up to the value of their vehicle as long as the value is $200,000 or less. If the value of the RV is more than $200,000 the owner can opt to pay a little extra for more extensive coverage up to $1M. 

The basic compensation package is applied automatically for RVs which are at least 15 years old and whose value does not exceed $200,000. 


Outdoorsy Insurance

Like RV Share, rentals from Outdoorsy automatically include insurance. However Outdoorsy offers better value than RV Share. Outdoorsy’s basic liability cover goes up to $1m so there is no need to pay extra if you would like a higher level of cover. Because of this, it is unlikely that the renter will need any additional insurance policies so that will cut down the paperwork.

However, Outdoorsy’s insurance does not cover damage to the interior of the vehicle. For example damage to furnishing or if the renter should break an electrical appliance. This is something the owner might want to keep in mind when deciding which items to leave in their van. They may want to temporarily replace any particularly expensive appliances and gadgets with more basic versions when it goes out with its temporary new driver. Fortunately, in the unlikely event of an item going missing, the owner will get compensation from the security deposit, but this cannot be used to cover breakages.

How Outdoorsy Works Compared To RV Share

Outdoorsy Insurance

Outdoorsy also uses the peer-to-peer model. They have a good range of different types of vehicles as you would expect. As well as Classes A to C they have an assortment of trailer type vehicles including fifth wheels, pop-up, and towing vehicles. They also have a selection of stationary models and, if you are looking for something different, you might even find a distinctive vintage model.

Outdoorsy charges a service fee of 20% of all fees. This includes rental fees and anything extra for example generator costs and any extra mileage payments. Their website provides a helpful fees calculator so that you can work out exactly how much you will make. 

In addition, 10% of the total reservation is paid to cover things like on-demand insurance as the roadside assistance they provide. Outdoorsy make background checks to ensure drivers are suitably licensed and do not have any driving offenses on their record. They also offer the additional security of GPS tracking. This lets the RV owner know where the vehicle is while it is out on hire. The renter will also have to take an online DMV test to ensure their eyesight is suitable for driving. You can read our full Outdoorsy review here.

RV Share

RV Share combines all of the benefits of using a peer to peer platform with the option of also seeing what is available from dealers. It also offers a wide range of different types of vehicles. To make it easy to seach, these are divided up into their different classes. You will be able to browse Class A, Class B, and Class C models as well as a variety of trailer type vehicles. These include truck campers, fifth wheels and pop up campers. There also a category for wheelchair accessible options. If you would like more info read our in-depth RVshare review here. We also have a post on actual costs to rent an RV which you can find here.