Small RV Rentals: Where To Find The Best Deals on Pop Ups, Class B, Travel Trailers & Much More!

September 25th | Daryll Smith

If you’re thinking of renting a small RV, then you may be making a smart move.

Those big RVs — Class A and the Fifth Wheels can be great but we have to tell you, the mini RVs have a lot of advantages over those.

In this guide today, we have a few tips to explain some of the advantages of renting a mini RF as well as how you can get the best deals on mini RV rentals 

small RV rental

Where To Rent A Small RV Rental Near You!


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Different Types of Mini/Small RV Camper Rentals - Rental Guide

Ready? Okay! Here we go:

Different types of mini Many RVs may be considered small. There are the teardrop trailers, the drivable small motor homes such as Class B or Class C. There are some tiny truck campers and the small travel trailers.

Pros and Cons

Like everything in life, all these rentals come with their own set of pros and cons.

Teardrop Trailers

Let’s start with the teardrop trailers.

These are about as small as it gets. Very lightweight and about all you get is a bed in a tiny enclosure. But you could almost pull your little bedroom with a bicycle.

That’s the tiniest end of teardrop trailers. Some are larger and some even manage to include a bathroom. They’re not as compact as the one in the above picture.

A teardrop can be especially a great choice if you want to do some off-roading. If you want something stable and without the chore of setting up a tent every night, a teardrop trailer may be just right. But remember, they’re all smaller than you’d think.

Truck campers

A truck camper similar to the one pictured above are campers that slide right on to the bed of a pickup truck. Still pretty small, but even one fitting on a little pickup such as a Toyota or Nissan can be comfortable enough to sleep two above the cab plus two more on the dining area that converts to a bed. They can have a little cooker and icebox but are unlikely to have room for a toilet.

One caveat: If you have a small pickup, we’d advise having the rear springs strengthened. This can be done quickly and easily by most garages and shouldn’t be too costly. You’ll be glad you did.

These can be great for those who don’t want the hassle of towing a trailer around all the time and they can go just about anyplace. We had one mounted on a little Toyota pickup. Taking the advice of the salesperson, we had the rear springs strengthened for a smoother straighter ride and that puppy climbed all over Colorado without a hitch. (Excuse the pun).

Class B - Camper Vans

This is the one most people think of when they’re talking about a mini rental RV. These little motorhomes are reliable and often surprise first-time renters with bathrooms and kitchen. For all that, they still fit into most parking spaces and with today’s gas and diesel prices going up and up, you can take comfort in the fact that these RVs will get you better mileage than any of those humungous motorhomes you see cruising along the freeways.

One of these could be your perfect choice for a mini RV rental

Class C

Class C is another mini RV rental that you might consider.  These Class C RVs are the largest on this list.

They run from 20 to 30 feet in length, but you can sometimes find them as short as 16 feet. These would have the cab-over bed.

These Class C RVs are roomier than any of the other RVs listed here. This can be the perfect mini RV to rent for you — maybe you’ve got two or more kids. You’re going to need a little more living and sleeping space while still keeping your mini RV rental relatively small.

This can be a great choice for you in the mini RV rental department.  

Pop Up Campers - Lightweight

Last but not necessarily least on this list is the pop-up camper rentals.

The main advantage for you here is the cost. Other advantages are the lightweight, and ease of towing and most of these can go just about anyplace. If you do plan to do off-roading or something similar, it’s best to get an okay when you rent the camper.

Small RV Rental Costs

Naturally, a smaller RV will normally be less costly than a larger model.

The prices for rental mini RVs fluctuate greatly depending on the season, the RV model, the RV’s age, condition and any amenities that may justify a higher price. Even the rental location can have a bearing on the pricing.

The average rental cost for an RV at their facility usually runs in the neighborhood of $70 to $150 a night.

As you may imagine, prices vary and fluctuate greatly depending, so our advice is to shop around all the facilities within a reasonable distance and see what they have to offer and how much you’ll have to pay. From the tiniest to the trailers the size of semi-trucks, they can come with an amazing array of amenities Some are as basic as it gets, just a plain box with a bed in it. Others go over the top. You’d think someone like Liberace decorated them, What you rent in the end will depend on how much of that luxury you want and how much you’re willing to pay per night.

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Renting A Small RV For The Long-Term

If you’re considering a rental for a monthly rate or some other long-term period it usually possible to find a somewhat lower rate rather than paying by the night.

Where to find that mini RV rental

Our research has convinced us that the best place to find the right rental at the best prices is Outdoorsy.

By renting here you can save a lot of money and the headache you often get from a dealer.

In addition to that, Outdoorsy acts as an agent for other RV owners. Outdoorsy may be thought of like the Airbnb of the RV world.

Outdoorsy also offers free roadside insurance plus up to $1 million on all their rentals.

With a 93% customer satisfaction rate along with 55,000 five star reviews lets Outdoorsy know for sure that they’re doing things right.

We’ve rented from them ourselves so we have first-hand knowledge of their gracious service and we can truly say our experience was terrific!

But, as they say on TV, there’s more: Outdoorsy also rents small RVs but they have motorhomes, fifth wheels, camper vans, pop-up campers, travel trailers and just about anything else in the way of a recreational vehicle you could imagine.

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