Best Neutral Running Shoes – Top 10 In 2023

If you haven’t been feeling comfortable in your running shoes, it may be because they are not right for you. When you buy just any pair, you risk injury and great discomfort. The good thing is that there are different types of running shoes for all foot types and running patterns.

If you have neutral pronation, the right running shoes for you are the neutral ones. However, there several neutral running shoes from various brands on the market today. We’ve carefully selected and reviewed 10 of the best neutral running shoes, to make your choice effortless.

10 Best Neutral Running Shoes In 2023

1. Adidas UltraBoost 19 Running Shoe

The UltraBoost running shoes made by Adidas features full-length soles made from TPU foam. With a 29mm heel and 19mm forefoot, this shoe is comfortable enough for runners with normal pronation and casual gym-goers as well. The midsole material is highly responsive, making this shoe unique because many others fail in this area. The design is fresh and stylish. Although the shoe is quite responsive, it is not the best for quick sprints. The Boost foam used for the sole construction is better than the popular EVA foam as it is more durable and returns more energy. The Boost foam is not rugged enough for some terrains. The shoes do come with a rubber outsole that protects them.

Features: Continental Rubber Outsole, Synthetic upper.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design 
  • Suitable for other purposes apart from running
  • The Boost foam used is energy efficient


  • A bit pricey

2. New Balance 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe – Best Overall

Just like the predecessor, the New Balance 1080v8 comes with a solid piece of single density EVA foam and flex grooves that ensure smooth rides. However, there is a change from the convex patterning to a new concave geometric patterning on the outside of the midsole. The shoe is somewhat stiff, so it pushes off and transitions at a faster pace. However, the weight of the shoe may work against this. Furthermore, the traction is commendable, and you can run over a wide range of terrains. If you need a neutral shoe with a spacious toe box, this New Balance running shoe is perfect for you.

Features: Fresh Foam midsole, Synthetic sole, Ortholite sockliner.


  • Spacious toe box
  • Good transition
  • Performs well on different terrains


  • The midsole can be more compressable

3. Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoe – Most Durable

Very similar to the Ghost 11, Brooks Ghost 12 retains the functionality and durability of the running shoes in the Ghost series. These are perfect for neutral runners, the shoe is heavily cushioned, and it provides excellent support. They perform well on various landscapes, so you don’t have to worry about the terrain. These puppies can go the long haul, as they support long-distance running. Just like earlier versions, these shoes make use of the unique DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA foam to provide one of the best support you can get from running shoes. 

Features: BioMoGo DNA foam, DNA Loft Cushioning, Segmented Crash Pad.


  • Very durable
  • Suitable for long-distance running
  • Excellently cushioned


  • It may be unstable on rough surfaces

4. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoe – Modern Styling

The React Foam used in this shoe is superior to the common EVA foam used in many other running shoes. This unique feature gives the shoe a bouncy feel as you run, without disturbing your strides. It is a lightweight shoe, which offers perfect heel stability and fit and great for working out and happens to be one of the best shoes for jumping rope. A solid plastic plate connects the upper to the sole. The shoe is breathable enough for long-distance runs, with the React foam providing sufficient support all the way. If you have a large heel, you can count on this shoe to give you the right fit as the upper is perfectly paired with the sole to accomodate large heels.

Features: Flyknit Upper, Full-length React foam midsole.


  • Fits large heels
  • Attractive design 
  • React foam provides adequate support


  • React foam is heavily exposed

5. Hoka One One Bondi 6 Running Shoe – Best Cushioned

The Bondi 6 has seen improvement in its cushioning after many customers complained about the excessive firmness of the Bondi 5. Of all Hoka One One shoes, Bondi 6 has the most cushion. It has a wide base that gives it stability over various terrains, and it is suitable for long-distance runs. The mesh material used on the upper is designed for breathability, however, the shoe is not the most breathable running shoe on our list. Another new addition to this model is the use of Lycra in the heel area of the upper; it gives the shoe a more comfortable feel. Read more about it here.

Features: Full EVA midsole, Early Stage Meta Rocker Geometry


  • Give a very soft ride
  • Suitable for long-distance runs
  • Lycra heel provides excellent comfort


  • It could be more breathable
  • Not the most durable shoe on this list

6. Adidas Solar Boost Running Shoe

This running shoe is not just made for neutral runners, and it can also serve people who have a non-neutral foot type. The unique TPU cushioning makes use of TPU foam comprised of small pellets that are pressed tightly against each other to increase durability. The midsole of the shoe features the Torsion System, and the Solar Propulsion Rails provide adequate guidance and propulsion for the feet. For a better fit, the Adidas Solar Boost comes with a cushioned tongue, and Fitcounter molded heel counter. The upper is made with Tech Fit – an elastic material that conforms perfectly to the feet. Even if you have wide feet, the shoe will fit without squeezing your forefoot.

Features: Cushioned tongue, Solar Propulsion Rails, Stretchweb outsole.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Elasticized forefoot fit 
  • Continental rubber gives superior traction


  • Not the top choice for breathability

7. ASICS Dynaflyte Running Shoe

The highlight of the ASICS Dynaflyte is that it combines great cushioning with a lightweight shoe, which is rare when it comes to running shoes. Many companies have always found it difficult to strike a balance between these two things because as more cushioning is added, the heavier the shoe is. It makes use of a unique FlyteFoam technology that is highly impact-absorbent to provide lush support. The tongue is adequately padded, and the mesh upper is extremely breathable. If you need a neutral shoe that embodies the saying “less is more” the ASICS Dynaflyte is the shoe for you.

Features: FlyteFoam Midsole Technology, Seamless Construction.


  • Mesh upper is very breathable
  • Perfect for people who have wide feet
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Reasonably priced


  • The shoes cannot be worn casually

8. Mizuno Wave Rider 22 – Firm Ride

This is a great choice you can rely on if you have neutral pronation. As the inward roll of your ankles is minimal, you don’t need much more neutral cushioning than this shoe has to offer. It features engineered stretch mesh for adaptive fit when you’re in motion. The engineered stretch mesh further ensures breathability and comfort. It comes with rubber soles and an articulated heel zone for a smoother transition. When compared to earlier versions, the Wave Rider 22 is a bit softer, yet the firmness of the shoe is not compromised.

Features: Engineered Stretch Mesh, Articulated Heel Zone, and Cloud Wave cushioning technology.


  • Offers smooth transition
  • Adaptive fit in motion
  • Excellent breathability


  • Not the best option for wide feet

9. Saucony Kinvara 9 Running Shoe – Lightest Weight

If you are specifically looking for a lightweight neutral running shoe that can give you a reasonable degree of responsiveness, the Saucony Kinvara 9 is just for you. It has a straightforward yet functional design, and it features a well-cushioned upper. Furthermore, the outsole of the shoe is flexible enough for a number of surfaces. It is ideal for both long runs and short sprints. Like other versions of the Kinvara, the 9 features an EverRun top-sole that elongates the length of the shoe, in order to provide better landing. As dense as the midsole is, it is still soft enough to provide sufficient support and comfort.

Features: EVERUN topsole, Woven heel support.


  • Extra support for the heels
  • Good shock absorption
  • Suitable for several different surfaces


  • It comes in a limited number of colors

10. Altra Escalente 2 Running Shoe – Very Versatile

The Altra Escalente line has produced some of the most comfortable running shoes ever. Like the other version, the Escalente 2 features a fully knit upper, which increases the comfort of the shoe, and makes it feel more seamless on the feet. In addition to the knit upper, the manufacturers added more support, perhaps to improve the structure of the shoe. One good thing about Escalente 2 is that it is true to size. Also, the outsole is constructed with the unique FootPod Technology, while the midsole is made from the Altra EGO foam blend that makes the shoe springy in movement.

Features: Altra EGO midsole, FootPod Technology.


  • Can be worn casually
  • It is very comfortable  
  • Very true to size


  • The knit upper doesn’t provide any protection against water

Neutral Running Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Here at StayonTrails, it’s very important to be able to pick the right running shoes especially for beginners or even if you’re looking for the best shoes for a tough mudder, you need to know what type of feet you have or better yet, check the wear pattern on the shoes you own. This will give you a sense of your pronation. Pronation is a natural movement of the feet as they land when a person walks or runs. You may also want to invest in a shoe stretcher spray here when you’re shoes are new. spay Everyone’s pronantion depends on their individual foot type. The three pronation types are:

  • Neutral Pronation
  • Over-pronation
  • Under-pronation

Neutral Pronation

It is normal to experience an inward roll of the ankle as the foot comes in contact with the ground while running. When this inward roll is minimal and healthy, it is called neutral pronation. In neutral pronation, the toe area is more active in pushing off than in other forms of pronation. The weight is distributed among the toes according to the adaptability of each in handling your body’s weight. 

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When you check the soles of your running shoes, and you notice even wear, it means you have a neutral arch and that you are a neutral pronator. As such, the best running shoes for normal pronators are neutral running shoes. In this review, we will focus on this shoe type.


If you notice that the inner soles of your shoes are the more worn out than other parts, you are probably an overpronator. Feet with low arches tend to overpronate as the feet roll more than 15 degrees inward when they land during movement. Also, people who have flat feet fall into this category. This may cause more fatigue while running, so runners tend to carry along a hydration belt to keep them hydrated.

In people who overpronate, the stress is more active in the big toe and the second toe, unlike in people with neutral pronation, who have a reasonable distribution of weight among the toes. The danger of overpronating is the inability to absorb the shock produced during running, and without the right shoes, knee pain, and other related issues will eventually set in. Motion-control shoes are the best for people who fall into this category.


This is also called supination, and it is a very rare type of pronation. Nonetheless, if your shoes show excessive wear on the outer sole, you are probably an under pronator, and you have a high arch. 

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In this case, the weight is not transferred to the big toe or the second toe, instead, the weight is pushed towards the smaller toes and the outside of the feet. Cushioning shoes are the best type of running shoes for people who fall in this category as they do not need considerable support to correct the pronation, all they need are shoes that can provide comfort and optimal cushioning like the best shoes for a treadmill would be absolutely fine. We also have recommendations for the most comfortable shoes for running.

Final Thoughts on The 10 Best Neutral Running Shoes

The first thing you should do before you go ahead to purchase running shoes is to know your pronation type. The running shoes reviewed above are some of the best running shoes for people who have neutral pronation. You may also like our recent post on the best Allbirds alternatives.

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